Satrangi Sasural 14th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 14th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s and arushi’s residence
All the mothers are extremely tensed, waiting anxiously for the doctor to arrive. vihaan lies unconscious. Meanwhile, arushi too is tensed to not receive any calls or messages from vihaan. sarthi calls and tells her about vihaan’s ill health, that he has caught swine flu, and he is very critical, and the doctor has taken some tests. She says that she shall come right away. She then remembers her promise of not going or meeting him, but then is determined.

The doctor tells the mothers that vihaan shall have to be isolated and preventive measures detailed. geeta expresses concern about the deadly disease. He tells that if things get worse, even death can occur, and that its extremely contagious, and hence they have to be extra careful of catching it. All are shocked. the doctor leaves. Narmada asks for the meds so she can give to vihaan. Nilima asks narmada to come to senses as she cant go in and catch the disease herself. narmada says that their son is lying like this, and she cant leave vihaan like this. she asks for the doctor. priyanka asks her to think from the mind and not the heart. All are tensed. the doorbell rings insistently. Mini goes to open it. arushi burts in asking where’s vihaan, while mini stops and doesnt let her through. hearing arushi’s screams, all gather and ask why is she here. She says that she wants to meet him. but they all ask her to leave, as they are all here to take care of him. Arushi pleads to be let inside, to see vihaan just for a minute. But narmada throws her out saying that she has no place here. Arushi says that she is his wife, and she wont go without seeing him. priyanka says that their descision is final. Arushi says that she cant comply, and that they might not value the relationship, but she does and remembers every promise. She says that they atoo are women and wives, and how can they do this. narmada says that vihaan has made his descision, and now she should silently comply to it. Arushi says that vihaan didnt come on his will, but on her request, as it was her descision and tells them of their promise to each other. Arushi says that her seven promises keep her here, despite their promise that they wont see each other, till they get their mothers’ approval. She says that she shall see and be by his side till vihaan gets better. She reminds them not to get personal and she wont be able to go away without seeing vihaan. priyanka asks her to leave, as otherwise they shall call the police. priyanka says that she wont be allowed inside. Arushi says that a bahu might not have her grihapravesh, but a wife definitely will, despite their will. All are shocked. she takes the glass in geeta’s hand of water, much to their shock, and then places it by the doorway, and then dropping it, she does the ceremonial girhapravesh, so that she can rush and hurry to vihaan. All the ladies are shocked and furious too. they rush inside after her.

As arushi rushes to vihaan’s room, geeta stops her, talking about the deadly contagious dissease. Arushi says that she doesnt care for herself, but she has to be with vihaan, even if that means death for herself, but she wont leave vihaan at all. she rushes to find a masked nurse taking care of vihaan, sitting by his bedside, while he lies sleeping, with saline. she grabs his hand, and tries to nudge him to wake up. Narmada watches her from the door, along with the other mothers, apalled at his condition. geeta comments that arushi doesnt care at all, about the deadly disease, as she is with vihaan in this deadly disease too, without any botheration, and that this is true love. Finally, vihaan opens his eyes, and all mothers are happy. Arushi is relieved. vihaan turns to her, and clutches at her hand tightly. All mothers try to enter, saying that they can enter only one at a time, and asks them to wait outside. He puzzled asks whats she doing here. she lies that his mothers cant be angry at him and her for long. he looks at his mothers and thanks them. they smile and leave. Arushi too is in tears.

All the mothers anxiously wait down. priyanka continues to instigate about arushi how she lied to vihaan. Nilima says that she is smart and knows how to take advantage of the situation. harpreet says that she did so to avoid stress. But priyanka is adamant. geeta stands by arushi’s side, and that till vihaan gets better, they would have to make arushi’s lie a truth. She asks who stands by them, as their prime concern is for vihaan’s health. mini says that they are aggravting arushi’s intentions. harpreet reminds that arushi’s touch made him open his eyes. But priyanka makes a joke out of him. A verbal arguement ensues. Priyanka says that if arushi stays here, vihaan wont get better. All stand tensed.

Meanwhile, Arushi too thinks that if vihaan gets to know the truth, his condition shall worsen, and she wont let that happen at any cost. She comes by his bed, and tries to cheer him up, amusingly, saying that she chose such a hi-tech disease for himself. She tries to tocuh his hand, but he is conscious for her safety and asks her to leave. she says that nothing would happen to her, and asks him not to think negative, when everything is going positive. she says that she can catch the virus anywhere. He asks her to go. The nurse comes and tells her that she can take care of vihaan, but not stay for a long time. he says that he too shall not allow her to come, unless she wears the mask. He asks her to go to the guest house, which is to her liking. she says that he wont be there. She says that she shall go and freshen up. she comes downstars, and priyanka asks whats she searching for. she says that she wants to freshen up. priyanka says that she knows the exact room for her. priyanka shows her a room, saying that she is just a guest, and should remember this, and till the time she is here, she shall stay in this room. but arushi thanks her saying that she is just here to serve her husband, and she shall stay happily in any room, be it the servant’s quarter even. priyanka leaves resignedly. Arushi thinks that she wont get angry unnecessarily.

Later, after freshening up, arushi comes to him. he hurriedly asks how she liked the room. he says that he knew she would like it, as its entirely his choice. she apologises in her heart for lying to him, as she doesnt want him to worry unnecessarily, and wants him to get well soon. he compliments her that she looks very beautiful. She starts animatedly talking about the wonderful gifts of sarees that she got from his mothers. they have a hearty laugh. even the nurse enjoys it. He says that he is very hungry. The nurse says that this is a very good sign for recovery, and asks her to go and get vegetable soup. She goes to the kitchen, and tries to search around for stuff. She is in a dilemma, and then thinks that she shall ask geeta and harpreet, but decides that she shall cut the veggies first and then talk.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Prahlad comes in humming, and asks arushi to get food for him. kasturi comes and says that arushi isnt here. He asks where is she. she says that she doesnt know. he taunts her what kind of a mother is she, and asks her to call and find out. Nilima comes in saying that she shall say and tells everything. prahlad says that he wont let it happen. kasturi asks him to shut up. But he silences her. Prahlad says that their daughter, arushi shall not be their house’s bahu, till all the mothers dont beg with folded hands in front of her. The screen freezes on Nilima’s shocked face.

Precap: priyanka asks arushi whats she doing in the kitchen. Arushi tells. Priyanka says that she shall make. Arushi says that she shall cut the veggies, while she can make the soup. she insists that she shall make. In the tussle, the plate falls on the ground, breaking into pieces, that shatter. both are shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Love this series.. but cnt watch it cos there are no english subtitles so I depend on the written updates.. do send me a link if u knw where I cn watch with subtitles cheers

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