Satrangi Sasural 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
While vihaan is discussing business with his people, girish takes the iron rod, and breaks the glass of his car. sarthi rushes after him, but girish runs away. Vihaan tries to calm down sarthi, and says that he did it in revenge. He asks sarthi to get the car repaired, and not tell this to the ladies at home. he leaves. sarthi is determined that next time, he meets girish, he would beat him and his family to pulp.

Scene 2:
Location: Newspaper Office
The editor tries to convince arushi that she shouldnt stop as the world and his reputation got upset. She says that she wants to write again, and that she needs money. He says that this can happen, as delhi waits to meet her. He says that they can arrange for that too, by organising a dinner date with her, for 20000, at which 15000 they shall keep, and 5000 is hers. So they both can profit. Arushi gets enraged, and says that this is a sham and she doesnt care for him and his newspaper, and asks how can he be so shameful. She says that she didnt try to be sold, and that no article shall anymore be printed.

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Scene 3:
Location: At the temple
Granny is distributing blankets to the poor, along with vihaan and priyanka. Just then, the girl who vihaan helped yesterday, comes and thanks him for providing her education and how the lady’s advice was very effective. granny and priyanka are quizzical about the didi that this girl is talking about. He hesitates. the girl tries to reply, but vihaan sends her off. priyanka again asks. He says that its an office colleague, and granny asks who, as she knows everyone at the office. He says that its a client, from IDBI. granny is convinced, but priyanka asks him to swear on her. granny asks if she doubts him. Priyanka says that there’s no harm. He finds the easy way out, saying that he works at IDBI bank only. they are happy. Vihaan is relieved.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The ladies talk about vihaan’s fetish for Dilwali Kudi, and think that vihaan is mad for this girl. they decide on their next move, and decide that they shall find out this girl, who wont be able to hide herself from them for long. They try the editor’s number, who frustratedly talks to her, saying that she wont be writing articles if he gives them the number. The editor gets frustrated as vihaan’s mothers keep calling separately for Dilwali kudi’s number. He vents out his anger on all of them, and asks them not to dial anymore.

Scene 5:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi and her family are happy, for Prahlad’s changed behaviour. they plan a visit to the temple. As they are about to go, prsahlad fakes a stomachache. Girish stops arushi from calling the doctor, saying that its gas, due to drinking tea on empty stomach. Girish asks them to go, while arushi dneies, leaving him like this. Prahlad too asks them to go, while girish shall take care of him, and sends the ladies off. they all leave. After they are gone, prahlad smiles evilly. Prahlad and girish are tensed when they dont find the key. He frustratedly calls gattu, who gives them the usual location, and prahlad gets excited at having found it exactly where he was told. he opens his wife’s safebox, and finds that its empty. he is shocked. girish and prahlad are distraught and angered. gattu cancels the phone in frustration. Prahlad decides to beat and teach his wife a lesson, when she returns.

Scene 6:
Location: At the temple
Mili gets impatient and tired having to wait for the temple gates to open, while arushi explains to her, that they shouldnt take shortcuts in life, and never try to break rules. Her mother complies, and decide to wait, while the earlier people perform their puja first. As the gates open, mili starts getting tired. the security tries to shift them aside for a VIP entry. arushi protests and is asked to go to the management to complain. She doesnt concede, and starts walking ahead. Granny is allowed in the temple, for a VIP darshan in the temple, but arushi breaks the barricade and stops her, saying that she cant go ahead. Arushi is tensed, while granny is boggled. she says that she is her grandmother by age, and if she says anything, she should be forgiven as her daughter and shows her the line, of people waiting for the darshan, and that everyone is alike in the eyes of god, then whast the point of VIP treatment here, and making them feel more infgerior, and that they too have the same right as hers, she shouldnt want the first preference because she belongs to an influential family. She says that still if she feels she is right and has the right to pray before them, then she should go ahead and she herself wont stop her. Granny smiles and says that her good words would go to vain, if she doesnt win. she sys that she was looking at her ease due to her age, but thanks her for reminding that she should see her worship and not her age. she praise her. arushi smiles. Granny gets back in line. Granny and arushi’s mother both get a chance together, to pray, with arushi sandwiched between them. Granny prays that she wants to change her whim about vihaan’s marriage, and on this new year, asks the lord the strength and a way to be able to change this about him and his marriage. Arushi’s mother too prays that arushi has suffered a lot in her house, and that she should get a respectable family where she gets married, and settles in life, miraculously and give her all the happiness in life. Meanwhile, Granny turns aside and finds arushi too praying. The screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: gattu finds vihaan and arushi eating snacks by the roadside, and progresses towards them anrgily. Vihaan and arushi are oblivious.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. i dont understand y this people are copying same drama of marathi serials, This is same as Hona Sun Mi hya gharchi which telecast on Zee Marathi

    1. As they want to share the same thing in different languages…..

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