Satrangi Sasural 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi tries to make soup, when priyanka asks how dare she. priyanka asks arushi whats she doing in the kitchen. Arushi tells. Priyanka says that she shall make. Arushi says that she shall cut the veggies, while she can make the soup. she insists that she shall make. In the tussle, the plate falls on the ground, breaking into pieces, that shatter. both are shocked. the sound gets mini and geeta too in the kitchen. they start fighting amongst themselves, which amuses and alarms arushi at the same time. they all then fight as to who shall give vihaan soup, when the nurse says that she shall only allow one. The nurse asks them to send arushi, as vihaan recovers and responds better. they get tensed. arushi comes and takes everyone’s soup, and then goes to wake vihaan from his sleep, and extremely concernedly gives him the soup, while he correctly recognises everyone’s love. the mothers are relieved. geeta says that arushi should stay till vihaan is completely fine. The others are tensed. geeta leaves to prerpare food for others.

Later, Geeta continues to give a huge lecture to priyanka, as to how arushi’s arrival has only worked for the benefit of vihaan. priyanka silently agress, as she too finds vihaan recuperating faster in arushi’s presence. geeta coaxes her and finally priyanka gives in, saying that she shall have to leave once vihaan is fine. Narmada hears this from downstairs and is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Nilima tells them curtly and rudely that they should get their daughter back, as she would be thrown out otherwise. She says that they dont need her there. prahlad gets angry that arushi is there, and says that even if the mothers beg, he wouldnt send her there. nilima says that she lied to vihaan that they have forgiven her, to earn a place shrewdly, and says that they have no place for her, and they havent thrown her out yet, but if they dont take her, she shall definitely be on the streets. Kasturi asks how can she talk like this of vihaan’s wife. She says rhat she completely shattered their dreams, and that arushi is completely responsible for what has happened, and they dont need this girl. She asks arushi to come and take away right now, and then get her divorced, and marry her to someone else, as the faster their kids move on in their life, the better is it. All are shocked. Nilima leaves. A drunk prahlad gets into a fit of anger, and says that he shall go rightaway, to get arushi back, and that till the mothers dont ask for apology, he wont relent. she asks him not to go there drunk, and assures that she shall go and get arushi.he complies. He says that if she doesnt return back with arushi, she too shouldnt come back home.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Nilima gets angry for priyanka giving in. Narmada and nilima try and instigate priyanka, but she stands still. Narmada says that they both have gone blind, as they cant see that she is the reason vihaan is in the problem. nilima too continues to instigate priyanka against arushi. narmada warns that arushi shall take away vihaan. nilima says that this wont happen, as she would have arushi thrown out before things get worse. she says that she has made all arrangements. priyanka asks whats. nilima says that before dawn, arushi shall be out of their homes. priyanka and narmada are tensed. Arushi hears this from a distance and is shocked, why nilima said this.

Arushi prays in the temple, of the house, that she doesnt want to leave vihaan go, and prays for the strength to win over the mothers and earn a place in their hearts. she begins to light the diya and then does the arti. Her melodious voice attracts the ladies’ attention. geeta is happy. Arushi goes onto give arti to everyone. She first goes to priyanka, who resignedly accepts. She then turns to narmada, who too silently complies. she knocks on nilima’s door, and she too rssponds positively. Nilina then asks her not to try, as she should be clear, that she has no place in this home and that she cant stay here, at any cost. She also adds that she shouldnt think that people dont see her game plan, that she wants to split the mothers, but its not going to happen. She says that maybe her mannered parents’ didnt give her these manners. arushi tries to defend, that geeta and harpreet’s descision is theirs, and she isnt to be blamed. Nilima chides with her, while she genuinely tries to make her understand. Nilima taunts that she is very smart, and says that she wouldnt fall for her trap, as shw doesnt hink from her heart, and asks her to get ready to lezve, if she has understood her well. She slams the door on her face, and arushi again knocks back. nilima angrily asks what now. Arushi gives her prashad saying that she didnt take it, and its from her house only, and she didnt get it from her parents’ house. Nilima is silent as she resignedly accepts. she then goes to vihaan and gives him the prashad too and the arti. She smiels at him, and he smiles back too. He goes to rest again. She says that its her responsibility that she has a peaceful sleep always.

Later, kasturi arrives, and nilima opens the doors, and taunts her that she finally came here and made a sensible descision. She takes her to arushi, living in the servant’s quarters. kasturi is silent, but mortified when she finds arushi living here. nilima taunts that the mother-daughter duo have something very important to talk. Nilima leaves. Kasturi asks arushi not to lose hope, and have the strength to face anything in her in-laws’ house. She says that seeing her in this condition, she shall drag her out of this house, holding her hand right this minute. arushi tries to speak, but kasturi says that she didnt envision this kind of sasural for her. she says that she is the bahu, but vihaan and she have liked each other and gotten married, and they just want to win the mothers’ trust, genuinely. kasturi is unconvinced. Arushi says that this is the chance, to prove her mettle that vihaan didnt take a wrong descision in choosing her. She says that as far as the room is concerned, this room reminds her of her maternal place, and she is lost in fond mempories. she gives kasturi hope that everything would be alright soon, and all the mothers shall be impressed one day. she says that in these testing times, she wants kasturi’s support. She stands tensed. The screen freezes on arushi’s face.

Precap: Mini comes and tells narmada in hushed tones, that arushi isnt in her room, and she thinks that she has left the house finally. narmada is relieved and satisfied. Narmada says that she was worried that granny is returning today, and what would she have told her, if she saw arushi living here. Just then, harpreet comes and asks where’s vihaan. narmada and nilima are tensed. narmada assumes that he must be in his room, but harpreet says that she isnt there. They both are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what it is why in all these indian serial the elders would not leave the young lovers to decide their own fate they are always interfering with the young people lives common writers so in all the serials there has to be soooooooooooooooo much hatred among one another this is not a good message to portray to the viewers it suppose to be love peace and unity stop all the hatred and take life differently for the young peoples sake let them be happy with less hatred so writers please start writing better scripts from now on

  2. These mothers are so poor in their foolish ways that they do not realize that the shadows of their life’s are caused by standing in their own sunshine.These mothers are like little children playing with their dolls and fighting to see who could take care of the doll house the best.So foolish.They do not understand that Vihaan cannot make them better or Arushi divorcing him will also make their life better because the less they open their hearts to them ,the more their hearts will suffer.When these mothers become their own best friend life will be much easier and how they treat themselves set the standard for how others will treat them.Leave the couple alone to live a happy married life and stop interfering.Are these mothers God to decide these two people’s fate.BullShit with a capital B and S

  3. All that estrogen is killing vihaan ,who has seven mothers . And most if not all mothers ,probably have severe menopause symptoms,they should leave d young people alone

  4. Alll the SEVEN Mothers Need a Big Fat Dick, They Are Deprived OF Dicks, That’s Y they Won’t Let Vihaan Get His Cookie, They Must Play Wid Dildos, Dnt Think Prahlad Wud Wana Share His Holy Cock Wid the 7 SASUmaaa…not Girish 2

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