Satrangi Sasural 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan is tensed for arushi but is boggled when he finds her smiling and guffawing. She tells tht granny wanted her to open a facebook account for her, and how excited she is for that. they both get beeps on their mobiles, and just then granny comes in excitedly asking them to accept her request. she leaves. They have a hearty laugh. Meanwhile, mini and priyanka discuss that come what may, and whatever soft corner granny has for the peon, he would have to apologise to priyanka, if he wishes to retain his job at Vatsala. They are determined.

The next morning, mini finds granny crying in happiness, at having found an old friend, on facebook, and granny taunts her as to even though Mini didnt help her, she got help from arushi, who gave her what she wanted. she leaves. priyanka comes and finds mini fuming, at arushi for winning points with granny. She asks howcome she is still here, as arushi finished her work and also wemt to the office. they both discuss how she must have gone to instigate the peon against her. Vihaan overhears this and is upset that today there would be another huge fight today, and he shall be sandwiched.

Scene 2:
Location: Girish’s residence
kasturi and dadaji wish him well, and send girish off for his first day. he feels extremely guikty seeing them super excited. dadaji gives him a pen, marking his first day, and also wishes him success. he talks about how to continue his and mili’s studies, he shall give the room on the roof, for rent, to earn money for their tuition fees. Kasturi likes the idea. He leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Girish eats his tiffin on the road, but is unable to due to guilt, of lying to kasturi and dadaji. a daily labourer passing by falls unconscious. giriosh rushes to his help. The sprinkle water and he comess back to senses. they stop an auto, and send him off. girish overhears as to how he had just one labourer, and how he would get his boxes loaded now. girish offers himself. The owner thinks that he is joking, but girish insists.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s office
Vihaan arrives along with priyanka, who nreminds him of the peon’s apology. He is tensed. Arushi is tensed too. priyanka is surprised to find the peon approaching her and apologising. She agrees. Inside, Priyanka finds an invitation for a foreign fashion week, leading to a possible collaboration too for business venture. she doesnt consider it at all, and throws it in the dustbin. Vihaan comes for some work, and asks whats the matter. She tells that its some invitation for foreign tie-up, which they dont need and hence she didnt consider. vihaan stys quiet. Priyanka asks the housekeeping to clear her dustdin. She complies.

When the dustbin is taken out to be dumped, tthe letter falls out, and lands in arushi’s hands, who is super excited at the prospect, and how it would open up foreign lands for venture and entrepreneurial vistas. Arushi tries to present this to him, insisting and advocating again and again at the brilliance of this oppurtunity. But vihaan is irritated and tries to talk to her, asking her to keep things sane and normal, but stops. they turn around to find priyanka in the cabin. Arushi says that she was coming to her only. she takes the letter from arushi and tears it in pieces. They are shocked, while arushi is upset. The screen freezes on arushi’s tensed face.

Precap: Vihan reprimands arushi, that if priyanka gets to know, tht she sent a letter to the company asking them to resend the letter in Granny’s name, she would be very hard to handle. Arushi says that once they enter the fashion week, priyanka would agree. He says that he wont be able to handle it. She says that she would handle priyanka and he neednt bother. They discuss amongst themselves. priyanka comes to their room, and overhears this, and is tensed and boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. So Zee wanted me to stop watching this show….they took bad attitude idiot Priyanka and gave her a position to unlease her hilter wickedness on people!?!?! And Vihan like an idiot not even doing anything about it. Thanks eh Zee for making me lose instant interest of this show.

  2. Priyanka is a dunce, even now it’s still surprises me how she got MD she knows nothing about business. The business need a young and sharp brain like Aarushi and Vihaan just stand by doing nothing what kind of husband is he… Thank God for my culture we don’t live with Monster-in-laws i’m a hot-headed person i know if a in law rubbed me the wrong way i’m going to answer so it pains my heart just watching these shows

  3. I stop watch this show from nothing. I fed up with pryanka and her garbage

  4. I knew granny wanted Arushi to hook her up and this is a good past time for her.This will have her mind going and help keeping her from dementia.Arushi is damn right to pass the letter on to granny.Priyanka thinks she is the boss with an attitude then show her what leadership really is.Arushi ,you stand up for her and do not be oppressed no more.The important thing is your real mother in law accepts you.Good going.

  5. this is a nice serial but I do not understand is why arushi always has to do the apologizing to these seven mothers arushi is such a good daughter in law and yet she is being treated like an outcasts by two of the mothers prianka and mini mom come on she is married to Vihaan and she suppose to be taking care of him not them but as is she is running the whole household cooking and doing all the chores plus working at the office and yet she is hated by prianka so much writers you need to solve the problem write a script where arushi is pregnant and needs to rest and let them see how it is without her help

  6. i hope Arushi puts that miserable PRIYANKA in her place. She will surely win the trust and support of her co-workers .

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