Satrangi Sasural 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi and her family are excited when they accept her as their would be bride, and give her the shagun too. As she comes out to see them off, prahlad arrives in the auto with gattu, and drunk, asks who is she greeting. All are shocked, while the groom’s family is disgusted by him, not knowing he is arushi’s father. Prahlad enters into a verbal fight with the groom’s father, on the road and finally slaps him, while all are shocked. arushi is distraught. the family calls off the relation saying that they cant marry into such a family, where the head is a drunkard and a gambler, and prahlad in his drunken state, humilates them. arushi and her mother, along with dadaji is mortified. girish smiles. She returns the shagun, while the family apologises saying that it isnt arushi’s fault, but her father’s, and she thinks that if this continues, then arushi might just never get married. all are stunned to hear this. dadaji gets into a furious rage. arushi composes her father, nd gets him inside, while gattu leeringly eyes her, and she cringes. dadaji continues to vent out his frustration on prahlad, while arushi asks him to stop, as he isnt well at all. dadaji leaves hastily. Arushi eyes prahlad apalled.

In her room, Arushi remembers her conversation with her father, and is distraught at his betrayal. dadaji comes, and arushi turns around, composing her. Dadaji apologises taking all the blame for what happened today. Arushi tells him that her father doesnt even realise what he did. Dadaji says that he cant forget what her would be mother-in-law had said. Arushi says tht she is still hopeful, and maybe this relation wasnt meant to be. she asks him to forgive her father, as he deserves a second chance, and is really apologetic. She leaves, while dadaji wishes that every family has a daughter like this.

When her father is coughing, arushi comes and pulls the sheets on him. He goes on and tells the sob story, as to how he was befooled by his own partner, who took advantage of his drinking weakness. he says that he tried a lot to search, and when he did, he was beaten up, and sent behind bars, when gattu got him out on bail. She asks why did he say that he lost everything at the last bet. he tries to distract saying that he soke incogeently inebriated, and swears on her name only. He begs to be forgiven. She asks him not to do this, and asks him to rest. She leaves, while he smiles evilly, that his sob story worked.

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Scene 2:
Location: On the road
meanwhile, vihaan is extremely tensed when arushi’s phone comes switched off. He tries her friend’s number, who asks him not to worry, finding him tensed, as she was to meet her inlaws today. he gets tensed saying that she is meeting prospective suitors, and he is watching helplessly.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
When granny doesnt open the door, vihaan breaks it open, and is shocked to find granny in an unconscious state. the ladies are surprised. They rush her to the hospital.

Scene 4:
Location: In the hospital
While granny is being treated, vihaan stands tensed with his mothers. the doctor comes out and says that there’s nothing to worry about, as her bp dropped, and she fainted. She is asked when can they take her home. The doctor says that she shouldnt be so angry at an age like this, and shouldnt be so tensed. The doctor then looks at vihaan and says that grnny ws talking about him only, when the saline was being injected. they are overwhelmed.

the next morning, Granny wakes up to find vihaan asleep by her bedside. He wakes up with a startle, while she asks whats the matter, as he could have gotten ill. he reprimands her lovingly, for what she did, as this was highly immature, and asks her to think, once what he must have felt, when they all sw her on the floor. She says that she knows she did wrong, and that if she dos this, she sets a bad example for others. She promises never to do this again, and asks him to smile, and asks him to go home, when he complies. He says that he wont go without her. she asks him to go home and freshen up, and then come back. she asks if she hasdnt felt better, she wouldnt have asked him to go. He then complies. as he comes out, he finds the nurse trying to keep back the ladies, from entering all together. he sweet talks the nurse, and distracts her, while letting the ladies enter. the nurse compliments him on his smartness. He requests her to be patient. She smiles. All the ladies, apologising to her in one way or the other, gets granny overwhelmed. She asks if they have eaten or slept in the night, and asks them not to worry, as they wouldnt get rid of her so soon. they all profusely apologise. She hugs them all, while they get overwhelmed. the screen freezes on her smiling face.

Precap: The receptionist tells arushi, a particular room number, when she enquires about someone. she starts walking towards the corridor, searching for the room. meanwhile vihaan comes waiting for the elevator, and is shocked to find areushi in the hospital, and thinks that if she sees his seven mothers, she would reject his love, even before he gets a chance to profess it to her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. these 7 mothers come 4m different parts of india i gues…punjabi,bengali,maharastrian etc….
    n bdw whats d story behind these so called 7 mothers 4 single son???

    1. as vihaan had got hurt, and narmada was trying to bandage him. granny comes and says that she knows why she is tensed. narmada says that vihaan got hurt as they were all fighting to take him in her lap, on the stairs. she tensedly asks what would have happened if anything wrong would have happened. Granny shuts her, saying that he is their life, and hence nothing wrong can befall him. narmada is tensed. Granny says that she wants something from her, as she is being selfish, and she doesnt even expect her to say yes, as what she is asking can easily be unjustified for any woman. narmada gets tensed. narmada asks whats the matter. Granny says that she knows that a woman can distribute everything, but not her child, and hence she requests her, to share her motherhood, and her son, with all the ladies, and can they too claim to be vihaan’s mother. naramda is shocked. As the ladies anxiously wait outside, narmada comes with vihaan in herlap, and faces them stoically. Narmada eyes all of them, and they start retreating their steps. granny steps out too. they all starts apologising, while narmada says that she isnt just his chachi but chachi maa, and puts vihaan on the ground. Vihaan reciprocates when narmada asks him to speak so. And then, she does the same with all the other ladies. They are all overwhelmed. They hug him and play together. narmada says that today she relinquishes the sole right to be vihaan’s mother. granny says that no mother can do what narmada did, and shared her motherhood with all of them, and asks them all listen carefully, that vihaan now has seven mothers.

      this is how vihan got seven mothers

  2. The real mother is 1 of them

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