Satrangi Sasural 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi’s mother comes to find her tensed, and asks whats she thinking. She blurts out vihaan, but then composes herself, saying that she saw vihaan today with his girlfriend. then she makes an excuse and goes out. Her mother understands that she loves vihaan, and is hiding her pain and feelings to herself only. She still wishes that vihaan marries her only, even though it seems extremely selfish, for her daughter. Her mother hopes that the happiness that she didnt get in her home, she gets in her in-laws’ house.

The next morning, while going through her clothes, she finds girish’s suspension notice from college, and goes to wake him up. He is flabbergasted as he finds his suspension letter in her hands. Dadaji too comes. arushi asks whats all this. she says that he got suspended for a month, for smoking in the clss. dadaji taunts him on his actions. Girish says that he is being falsely implicated. dadaji taunts him again. arushi says that he has had enough freedom and from now on, he shall do as she wants. she hastens out. girish is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Mona’s entrance inside the house has vihaan and everyone tensed. granny asks the reason for this untimed visit. Mona says that she is highly apologetic for what she did, but they shouldnt file a case. Nilima asks why not. harpreet asks if she has any idea how much she has hurt them, and that she is the reason that they even had a family feud, and hence they would wile a case. nilima asks her to be ready, to face the court now. Mona turns around silently. Granny asks her that as much as she knows, she didnt do it only for money and asks her to elaborate. mona says that she just wants to tell her, that she has a small son, and if they file a case, it would hamper her child, as there’s no one else to take care of him. nilima asks about her husband, and is told that she has been left by him, for some other woman, and they arent legally separated. she says that her son is going through a major treatment, and that since her credit was going way too high, hence she had to take this drastic step. granny asks if she even thought how embarassed her son would be, if he knew what his mother did. She says that if this act of hers gets her to jail, then what. Mona stands speechless. granny asks her to go home, and come tomorrow to the office, on usual time, and that this shall be between them only, even though what she did was wrong. she says that this shall be her first and last mistake. granny takes the responsibility of her son’s treatment on herself. mona is overwhelmed, and says that she wont ever be able to repay back the debt. narmada shuts her, saying that they know her for a long time, and when someone of their own makes a mistake, they arent stranded, but are always supported so that they can come back on the right side. vihaan too gets this idea, to be by arushi’s side to show her the right side. he gets hopeful.

Later, in the night, while nilima is working in her room, priyanka comes tensedly. Nilima eyes her sternly. Priyanka says that the entire fault was mona’s. nilima says that she never imagined. Priaynka asks her to stop acting smart. priyanka says that even if she knew, why didnt she scold her, and clarify that she wasnt at fault, and didnt ask her to apologise, and wait for her. She says that she is bad but not that bad too. nilimna gets up and hugs her. priyanka apologises for her hurt words. Nilima teases her that that she is a lucky person, to have gotten an apology out of her. Priyanka feels guilty, while nilima teases her, saying that she shouldnt blame herself, as she never takes her seriously. they both smile. Vihaan sees this from a distance, and is hopeful, that his case with arushi is sorted out similarly.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Vihaan asks sarthi to take the car to arushi’s office, instead of his, as today he wont be deterred by her threats, and that he wont let her marry the goon, come what may. sarthi silently complies.

Vihaan catches up with arushi, and she asks him to let go of her hand. He shuts her up. Vihaan asks arushi why is she doing this, and wearing the mask of a scared girl, as the person, he knows, isnt scared at all. He says that arushi wont even think about spending her life with such a man. He says that he knows there’s a big helplessness behind all this, which she isnt disclosing. He says that whatever be the cause he wont let her commit this mistake. Arushi is apalled, and overwhelmed to hear this. she says that she broke the engagement, and threw that goon out of his life. Vihaan is relieved, and hugs her in glee and excitement, and she too responds back similarly. they go for tea, while vihaan is tensed to hear the entire story, saying that he doesnt think girish can do this, and if he did, then he needs severe counselling. He says that he is angry with her, that she was in such problem, and didnt come to him. he says that he would handle 100 goons for her. He says that till he is there, she doesnt need to bother, as gattu wont be able to do anything, and promises to keep her and her family safe and away from all problems. she asks what should she say, that she fought somuch, and behaved rudely, and after what girish did, she didnt have the heart to talk, and he still didnt leave her side, and wonders if there are actually such friends. He says that friends are like this only, otherwise they are mere aquaintainces. He thinks that he would wish for her, as his life partner for every birth. He says feebly that first he would get her brother out of this mess, and then propose to her. She asks if he said anything. He teases her. she says that had there not been another girl in his life, she would have bared her heart to him. He asks if she said anything. She too reciprocates by teasing him back. They both smile.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Nilima finds narmada tensed, and asks whats the matter. Naramda says tht vihaan is tensed. this gets everyone’s attention. narmada points out the change in vihaan’s behaviour recently. Mini asks if she didnt ask him. Narmada says that he always avoids the topic. Mini says that today she would get it out of him, as he cant hide for long. all the ladies are determined. As vihaan comes home, geets goes and hugs him emotionally, while other ladies are tensed. Vihaan is tensed and asks if everything is right. she continues crying. He asks them all, who hurt Geeta, and they all deny. He smiles and asks whats the matter. they all divert his attention and asks him to rest. After he leaves, the ladies assure her that there’s nothing wrong with Vihaan and leave. But naramada is convinced that there’s something that vihaan is hiding, and that they mightn’t feel, but she knows since she gave him birth. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Gattu tells vihaan that this is his marriage card, and he knows the girl too. He says that he has distributed this to everyone in delhi, and only he was remaining. Vihaan takes the card and tears it to pieces and shows it to gattu. Vihaan asks gattu to not even dare to look at arushi, or else he would face such consequences, that he wont be able to be with any other girl, leave alone arushi. gattu smiles back.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. please vihann be very careful of that goon always look over your shoulder and do all that is in your power and get rid of him before he hurts arushi and her family it is the father and the son girish that is making mischief deal with them appropriately but do not let that goon gattu get at arushi bring him down quickly before the usual kidnapping scene comes in and spoils everything

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