Satrangi Sasural 23rd February 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The haldi falls down from Tai ma’s hands…Someone comments that its not a good omen…But chachi ma asks everyone to continue with the ceremony…She starts to go to get another bowl of Haldi…But Dadi ma asks her to stop, as its a very bad omen and tells them that the ceremony has to stop…All the other mothers tries to reason with her but she asks pandit to stop the ceremony and declares to everyone that Vihaan’s marriage is not gonna happen…Everyone gets shocked, especially vihaan…Tai ma apologizes and suggests that they will do a pooja, instead of stopping marriage..But dadi asks pandit whether it is a bad omen or not…Pandit agrees and tells Vihaan that it is a sign of danger for him…

Vihaan tells him that he doesnt believe

in all this…But dadi asks him not to argue…Vihaan goes and picks up the bowl of haldi that has fallen down and goes to tai ma and makes her apply haldi to him…He then tells pandit that mother’s blessings r enough to fight any bad omen and he has 7 mothers love which is enough to protect him…He goes to each mom with that bowl and all of them apply haldi on him…Dadi thinks that the time is fast approaching for Vihaan’s marriage and she has to do something to stop the marriage soon…Vihaan goes to Dadi ma and makes her apply haldi to him by holding her hands…Then all the guests go to apply haldi..

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Prahlad and Girish r looking at the money in a room, when dada ji arrives and knocks on the door..Prahlad hides the money under the mattress…Dada ji tells them that the guests will be sitting on that bed…They offer to take that cot out…Prahlad’s sister sits on that bed…She spills the coffee on the bedsheet…Prahlad scolds her..When she and saarthi offers to clean it, Prahlad and girish refuse and take the cot along with them…Dadaji wonders abt the mess they r planning to do…

Chachi ma and tai ma r looking at the dresses and neelima, narmada r looking into the gifts…Chachi ma asks narmada abt the clothes, they hav to buy for the Arushi’s family to wear in Sangeet…Narmada tells her that they will give them gift vouchers and adds that, they will buy according to their choice…But priyanka opposes and tells her that Arushi’s family has very bad fashion sense and also that they will buy the dresses only for Arushi, kasturi, milee and dada ji…Narmada tells her that they hav to invite Arushi’s father and brother also…Priyanka gets offended and asks Narmada to only decide as it is her son’s wedding…Babita asks her not to make issue and suggests that they hav enough time to buy clothes for everyone

Dadaji is worried abt the pooja related things which r not yet bought..Saarthi offers to help…Some guest suggests Kasturi to keep prahlad and girish away from Aarushi’s sasural as if they both do anything wrong, then Arushi will have to suffer in her sasural…Arushi hears this from bedroom and becomes upset..

Prahlad and Girish r in bar…They keep the bag of 5 lakh rupees on the table and talk abt it loudly..2 persons takes the bag and runs away…They follow him and gets hold of a person..The mothers, who came for shopping see them when they r beating him…They ask the reason and prahlad explains abt the theft of 5 lakhs…Priyanks doesnt believe him and tai ma requests Prahlad not to make any mess, atleast for his daughter…

At night, Vihaan calls Arushi..Milee teases her…Arushi asks Vihaan abt his whereabouts…He tells her that he is in her street only…She asks him whether he left all the work, as everytime he seems to be in her street only…He tells her that his moon resides in the street…He asks her to come out…She tells him that its bad omen to see her before sangeet..He asks her to come on to the terrace…He faces, away from her but looks at her from his mobile…he tells her that just few days left for them to be together for life…

All the moms decide not to tell the prahlad drama to dadi, as she may create an issue…Neelima tells them that they must ask Arushi not to keep any relations with her family after marriage… Narmada disagrees and tells them taht its not correct to ask a girl to do that..Priyanks tells her that she cant hav any relation with Prahlad and Girish…Vihaan passes from there and stops, listening to this convo..Priyanka tells all the moms that Arushi has to break all the relations with her family…Babita and Neelima agree with her…Tai ma asks them to wait until the marriage and then, they can talk to Arushi abt it…Vihaan gets worried abt the consequences of this decision
Chachi ma and Tai ma visits Arushi’s house to give the clothes…Chachi ma hesitates to tell them abt it but Arushi asks them not to worry…Arushi’s Bua grabs the bags…Tai ma and Chachi ma starts to leave and they come across Prahlad and Girish…They see them angrily and leave..The son-father duo follows them

Prahlad enquires whether they told abt 5 lakhs..But the mothers deny and he thanks them…Girish wants to cash in by playing the sentiment card but prahlad stops him and thanks the mothers for everything…They leave and he tells Girish that they can milk cash out of vihaan only as Vihaan is very naive unlike his mothers…

All the mothers r talking abt the rasams while applying mehendi…Mini ma tells them that she is worried abt Prahlad…Priyanka, mini ma and neelima try to make a plan so that the father-son duo will not be able to attend the Sangeet…Dadi comes there and asks them not to do any such thing as they r bride’s father and brother…Dadi thinks that if they will not come, the drama wont happen..And if the drama wont happen, then the marriage cant be stopped

PRECAP::Priyanka recognizes the watch on Girish’s hand and accuses him of theft..Arushi asks Girish to answer Priyanks’s questions…

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  1. I am lost with this episode.I read it and cannot understand nothing.There are too many Ma’s in this serial.Too many omens.Let the young couple get married for God’s sake.Another thing how can Arushi’s mothers in law want to prevent her from going to her parents after marriage.This is absurd.

  2. Every tyme omen this omen that can some one pls ask dis granny and mas to go and sit at a place and let d couple get married asap

    dis is becoming too much .gush….

  3. These ppl are so superstitious can’t a person just trip and fall down naturally… Is everything a bad omen?!…what the hell is Vihaan grandma hiding this show is exhausting all these serial started off so nicely then they turn out to be a big disappointment

  4. pls where is DAK written update

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