Satrangi Sasural 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi is tensed, and her mother thinks that she is nervous of meeting the groom, and that she wont ever be a stranger. she gives hope to arushi, that someone somewhere is waiting or her, just like she is doing for him. arushi smiles, hoping.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, at the tea stall, vihaan is lost in arushi’s thoughts, while drinking tea. the tea owner is shocked that vihaan has already ordered ten teas, and thinks that he is definitely meeting someone, and that his signs are that of love. vihaan smiles thinking about this. the tea owner shares his own love story, which ended tragically, as his love found someone else and got married. vihaan gets tensed and says that he wont be able to wait for that long.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
While all the ladies are talking to the prospective bride on video chat, when she says that she wants to be a choreographer, this ticks off priyanka, and she cuts short the converstaion abruptly. All get tensed. Mini tries to make her understand that this is wrong, as she cant expect that what happened to her, shall happen to every other bride, who’s a dancer. The entire ladies start arguing amongst themselves, and mini is tensed that like this, vihaan wont get married. Granny comes and asks whats the matter. Mini tells the reason they were arguing. As the ladies banter about vihaan’s prospective bride, granny tells angrily saying that they have had enough nonsense about his marriage, and that there shall not be a marriage in this house. all are shocked, as granny tells that vihaan wont get married. As vihaan enters the house, he too is shocked to hear granny’s angry words. Granny orders them not to even talk about this. Vihaan comes and asks why is she saying liekt his. granny leaves inside, and shuts the door. Narmada comes and comforts him, saying that maybe they should have talked low. Mini asks who started it. priyanka says that she can talk loud, as she is elder. Again they are tried to be made to reconcile and they all disperse, when they fail. narmada asks him whats the matter, and asks him not to be bothered, saying that noone shall let him be a bachelor. Vihaan says that he doesnt understand what ticked granny so badly, that she felt bad. she asks him not to worry, and rest. He wants to talk to granny, but she asks him to be alone, and once her anger cools off, she would come out. He says that there’s a long meeting ahead. She asks him to go, and when he comes back, he would gind granny in a cheerful mood. He agrees.

In their room, all decide that they shall never again talk about marriage before granny, and when they commonly decide on a girl, then they shall take her to granny. priyanka says that they can apologise for now, when granny comes out. Mini apologises to her for talking like that. priyanka teases her saying that she admitted that she made a mistake, and when she complies, she asks mini to sit down on her kness. all are shocked, but she complies. Priyanka asks her to hold her ears, and when she dos, she starts smiling. All the ladies have a good laugh at her expense, and they start fighting yet again, amusingly.

While vihaan gets dressed in the room, he is tensed as to why arushi’s phone is off, and hopes that everything is fine, as he wants to talk to her, and share everything with her. He wonders how come he got so deeply attachd with her, as he tries a solution in her for every problem.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi walks in. Seeing her, her mother tries to pretend that she is still talking to prahlad, who’s busy in some work, whereas he had already cancelled the call, long back, asking her not to bother him. Arushi takes the phone, and finds that there’s no incoming call. She asks her not to lie, as she trusts her, and hence feels bad. she hugs her, while her mother is tensed. dadaji says that this is wonderful, and that this relation shall definitely be finalised in his absence. girish hears this and is tensed, wondering how will it break in his father’s absence. he tries his father’s number, but it doesnt get through. he is tensed.

While her mother is working in the kitchen, arushi comes and asks if she can be of help. She asks her to help by smiling, as she doesnt know what gets her tensed, but she shouldnt look tensed in front of family. Arushi smiles and complies. the entire family meets the prospective groom’s family, while girish is tensed. They begin to like the dishes, and girish points out that this isnt arushi’s work, as she doesnt know any cooking. When mini talks maturely, the groom’s father says that they should get this girl instead, and all laugh. Girish says that they shouldnt do this, as people would say that stepsister cut off her chances. all get tensed. girish then spills out, that they have a stepmother and mili is the stepsister. Arushi and her family gets tensed, while the family seems affected. But the groom’s mother says that she finds the same love in arushi’s mother’s eyes, like that of a real mother. they discard off girish’s info, and go ahead with the relation. the father asks about arushi’s father, and all are tensed. girish tries to speak, but Dadaji lies that he has gone to gurgaon for some very important work, and that he would come tomorrow, due to extreme pressure of work. arushi is tensed. Girish fumes silently.

Scene 5:
Location: In the bar
When prahlad is betting and playing, he starts gloating, and then another suitor comes, and decides to place everything, all or none, in this single bet. prahlad in his ego, takes on everything. the suitor has actually come in due to the hooligan who likes his daughter. The hooligan, gattu watches the drama, as an overconfident prahlad thinks that he got the bet, and begins to take away all the money, but is stopped. prahlad is shocked. the screen freezes on gattu’s evil face.

Precap: Prahlad enters into a verbal fight with the groom’s father, on the road and finally slaps him, while all are shocked. arushi is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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