Satrangi Sasural 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi rushes to the house, while mini and priyanka ask her to take the pandit hi’s blessings, while taunting her at every step, when she doesnt take the pallu. she is about to leave, when they ask her to help in the kitchen for prepapartion of bhog, as he would leave after meeting granny in the evening. arushi says that she hasnt told anyone at the bank, that she has left. They ask her not to make but help atleast, if she cares for this family’s ritual. Arushi resignedly agrees.

Later, while working in the kitchen, arushi narrates it to all torosy and asks her to manager somehow. rosy asks what excuse could possibly do, as the boss shall be angry at her and rosy herself too. She asks rosy to handle somehow, and then cancels. geeta comes and says that actually, its really difficult to find a bahu like her, in this selfish world. she gives her hope, saying that soon all the mothers shall know, understand her and begin to like her. arushi asks her not to cry, and assures that she knows this will happen. she seeks geeta’s help in cooking, who readily agrees.

Arushi serves Panditji the food, when she gets Rosy’s call, and her boss reprimanding her, while she is unable to give any response. All mothers are tensed. Mini and priyanka wodner what happened. Arushi rushes inside, while geeta glares at the mothers in anger. she goes to arushi, who is in tears and asks her not to cry, as such situations arise, and maybe its new for her, but she is sure that she shall be able to overcome challenges, and see a better tomorrow. geeta apologises for having called her from work. arushi says that she too is happy to receive blessings. she says that she is just angry and hurt at herself, that she came without telling anyone. Granny comes and hears this, and says that lying is wrong, and asks why she came here having left work. geeta says that Panditji is here. Granny asks why did she leave office for this. arushi asks her to let be, as its good she came, as she got the blessings too. Granny asks geeta to tell. priyanka and mini are tensed. Geeta gives them away. They are worried.

Later, in her room, granny reprimands them for calling arushi like this, when he is going to be there for the next day as well for the hawan thats kept for vihaan’s safety after she recovered. they try to argue that they didn do anything much wrong, and infact its weird that she is siding with arushi and not with them. granny asks how dare they argue like this with her. arushi comes and says that priyanka just informed her, and left the descision on her, and she chose tocome, without any force. priyanka however doesnt see the good, and finds fault yet again. granny asks her to go to her room. When arushi leaves, she shows them the good side, but they dont. mini and priyanka say that they didnt do anything wrong, defiantly. Mini asks why is she scolding them. Granny asks them not to be this rude, and asks how dare she accuse them. they listen silently. granny tells them that there shall be no force for arushi to sit there with vihaan, as it would be futile. she leaves to meet guruji. priyanka and mini however dont see their fault, and decide to do something, so that arushi is exposed in front of granny and her ire.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
While arushi’s mother is tensed and distraught wondering what to do, when prahlad doesnt pick her phone, her neighbour asks her to leave her husband, and call arushi. but she doesnt, saying that she cant disturb arushi in her marital life. While she cries helplessly, she is surprised to see vihaan and dadaji, when he asks her whats the matter that she is crying.

Scene 3:
Location: Mini’s employers’ residence
Prahlad gives mini to the couple, saying that she is fully trained, and kisses her galore, asking her to be a good girl, while mili cries incoherently. Prahlad demands for the 50% of the salary as advance, as promised, and they hold it out. before he can take, vihaan stops him and gives the money back, and says that their Mili shall not work anywhere. prahlad continues to protest. Vihaan says that he is embarassed to be his son – in – law. prahlad says that she is his daughter and he can do what he wants. vihaan asks him not to even dare to do this, or else he shall call the police and get him arrested along with the owners on child labour, and warns them that he shall keep an eye on them. They are mortified. He asks them to consult some agencies, and they promise that they shall comply. They scold prahlad and go inside. vihaan reprimands him that he shall deal with him later on. He leaves, while prahlad is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
while kasturi is extremely tensed, if vihaan would reach in time, dadaji assures her that vihaan would set everything okay. just then, mini comes in and kasturi is relieved, and thanks him profusely, apologising for what prahlad did. he assures them that mini is his responsibility now, and from now on, any misbehaviour by prahlad should be told to him, straightaway. they silently comply. he asks mini to foget it all, and concentrate on her studies. she smiles. He hopes to god that noone gets a dad like Prahlad. he then takes their leave, asking them to take care of themselves. Just then, prahlad comes in drunk, and vihaan is disgusted, while dadaji and kasturi are tensed. he warns prahlad to never try to do something like this again. he walks out, while prahlad doesnt say anything. Once he is gone, prahlad starts venting out his frustration, and when kasturi tries to stop him, he is about to slap her, when dadaji slaps him, and he falls flat on the bed, and drops asleep, inebriated.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
vihaan comes back to find arushi tensed and crying. she hugs him and he asks whats the matter. she hugs him, saying that she knows everything about mili, and got very scared and thanks him profusely. he says that it isnt needed. she says that she cant leave the job, as her family is dependant on her. he says that he doesnt have any problems. she says that he is very good. He says that then she could let him kiss her. She says that his mind is just on one thing. he teases her that the same shall happen, when she is here. She asks him to go, while he progresses sensually towards him, and then draws her closer to him. he isnt prepared for the consequences, while he leans in, and are shocked to find priyanka, lashing out to her of their shamelessness, and ask thm to close the door atleast. She then tells about the hawan, and asks arushi is she would be home tomorrow. Arushi is tensed, and tries to say that she cant take off tomorrow, as her job shall go. priyanka says that its on her choice, and that ideally she should be there, but if office is more important then so be it. Arushi and vihaan are tensed. he asks whats she thinking. she explains her dilemma and says that she doesnt know what to do. He says that if office is urgent, then so be it, as there are many people to take care of the hawan here. he says that he would talk to her.

priyanka goes and informs mini, while nilima hears. she tries to explain how the year end shall have a huge pressure of work on arushi, and they can find another way to torture her, But priyanka taunts her off too. they try to make her understand that she isnt right. They comment that tomorrow they shall find out who is more important to arushi, her work or her husband. nilima is tensed.

Later, in the night, when arushi is dressed in the nightie, to retire for the night, she is shy and embarassed, as she finds vihaan there, who eyes her amusingly. she tries to take the third piece, while he takes it so that she isnt able to. he asks her to take it, if she wants. she pleads, while he plays with her, asking her to give a kiss, and take it. he draws in close right behind her, and she is alarmed by this proximity. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: While arushi comes to take guruji’s bleesings, mini asks him if its necessary for th wife to be there, and he says that its obviously essential. Arushi is tensed. narmada asks them not to force their decisions on anyone, as they cant make anyone do anything against their will, if they dont have enough faith and respect for the rituals. Arushi is tensed to see Narmada so angry.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what type of mothers are they imagine their only son and this is the treatment they are giving to his wife I definitely would not like to have mothers like them and granny toooooooooooo like she want vihann to get blue balls the boy married soooooooooo long yet she granny made arushi make a promise like that not to consummate their marrriag for six months not even one but six no way if I was arushi when all mother were asleep I would have jumped Vihaan so good that he would not be able to speak for that six months and granny would not have known to hell with granny what a promise LOL how can someone hold back love come on granny get a man for your seven mothers after being without one for soooooooooooooooo long and you would see if they could hold back so why arushi and Vihaan who are sooooooooooo young must abstain for six months this is way tooooooooooo ridiculous

  2. Granny is acting in a good way now.She seems to be leaning on Arushi’s side.Some of the mothers are bent on creating a rift with the couple so they will do whatever to damage Arushi’s character but God is on her side she will make it because she is positive.Arushi should not leave her job to please them.Now Prahad is an alcholic and he needs treatment.He is abusive to his wife and daughter because his alchoholic state, he cannot see things the right way.His brain is fried with the alchohol.Writers a commend of taking this stand on child labor and made Vihaan stand up against it. I applaud this posiitve piece of writing.This episode was good because it show us about something that is happening around the world with child labor and it begins in the home.Good,keep it up.

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