Satrangi Sasural 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s office
While arushi is getting papers signed by Vihaan, regarding their bank deal, she finds him visibly tensed, and asks whats the problem. He resignedly says that mother is a little sick, and she sympathises with him, saying that such true relations are like this, as one gets hurt and the other feels the pain, and that the existence of both the individual people in the relation intermingles. Vihaan smiles reassuringly, and then hands her the file, that gets them to have their first physical contact through the hands., Vihaan is amused, while she is shy. he asks that she too looks lost, and asks if she has fallen in love. she says that she has other problems than love. He argues that love isnt a problem, instead its the solution that solves all problems. she thanks him for giving an idea, to get over her problem, and says that she loved talking to him today, and thanks him, for his affection and support, adding that they are best friends. He teases her that a girl and a boy cant be best frienmds, and she says thats all filmy, and that in real life, there can be best friends, like she and him. she shakes hands with him, and leaves, while he is lost in her thoughts.

Scene 2:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan comes home to find narmada lost and upset, in her room. he goes to her, while she looks away. he remembers arushi’s advise, and says that he doesnt want this day to be moruned, like every year, and that maybe the grief is tremendous, but what about the happiness, that she got as her sister, and that Nilima wont celebrate her birthday till she invites it with open arms. She is tensed. He takes her hands, and reiterates arushi’s advise, but she isnt affected. He wipes her tears, assuring her that herr son wont go anywhere without her permission, not even to canada, for expanding business. He leaves, while she is tensed.

All the ladies are tensed, as vihaan begins to prepare for the party. Harpreet asks whose birthday are they celebrating. vihaan says that this isnt the time to be sad anymore, and they have to move on and be happy. Grannya asks her to stop as she cant bear her bahu unhappy and sad, and asks why is he freshening her wounds. He says that then the bruises shall cover completely, and she asks if this is the way to get things done, after what happened in the morning. Vihaan says that this time they have to change somethings that have upset the family for years, even if that means going against her. Granny tells him that what hasnt happened for years, she wont let it happen today too, when nilima too doesnt want it. Vihaan is tensed. Nilima tries to get him to understand, but she is cut short, when a delivery person, gets boxes of food, and vihaan says that he didnt order it. they are baffled, when naramda steps down saying that she ordered it. She takes nilima’s hands, and wishes her a happy birthday, while nilima is overwhelmed. all the ladies are smiling, when narmada says that nilima can share her grief, after all these years, and hence she can share her happiness today. All the ladies get emotional, as narmada says that she cant give that person anymore time and thoughts, who created a distance between the sisters. They both hug each other. All get happy. Vihaan joins in the hug, and emotional tears stream down everyone’s cheeks. All celebrate Nilima’s birthday with much fervour. Vihaan thanks arushi that she solved the biggest problem of his life, and that he hasnt experienced happiness like this ever before.

Scene 3:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Meanwhile at home, arushi remembers vihaan’s advise, and asks the little girl to serve girish chapati, when he hollets at her. She goes and gives it to him, along with a chapati. He resignedly takes it. He then takes a chocolate too, that she gets for him. As she begins to go, he stops her, and then says that he knows that she likes it, hence they shall share it. She goes and rushes out happily. Arushi thanks vihaan for the successful advise.

Later, in the night, arushi tells girish that she is very happy, that he is becoming wise, leaving his ego and arroagance, and tells about his incident with his little sister, as she always wanted this, that he understands that this is one big family, tied together, and that he has a responsibility to take care of the young girl. She thanks him and leaves. girish thinks evilly, that this was his tactics to get arushi on track, after the mess he created by fighting with the little sister. He smiles evilly.

Arushi gets vihaan’s message, thanking her for solving his problem, and promises to tell the details later. She too messages back, welcoming him and thanking him too. He smiles and replies what, and she too tells him that he too solved her problem, and that she would tell the details later. He asks when, and she says that they always meet by accident, and vihaan says that he tried a couple of them, but it didnt work. she reminds that this is the time to sleep. He replies wishing her goodnight. Arushi tells him that she has a very hectic schedule at the office. Vihaan messages that he hopes that they meet again soon. She says that this time, not in the shopping mall, as he gets very late. He is amused. They both dose off, lost in thoughts, happy and smiling.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
As children are playing, a person springs by in the jeep, and splashes dirt on his face, the child throws a stone at him, and he pulls back. He starts threatening the child, while arushi is unable to take it anymore, and turns him around, with a jerk, gathered by children dresses in costumes. Arushi reprimands the person, dressed as Raavan, and says that this is his fault and that he shouldnt turn it around on the children, as it was completely his carelessness, and asks what kind of disturning behaviour is this. He lustily eyes her, and says that he was just playing and asks her if she wants to play too. She is disgusted by his leering looks. The screen freezes on her furious face.

Precap: Priyanka picks up Vihaan’s phone, as it rings, and finds that its a girl on the other end asking for vihaan. Priyanka is excited to find a girl calling for vihaan. She identifies herself as his mother, and asks her who is she, and arushi identifies herself too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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