Satrangi Sasural 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Al were having great time on dinning table, nilima gave an envelope to dadin ask to open, t was her resignation from the post of director, every1 is shocked, she says that she spent her life with office n work but now she want to concentrate on her personal life n husband, every1 agrees but the problem is who’ll take her place.

She says she had think about it n suggest aaru’s name, all were happy n agrees except priyanka she objects n says she deserved it more than anyone, aaru sense that she felt bad n she supports her, dadi says she’ll take test n then decide.

Next scene, aaru n vihu goes to dadinaaru askdadi to give the position to priyanka as she dnt want to compete with her n she’s deserving, dadi makes her understand that its for her benefit as well n ask aaru to give her best,aaru promised that she’ll try harder n make vatsala num 1 brand, miini overhears that.

Mini told everything to priyanka, she says aaru is pretty confident n they should be prepared, dadi call both aaru n priyanka n gave them a file to prepare presentation, priyanka take it as competetion, dadi says dont make it a saas bahu competetion, its strictly professional , aaru goes to priyanka n takes blessings for the presentation.

Next scene, aaru was working nvihu came nput ice on her back, she reacted n both fell down n had a romantic eyelock, maid came n saw them like that n ran away with shy, aaru scolds him, he says he wants to show her sumthing n calls her in, she left the lappy n leaves.

Mini n priyanka came there,mini askpriyanka to have a look at her presentation but pri wants to be fair nleaves but mini still look at that, other side vihu shows aaru that he made tatoo on chest with “arhaan”, aaru scolds him againfor doing this nboth had a cute argument, there pri having difficulty inmaking the presentation n goes out to get sumfresh air n mini think of helping her as she had alreadyseen aaru’s presentation.

Precap: Aaru shows presentation to dadi, prisays she wantsto quit.

Update Credit to: Amor

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  1. Thanks for the update but it is very hard to understand because of the way you write the update.If someone is reading for the first time it will be difficult to understand the names.Thank you.

  2. I would like Arushi to take over the business.I think she is qualified and has experience to deal with the public.I do not trust that Priyanka at all.

  3. What kind of language are you writing in Amor?!?! This doesn’t make any sense at all!

  4. Good episode.

  5. I say to give arushi a chance to run the company and think she is fully capable and will take the company to higher heights that is the next level what I would like to know is why does prianka mon dislike arushi so much when arushi is such a nice caring and loving person like I said before she needs a man in her life a little bit of living and she will be just fine because I think she is jealous of arushi so writers bring in that man for her lol

  6. Loving it aru should take over the bussiness

  7. Shame it wud b nice if Arushi shud chek on her mom once in awhile, she is so sick!!!

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