Satrangi Sasural 17th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 17th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Geeta is shocked to hear of nilima plotting this all. Nilima tries to convince her of arushi’s conniving motive, but geeta leaves disturbed. nilima wonders why cant she see what arushi is upto. she is tensed. later, arushi comes out with kasturi. Nilima asks where’s her stuff, as she shouldnt leave anything back, once she reaches her house. Kasturi responds that she is in her home already, as this is her home, and that she should understand this most as a woman. She also pleads to nilima not to separate arushi from vihaan, for the sake of their happiness. she leaves. nilima stands surprised and dejected too.

Arushi comes in Vihaan’s room, while he eyes himself. she teases him, while he talks about how pale he looks. she asks him not to worry, as he is recovering froma deadly disease. She asks him to relax, and then she shall shave him, and insists on it. He complies resignedly. She gets the shaving kit, while he keeps saying that he shall manage later. She ties the towel around his neck, and then puts on the shaving cream, and they both awkwardly experience the romantic pangs of their physical intimacy brought in by their proximity to each other. he teases her of having been lost, and she shyly gets back to work. She shys away, byt his steely, romantic gaze, that sensualises him. their romance is broken by Nilima’s sudden doorknock. It causes a cut on his cheek. Nilima rushes in asking what happened. Sjhe blames arushi for it, as she finds blood coming out of vihaan’s cheeks, while he asks her to relax. Arushi stands tensed. she is sent off to get dettol and medication. Nilima throws a tantrum, while he says that its just a small cut, but she keeps blaming arushi for this. He asks her to chill. Arushi comes back with the medicine box, but nilima doesnt let arushi touch him. Narmada and mini come and shove arushi aside, while she stands dejected. he continues to trivialise it. narmada and others begin to reprimand arushi together. He starts getting frustrated finally, asking them to stop this. he asks them not to make an issue out of this trivial matter, as they are not the only people who can take care of him, as arushi can too. they are hurt and shocked. he says that he wants to sleep. the ladies are tensed, as he asks them to leave. narmada says that he can get his wife to care for him, as he is so big, that he doesnt need his mothers. He tries to speak, asking them not to overreact, and if saying such things are necessary. narmada gets up and asks arushi to come along, as its time for his medicines. the ldies rush out, while arushi asks vihaan not to be angry, as she is okay and then leaves.

Arushi is about to take milk for vihaan, when she is confronted by narmada. narmada, mini and nilima blame her for vihaan being rude to his mothers, and gives face to her evil intentions behind her being here. she tries to genuinely voice, but they dont see her reasons. narmada says that vihaan is okay and tomorrow granny is returning, who has no clue that arushi too is here and hence she would have to leave. she says that for the first time, they have done something without granny’s permission. Arushi says that its her duty to serve her husband. They say that her work here is done and she can leave tomorrow. All leave, while she stands tensed.

The next morning, Mini comes and tells narmada in hushed tones, that arushi isnt in her room, and she thinks that she has left the house finally. narmada is relieved and satisfied. Narmada says that she was worried that granny is returning today, and what would she have told her, if she saw arushi living here. Just then, harpreet comes and asks where’s vihaan. narmada and nilima are tensed. narmada assumes that he must be in his room, but harpreet says that she isnt there. They both are shocked and get to finding him. they are shocked when they dont find him. narmada is engulfed with a shock, that both vihaan and arushi are missing. mini says that definitely she must have taken vihaan out, in the night. harpreet says that she cant do this. just then, vihaan and arushi come in, having enjoyed their walk. narmada says that doctors have advised him complete bed rest, and asks arushi how can she be so irresponsible. He says that it wasnt arushi’s idea, and that the nurse had told them. the nurse comes and says that Vihaan’s recovery is miraculous, and that its all due to Arushi, praising her galore, saying that they should be proud of their Bahu. the ladies are tensed. Vihaan says that he is fine now, and if he can stay with him in his room. mini fumbles to narmada what would happen when vihaan finds out that she stays in the servant quarters. To their surprise, Arushi hesitates and says that he can go, while she gets the stuff, insisting on it. he complies. She leaves. Mini comments what would they answer if granny sees arushi here. Narmada is tensed. Arushi comes to her room, thanking the lord, that vihaan didnt get to know of the servant quarters where she is living, or else he would have been angry and scolded the mothers, which she wouldnt have been able to bear. She begins to pack her stuff.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Kasturi comes inside, while prahlad is asleep, after being too drunk. she gets in stealthily, and tries to sneak her way to her room, but throws off a glass accidenatlly, which wakes him up. he comes to her and asks where’s arushi. she asks who. he asks for arushi angrily. She tries to get him to understand, that arushi is happy there. he asks what about him and this family. He reprimands her for breaking her promise, and says that he shall go right away, and doesnt listen to her coaxes. she begs him not to go there drunk like this. he begins to pick up his chappals, but falls asleep. she is relieved.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Vihaan comes and calls for the maid, asking her to come along, to help arushi pack her stuff from the guest house. The ladies try to keep vihaan from knowing that arushi is in the servant quater. They hear screams coming from the servant quarters. It turns out to be prahlad shouting at what vihaan’s mothers are doing to her. arushi tries to keep him calm, but he continues to shout and create a scene, saying that she shall not spent another minute here. Arushi is surprised to see prahlad coming in her room. He is enraged and furious. Prahlad comes to arushi, and says that he has come to take her rightaway as she cant stay like this. she protests, but he catches her hand with a firm grip. Vihaan stops him and says that he cant behave like this with his wife. the mothers are tensed. prahlad lets go of her hand, and asks if he knows how to behave with the wife, and how she should be kept. He tells vihaan that arushi is being kept as a servant in the servant quarters, while vihaan is silenced. Arushi intentionally drags him out, while vihaan is shocked. She tries to make prahlad understand, that vihaan shouldnt be disturbed in this sick health. He says that he too hasnt eaten anything. she says that she knows and hence she isnt leaving the job, and shall send the salary when she gets it. she asks him to go, but he says that he wont go. She threatens that she would stop sending the salary, if he doesnt leave. he gets scared, but tries to be brave, and says that he is going, and says that he shall not tolerate what treatment is being meted out to her. She wonders what he did, as vihaan knows everything and god knows what he would do now. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Vihaan tells the mothers that he cant believe that they did this to arushi, and gave her this treatment. He remmebers that when he was a child, they used to take care of the smallest whims and his likes. He says that this is his most valuable possession, and they treated her like a servant today. He says that they hurt him very badly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Love the precap
    Go vivaan give ur so called mothers a good fitting reply all of them of is selfish n greedy they think because they get money big house n car them think they can do anything to people them claim they love n cares for u n they want to see u happy but it all fake so come on vihaan open ur eyes and see the reality of ur stupid mothers

  2. as I said before these seven mothers have no man in their lives and so vihann is the substitute so they do not want to loose him to araushi and so they are jealous of arushi and that is the reason why they cannot accept the marriage as for prahlad it is about time he enter a rehab and also get some counselling about abusing his wife and girish he needs to go back to school so he can earn a proper living and prahlad for a husband needs to get up and look for a proper work so he can take care of his family and stop loafing off of his daughter and arushi needs to stop spoiling her father and listening to his crooked cries for money because all he is doing is drinking the money out in rum and then coming home and beating his wife come on writers we the viewers want better storylines it is one message in all these serial and it is toooooooooo monotonous

  3. Vihaan stand up and fight for your rights.You are a grown man who has a beautiful wife take care of her.Do not disrespect your mothers but do not let them get away with murder.They had no right to put Arushi in the servants quarters.This is shameful.Per adventure she was from a rich family they would not have dared to do that.Here again it is about class —the rich versus the poor.All in all we are children of the universe which was created by one man and there is no rich nor poor with him.These mothers are just weighing themselves down with the negativity of the past and are not willing to overcome it.Writers set up a club for these women and send them out on some dates with some raving men then they will find something else to think about and leave Arushi and her husband to enjoy their life.Think about it writers they are lonely and they have not been laid for many years ,so please help them out.

  4. Why are all the mothers trying to compete with Vihaan wife?! Mothers Vihaan needs intimacy can you give him that, they don’t have any men in their lives so Aarushi came along and take away their Vihaan, so now they are jealous so they all are going to crucify poor Aarushi smh

  5. Osm precap

  6. These shows are only showing the wickedness of these people. For once,show us where a mother in law likes a daughter in law and vice versa. Or Is this the way in India?

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