Satrangi Sasural 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan tells the mothers that he cant believe that they did this to arushi, and gave her this treatment. He remmebers that when he was a child, they used to take care of the smallest whims and his likes, reminding everyone of their particular incidents. He says that this is his most valuable possession, and they treated her like a servant today. Arushi comes in saying that he neednt bother as it isnt a big deal. he says that it is for him. she says that whats most important for her is him, rather than extravagant things. she asks him not to take stress in his recovery. She says that this room is bigger than her maternal room. mini and narmada are tensed and irritated too. she tries to make vihaan see that there’s nothing insulting, as she had a peaceful sleep here too, just because she is near and close to him, and had the satisfaction that he would be okay, and didnt need anything more. but he is terribly hurt. He says that they hurt him very badly. they are all tensed, while arushi is tensed. He says that he has taken a descision today. All the ladies are shocked. Vihaan storms out of the room, with arushi and mini and harpreet behind him. Narmada stands tensed in a state of shock.

Vihaan starts packing his stuff, while they all apologise profusely asking him to rethink and stop acting impulsively stupid. narmada comes and says that she knew that she would leave him for this girl. mini sauys that this is what they feared the most. he keeps his suitcase on the ground. he turns to them, saying that he cant live without them, and hence isnt going anywhere, but from todsay omwards, he too shall stay in the servant quarters where they have kept arushi, as he shall stay wherever his wife stays. Arushi tries to speak, but he says that he too shall live peacefully there only. Harpreet and mini apologise with folded hands, but he says that they neednt as he is only doing what needs to be done, as he reminds them of the seven promises he made in marriage. They are all tensed. Mini places the blame on Nilima. Meanwhile, granny arrives at the front gate in the car, with priyanka. vihaan inside tells them that they too are equally to be blamed, as they didnt stop her from doing so. Granny comes inside asking whats going on. They both turn to her. vihaan comes to her, but granny stops him, while all the mothers eye him tensedly. She asks where is he going with the bag. He tells what arushi did for them and him, and what they all did to arushi, unjustifiably. All the mothers stand with their heads lowered. he tells his descision to granny, who is tensed. Granny goes over to arushi, and takes her hand, and asks her to come along. She follows tensedly. Vihaan follows. Granny says that she wanmts to talk to her in private and asks if anyone minds. all are silenced, while areshi is tensed. She is taken away by granny inside, as she closes the room.

Inside the room, Granny asks arushi to sit, while she complies. Granny goes to the almirah, while arushi is tensed. She takes out childhood stuff of vihaan, that every mother have saved for him individually. arushi is boggled and overwhelmed too. granny says that these are invaluable posssessions for them, even though it doesnt hold any value for anyone else. She explains to arushi, that the reason behind the mothers’ reluctance, is due to childhood memories attached, and the secondly the fear of losing him. granny says that they are all scared that with her arrival, they feel that their memories shall shatter and vihaan distances himself from them. Arushi asks why she thinks like that, as she didnt come for this, and just wants to make a diffreent spot for herself in vihaan’s life, in the same way, that he has made in their hearts. Granny denies. Arushi asks if vihaan’s happiness is with her, then why cant she allow her to be here, for their son’s sake. granny says that she is very smart and knows how to play with words. Arushi says that she is just saying the truth. granny says that truth is she cant stay here, as she doesnt want him to be diatanced from them, as its inevitable for happening. Arushi talks about her preconceived fears and assumptions. granny says that so many things happened, and she still feels its her superstition, and reminds her all the insults their family bore on them. She says that arushi mightnt believe it, but she cxant turn away from it. arushi agrees to all happenning, but then everything happened correctly, starting from vihaan’s return. she says that her doubts are baseless, and is only scared of the past repeating. granny says that maybe she is right, but she can see her family divided, just in some days with her here, and her family shall disintergrate which she shall not allow. Arushi asks if she is actually saying, one who is an inspiration to her, who single handedly, raised the family and a business empire, something which is impossible for someone riddled with doubts and superstition, with such hope and determination. she says that noone has achieved this status, in entrepreneurship, as she has. She asks granny to give space to this new thinking, and asks her to move one step ahead. granny asks whats she trying to say. Arushi asks her to test this doubt, by giving her just one chance, to relieve her of her doubts, to prove that new relationships can be established. granny eyes her tensedly.

Outside, priyanka tells everyone that she told granny everything about arushi’s forced entry and they presume that she must definitely be angry. They decide that finally arushi shall get what she deserves. Vihaan stands tensed. harpreet says that she definitely mustnt have told granny of vihaan’s miraculous and speedy recovery, even though they all witnessed it. priyanka taunts her presumptions. harpreet hopes that granny forgives arushi. Mini says that granny shall throw her out, as she and her family have created enough drama, and hence granny wouldnt tolerate it at all, as she prioritises the respect of the family over everything else. he asks how can they think like that, as she is his wife. Narmada says that this is by betrayal, ad they wouldnt allow it any further. he asks what betrayal. priyanka comes to him, saying that they all want his good, and they understand his welfare best, and that this girl isnt good for him. mini emphaises that granny too agrees to this only, and that she wouldnt let arushi stay.

Inside, arushi pleads for six months from granny, to take on the task of finishing her doubts, reservations, beliefs and superstitions, regarding this marriage, and get over the fear of the failure of past marital relationships of the women of this house and that she deserves to be vihaan’s wife as there cant be a better bahu of the house. she says that if she doesnt win the mothers’ trust in six months, then she shall not stay another day. she says that along with her test, it would be the test of her doubts too. Granny says that she is very smart and highly sharp, to have asked for this interval. She says that she knows that within six months, she shall bear vihaan’s offspring in her womb, and then noone shall be able to throw her out of the house, and maybe then she throws them out. Arushi is surprised to hear this. she vehemently denies, saying that they both know she wouldnt do anything like this, and says that she has a solution to this, and swears that till the passage of six months and completion of hre test, she wont consummate her marriage with vihaan, and that she shall do every duty as a wife, but not physical intimacy, so that she knows that arushi isnt here to rule, but to live with them. she promises that she wont let vihaan near her for the next six months. granny is boggled. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As granny opens the door, and arushi coems out, vihaan tensedly asks what happened, and what did granny say. priyanka taunts her that she must have been told to pack up. he refuses to believe this. He asks her to speak up, while arusi stands tensed. All wait for her to speak.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I do not know what to say about these mothers again all I could say is get all seven mother a man in their life so that they would leave Vihaan and arushi alone to live in peace.

  2. all the mother need to shut up

  3. Granny is back and is back with her superstitions and old fashioned ways.Arushi and Vihaan do not have to live in the same house to get pregnant.They can go to a posh hotel a have their fix ,so what nonsense they are saying.It is said that what truly belongs to a person can never be taken away.Granny,Priyanka and others are not the ones to determine what is Vihaan’s choice and who is not.He loves his wife and is standing by their vows they made to each other.He is standing by his moral and ethical decision and this is what a man should always do because when he has the urges they cannot fulfil it.Leave them alone.Arushi thumbs up ,because you are not afraid of them by standing up for what is right.Ladies/Mothers you are still young and lack of activities destroy the good condition of every human being ,while movement and methodical physical exercise save you and preserve you.This physical and emotional exercise should be regarded as a tribute to your hearts.So ladies try it and leave Vihaan and Arushi to explore their types of exercises.

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