Satrangi Sasural 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi is tensed as she remembers her promise to granny, and tries to shy away, but he corners her, sensually. She shoves him away, while he asks her whats it. She says that she just did so in amusement. he again leans in closer to her, but she pushes away saying that this isnt possible. he asks whats the matter. She shocks him by saying that they cant do this. He turns to her, asking what cant they do. Arushi turns away asking him to understand. he asks what does he have to understand, as long as she doesnt say anything, and asks her to speak it out. She doesnt respond, and seeing no option, he makes her swear on him. she is shocked. She asks him to promise that he wont fight with her, while he asks whats the matter and why is she keeping a secret in their marital lives. He asks her to speak up for God’s sake, as he has done so much to create this memorable event of their life. he shows her the bful gift and asks her to atleast spaek up, so that he knows. He starts getting tensed, while she stands speechless. he makes her swear on his head. She tells about her promise to Granny, hearing which he is shocked. he says that this is nonsense, and asks what age is she living in and who does this these days. she tries to make him understand the respect that she has for granny and her thinking that this is their one way to prove everyone wrong, by their sacrifice. he says that today there shouldnt be any sacrifice, and that he should have known that the mothers wont give in so easily and befooled him yet again. he says that he wont bear anymore, and asks her to come along, and that he shall convince granny otherwise. But she asks him not to, while he insists that he wont listen to this crap. she says that he knows what would be the result. He says that he doesnt care. she asks if he wants granny’s doubts to be proven. He is boggled. she says that it woulf just reaffirm that arushi caused this house to split. He asks what does she want. She says that listening to him, they impresses every mother one by one, and in this test, she wants him by her side, so that they pass this. he reminds how can she even think of this for the next 6 months. she says that they wont even know the time passing by, and that they are connected by the heart, and asks him if he would have forced himself on her, had she not been willing. He turns away asking her not to speak to him, and starts throwing things around and breaking and tearing all the arrangements, while she stands frustrated and apalled. She apologises in her heart, that she has agreed to this, so that they are never apart, and for the sake of keeping their relationship intact.

Meanwhile, mini and others are tensed in granny’s room, that arushi definitely forgot her promise to them, and must have done what she needed to. harpreet comes and enquires whats the matter. They say that they are talking about arushi.s vihaan’s wife. she says that atleast they accepted her as his wife, and asks them to be thankful that happiness has returned. She laments that the mothers are unhappy with the couple’s consummation. granny says that she has fullest faith that she would fulfill the promise and refrain away from vihaan. Mini asks why does she look so tensed, and tries to convince her otherwise, saying that love is restricted to physical intimacy and soon she shall bear his child, and control the entire house. harpreet and geeta deny that arushi is that kind of a girl. priyanka says that they shall see. All are tensed. Mini starts getting impatient, that she would go in, and that granny made a huge mistake, by trusting that conniving girl. arushi comes in saying that such a situation wont arise, as she knows how to keep a promise, and more than that, to respect the trust granny placed on her, and the day she loses it, she would leave the house forever. granny, harpreet and geeta are relieved, while mini asks why should thet trust her. Arushi says that she has no choice, as if granny has trusted her, then they should try to too. She says that it would benefit everyone. granny eyes her approvingly, and then eyes mini and priyanka whose conceptions have shattered.

Arushi comes back to their room, and finds Vihaan sleeping on the bed, against a cushion. he doesnt respond, when she continues to try and ask him to sleep on the bed, instead of the floor. She finds his mobile, and plays a situational song, asking for his apology for the mistake she did. He gets up in anger, and then vents it out through a song. then a situational antakshari follows, where they express their feelings through situational songs. he pretends to be angry and continues to do the same. He finally sleeps on the bed, while arushi gives in.

The next morning, they are both asleep on their sides of the bed, when vihaan wakes up finally, and finds her in deep sleep, and eyes her lovingly. He leans in very close to see her asleep, and then caresses her hair, and cups her face, leaning in close, and is about to kiss, when she says that she is sorry. this stops him, and he is reminded of the last night, while she eyes him tensedly. He turns away, and resignedly lies on the bed, while she is sad and worried too. She holds his hand, while he flinches it away. She tries to speak to him, but he gets up and leaves in haste.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Prahlad is searching around for some money, while asking his father to get some meds, complaining of extreme cough. dadaji vents out his anger at him, while praising vihaan for having helped them pay their bills. prahlad is angry that noone told that vihaan was here. Kasturi says that they came when they knew about non-payment of bills. He starts insulting vihaan and his family. Kasturi tells him that arushi has been accepted. He is surprised to know this. He is happy when he gets to know this and that vihaan came and helped with their electricity and phone bills, and thinks that this means he doesnt helping them, and decides to go and ask for some more help. Dadaji asks him not to go there. Prahlad says that arushi cant enjoy there, with them starving for food. he says that he shall go for money. Dadaji says that he shall give 50rs, and also give him tomorrow, when he is least bothered. prahlad taunts him and rushes out. Dadaji is tensed that he would have to do seomthing. the screen freezes on his face.

Precap: While arushi and vihaan ejoy their meal at a restaurant, they overhear the manager and a young customer thrashing and reprimanding an old waiter for his carelessness. The young customer is about to slap him, when vihaan stops his hand angrily midway. She meanwhile turns to the aged waiter for comfort. Arushi and vihaan are shocked to find that Dadaji has enrolled as a waiter. dadaji stands shy and mortified.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. They writer n directors shld put some men in this show to keep these mothers busy for a while they are getting on my last nerves

  2. Though the lead actors are very good but the whole storyline is totally bizzare, especially in 21st century who believes in this kinf of superstions and the boy like a little kid.

  3. in this day and age why prahlad do not go and find himself a job and earn some money to take care of his family and household he is just enjoying loafing off his daughter and son in law I do not see why they should be paying bills for them neither do I find it fair for arushi to be giving her whole salary to prahlad come on the mother is strong and healty she can make something and sell girish and work in a grocery store prahlad well he needs to really to some hard work that he would be toooooooooooooo tired to drink all the time and dadji well he is old so he can rest now but please let their household be supported by them only and this six months promise that arushi made to granny she want to kill poor Vihaan by giving him blue balls LOL come that is your husband consummate your marriage and forget about granny she would come around eventually and those other mothers like I said before bring in a man for each of them to be happy but please let arushi and vhihann be happy to live their lives as they see fit

  4. Writers what is this foolishness?! OMG! spare us plz…so because those witches ain’t getting none they are trying to deprived their beloved son. s*x is one of the key ingredients in a marriage…marriage isn’t only about communication or friendship it needs intimacy too which man is going to wait six month before he can touch is wife?! Most men aren’t that strong in that department to hold out

  5. I want to get out the box a little and not being too polite.In this modern world who young vibrant couple will wait for so long to hump one another.They may wait until the marriage but after that is some or elsewhere. Arushi I applaud you but you have made a foolish sacrifice.Anyway, there are many other ways you can do it without they knowing.Don’t they sell con**ms overthereDon’t they sell birth control pills?And there are many other things that I cannot mention.These mothers need to get fixed and as I said the only solution is for the writers to let them loose in a club with some strong craving men and then they will leave them alone.Only one night each with a strong male and they will be playing pianos the next day.They are too busy interfering in young couple’s marriage life.Writers but spare Granny.

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