Satrangi Sasural 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
As harpreet goes inside to talk to Narmada, she faces rebuke from hr, saying that she wants to be alone, and doesnt want to talk to anyone. harpreet is hurt and leaves. granny finds harpreet and asks whats the matter, as she looks lost. She tells that narmada is irritated and tensed. Granny says that she knows why narmada is upset, and that she reminds them that tomorrow is her birthday, and they all get tensed, as granny remembers that they havent celebrated her birthday for years, and wonders how narmada shall bear the next day. Granny overhears vihaan ordering a cake for narmada’s birthday, and gets tensed. She asks if he knows what happened yesterday, and hence they never celebrate it. He says that he does remember it, and that they havent celebrated ever for 25 years, and that now its enough, and he cant take it anymore, and they shall celebrate it. granny asks if he even realises the torment that they shall put her through. He says that whats important is that they have to be happy. He says that whetever happened, wasnt her fault, and that now its time, to stop avoiding her happiness, and forever forget the pain and the guilt. Granny asks if he even knows what he is planning to do. he says that he does, and that he is planning to break one of the oldest traditions of the house, and he is prepared, when tomorrow the silence of the years back. granny is tensed.

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The next morning, harpreet graciously hands over her day to Masi Maa, saying that its her birthday. She says that they wont celebrate this day at all. She reminds that narmada was left stranded today only. Harpreet is sad. They all decide that they shall try to keep narmada happy. Vihaan overhears this, and thinks that noone shll keep this pain inside anymore, and it would have to exposed and gotten rid of. All begin to set the dining table. Vihaan asks priyanka to help him get the tie right. priyanka asks him to do so himself. Narmada gets to silently complying. granny too takes a seat. Vihaan says that they cant talk business at the dining table, but wants to inform that they are planning to expand in the global market, and they are targetting two countries, USA and Canada, being the biggest population of Indians there. All get tensed. narmada gets angry, while vihaan tries to make him underdstand, that they should move on, and start afresh with new dreams. narmada puts his foot down saying that he wont go to canada. He asks her to face it, instead of avoiding it, and then fight over it. Vihaan stuns all the ladies by saying that he has decided to go to Canada. All are tensed. Nirmala turns around and says to him that he has to stay here only, away from Canada and away from his father, and that he isnt big enough to take his descisions and he can go anywhere in the world. She says that she wont let him compensate with her motherly love at all, for his success. she leaves, while he reaches out to her. all stand tensed. Granny asks if all this was necessary. vihaan says that now its time to move on. vihaan tells them that this day is of sdaness and happiness too, and till date grief has won, and from this day onwards, he doesnt know how, but happiness shall triumph. He leaves without having breakfast. all stand tensed.

Narmada gets inside thr room, and starts crying inconsolably, as she remembers the day when her husband left and walked out on them, for pursuing his dreams rather than his responsibility, and she was left stunned. she also remembers emotionally, as to how her husband had called from Canada, saying that the house where she lives with all the ladies, is a grieving house, and he cant bear that. She remembers her husband telling her that her way to canada is open, but the only condition being that she would have to leave back the child of hers, and everybody back home, and come alone. She is stunned as she puts down the receiver, and eyes the infant, who her husband is callously trying to ask her to let go of. She remembers vihu’s masi maa being very excited on her birthday, as she receives a letter from the postman and gives it to Narmada to read. while nilima is playing with vihaan, telling him, that now his father shall return to be with him, Narmada reads out the letter, which is from her husband, saying that she can have her baby, and that he wont return, hence it was a fatal attempt on her part, and now she too doesnt need to come there. Narmada faints. Nilima is shocked. Narmada gets emotional hearing this. Masi Maa tries hard to get narmada to come out, while nilima pleads, and narmada keeps insisting that she is fine and asks to be left alone. nilima is distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Arushi is told by her mother, about her impending prospective suitor yet again, while she says that she is frustrated with rejections now. She is assured that very soon, she would have a dreamhouse with a dream husband. She is set to thinking.

the next morning, girish is irritatedly woken up by arushi and her sister’s banter. As arushi goes inside, Girish reprimands the young girl, threatening her to teach a lesson if she acts oversmart. Arushi comes and reprimands him for talking like this with his sister, and being so rude. Girish says that he just has one sister and thats her, and one mother who’s long dead. arushi is shocked, as he claims that the young girl isnt his sister. He continues to vent out his venom and frustration and leaves, arushi shuts him, and tries to assure the young girl, while her mother watches tensedly from a distance.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
In the car, Vihaan remembers what happened, and that the only solution to the problem, is that he finds a suitable bride to him and for the family. In the auto, Arushi too remembers what happened, and thinks that she would have to find out a way to ensure her mother and sister’s happiness. The screen freezes on both their tensed faces, as each thinks of their family.

Precap: Harpreet asks whose birthday are they celebrating. vihaan says that this isnt the time to be sad anymore, and they have to move on and be happy. Grannya asks her to stop as she cant bear her bahu unhappy and sad. Vihaan says that this ti,e they have to change somethings that have upset the family for years. Granny tells him that what hasnt happened for years, she wont let it happen today too. Vihaan is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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