Satrangi Sasural 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: In the coffee shop
Vihaan is tensed to find anisha confronting arushi. He desperately begs for a chance to prove to her, his side of the story and a chance to clarify himself. Arushi is tensed. He shares everything, and says that he is really very embarassed. She says that he should be, as to how he can hurt a girl like that. He gets tensed. she smiles saying that she forgives him, and is amused that he sent sarthi to meet a high class girl, like anisha. Thjey both smile. He points out how much he hates meeting girls now for marriage. she tells him that he cant escape it forever. she says that anisha isnt bad and that they shall make a good pair, as she is just like him. He thinks that he would marry, but with her only, and till then, he wouldnt meet any girls, nor would he let her meet any boy too.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
As her mother tries to keep finding a match for arushi, with neighbours, prahlad comes in, and starts taunting that she is hurrying to get rid of her, as she is a stepmother after all. But she wouldnt understand the pain that he as a father goes through. dadaji is shocked and surprised, while prahlad shooes away. dadaji reprimands prahlad for his evil tactics, and he shoves them all off. After he leaves, dadaji asks her to get the prospective grooms, as he instinctively feels that arushi’s dream guy shall come tomorrow. they dream and hope that soon, a person shall come to give arushi the happiness that she deserves.

Scene 3:
Location: In the bar
The same hooligan starts creating a scene, trying to get back the money he has lent to people. Just then, prahlad, arushi’s father enters, and the hooligan smiles at him, asking him to risk high, so that the stakes get high, and the profit is huge too. he is set to thinking, while the hooligan thinks that he would get his girl like this.

Scene 4:
Location: In the car
Vihaan is tensed, and arushi asks him why is he so. he vehemently clarifies that he too likes normal things like normal people, but she never fathoms him to do so, and always terms him high class. She asks him to relax, as she didnt mean it. she finds him being so childish, and then an approproate song plays along, typical hindi one. She is shocked that he like hindi music, instead of english. They start talking about their common taste in music. He likes it, and decides to share his collection with her, in lieu of a particular middle class dish. She says that she would get her mother to make it, but wonders how to give it to him, as she has work the next day. He offers to sen sarthi, to get it, along with his DVD’s. She agrees. vihaan says that he would come in the evening to give tiffin and thankyou to her. She smiles.

Scene 5:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan’s mothers take a class of sarthi, for giving harpreet a wrong medicine. they start testing him for GK, and he fails at it miserably. Vihaan ciomes and they narrate him whats happening. Vihaan too joins in with them. They ask sarthi the final question, who is the national animal. sarthi is confused, while vihaan tries to give him a hint, and sarthi says that its a dog, shocking them all. He again tries to hint, and he keeps giving the wrong answer over and over again. Finally sarthi gets it right, shocking the ladies, as to where he got it from. Harpreet warns that she would teach him a lesson. All the ladies disperse. sarthi and vihaan remain. sarthi thanks him, and asks if he can repay it back. Sarthi is told by vihaan, to go and get something from arushi, and give her the DVD’s. He is overexcited and vihaan asks him to be cautious and just do what he is is being told to do.

Scene 6:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Prahlad finds his wife working in the kitchen, and takes th knife in his hand, and asks her to take it, and kill him. she is shocked, and tries to jerk her hand away. She asks why is he saying so. girish hears this too, while he continues to insist to kill him, with the knife, forcibly giving him the knife. she screams out whats wrong. he says that he is sick of his life, and that its embarassing that the girl is earning for him. Girish smiles at his acting. He says that he doesnt have any money to even start a business, and that he hears everywhere that he is lazy. arushi comes and finds him likle this, and rushes to intervene, asking what happened. all are shocked. He says that nothing is wrong, and asks her to res, while he leaves. she finds her mother shocked too. But she doesnt respond. girish smiles, as his father comes and sits beside him. Girish says that he took such a big risk, and what if he loses it all. His father says that he should think instead what if he wins. dadaji again overhears the both of them plotting together, and sarcastically taunts him yet again. He leaves. Prahlad thinks that once he lands the jackpot, he would teach his father a lesson.

Arushi goes to her father and asks what happened. he gives him a sob story, about how he is mortified to live on her earning. she asks him not to do this. He says that this is all right, and then gives him a dream proposal of his future business plan, but for which he needs a starting investment. she asks him how much he needs, and then says that he is helpless, and doesnt like to take money from her. she asks him to wait and as she opens her purse, he smiles. She gives him the ATM Card with the pin, and asks him to withdraw the cash tomorrow. She wishes the best of luck, and asks him to go ahead. He asks her not to tell this to anyone, as he wants to surprise them all with the success. He hugs her overwhelmingly, and then smiles evilly.

Precap: Arushi finds a message from the bank. She is shocked as to how the entire money in debited from her account, whereas her father only needed 12000. she is highly tensed as she travels in the auto. Vihaan meanwhile, is tensed that he sent two messges, but there’s no reply.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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