Satrangi Sasural 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Police station
The inspector tells narmada that she has been bailed out. geeta and harpreet rush to her. She walks out in a daze with them, as she walks past vihaan and arushi. vihaan tries to say how terrified he was at her sight in jail, and is very releived that now she is out. arushi vehemently tries to clarify what happened, and how they werent at fault, and it wasnt their complaint. narmada says that complaint is made to family and not to strangers, and that too when they are at fault, and when they arent, they should find out their own fault. she says that whole night, she thought that children’s fault are their parents’, their upbringing’s and their values’, and in his cas,e it was just his seven mothers, and not a father, and that he is unfortunate that all seven were wrong. Narmada, in front of the other mothers, and arushi tells vihaan, that he proved today, that their upbringing and their mannerisms were utterly wrong. she says that its good that she got punished, and now one by one, he should punish every one of his mothers. Vihaan addresses her as mother, and asks her to slap him as much as she wants, but not treat him like this. He reaches out to harpreet and geeta too, but they stay silent. Narmada stoically and lifelessly says that his mother died day before yesterday and he became a little too late in coming. All are shocked, while vihaan and arushi are apalled. they leave, while vihaan breaks down terribly into tears.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
On the roof, arushi finds vihaan tensed and sad, and goes to him, saying that she wants to ask him something, tensedly, and asks him to go home, right now, this instant. vihaan tries to remind her his stance, but she cuts him short, saying that he has to go for his mother’s love and their own too, as she doesnt want their love to be maligned like this, and they arent this selfish to have their love at the sacrifice of their mothers’ love. she asks him not to worry for her, as she would handle herself, but his mothers wont, as they need him to be supported. He says that they are seven and she one. She says that they are still incomplete. He asks if she would be able to live and that he has promised to be with her forevere, and cant leave her midway. She says that being away from him, she would be in great pain, but in lieu of that, his mothers shall be happy, and she shall willingly bear this pain, and that he isnt leaving her, but they shall be together if not physically, but their love shall keep them together. she says that time may not be with them, but with time, their trust and love shall bring them together, and till then, he shall have to go, for them, their marriage and their mothers. He is adamant. She asks if he would be able to bear if their son leaves them tomorrow, and asks him to understand their pain, but he is distraught. she says that the house is calling him, and says that she wont be able to forgive herself, if anything happend to the mothers due to them. she says that one of them has to stay there, so that such misunderstandings never arise again, and if he stays, the mothers dont have a problem. He says that he wont be able to. She says that its only till mothers dont agree to their love, and makes him promise that till he is with his mothers, they wont meet or talk, for their happiness, even though she knows its difficult for both of them, but promises that the day his mothers realise the truth of their life, she shall be called back. vihaan tearfully says that he wishes he could explain how fortunate they are to have her as Bahu. she says that day shall come, but till then, they wont have any contact, for his mothers’ sake. She raises out her hand, and he holds it in compliance, distraught and apalled, promising that he would go far away from her. she is in tears, while he runs away from there. later, vihaan sits tensedly, while she packs his stuff back, giving him her photo, to remember, and he clutches ti tight to his chest. he holds her hand, and shakes his headm while she gives her support, and weakening only when he doesnt see her, baring put her tears. Vihaan takes one of the dolls of the bride-groom couple, and gives it to arushi, while keeping the bride doll for himself. They hug each other emotionally. Vihaan bids a tearful goodbye to everyone in arushi’s family with the suitcase, while all are tensed, as arushi walks out with him. he walks out in the lane, while arushi is is distraughtful tears, seeing him leave, while he too walks out with a heavy heart. he stops and turns to her, and finds her crying too. He makea a gesture of wiping her tears, and she complies, and the vice versa, and they big each other a goodbye, as he asks her to smile, but she is unable to. They both stretch out their hands to each other, and then place it tight to the heart. He walks out hastily after that, while she cries her heart out collapsing on the floor.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Narmada eyes Vihaan’s childhood pic, and then is reminded of the recent happenings and takes down the pic, and throws it on the floor, that this is where it should be. They are stunned. Vihaan stands beside the glass shards, with his suitcase. harpreet and geeta are happy to see him with his suitcase. the other ladies gather too. narmada stops them. She asks him to return back, as this isnt his house, and warns him not to step ahead. geeta asks why is she stopping him, as this is his house and his right, and goes to him, and that its their descision too if he stays here or not. she says that she may have given birth, but everyone has raised him, and they have a right to decide if he shall stay here or not, as he is their son too. narmada says that it was their son, but this person is a stranger and a fraud, and she doesnt know him, and wont allow him inside. she asks him again to get out. vihaan is apalled. Harpreet asks narmada to fight her anger, as he has accepted his mistake, and asks her to see that he is alone to meet them. They ask him to come inside. but priyanka taunts him that he can leave whenever he wants and come back at his will, as they have no choice, and have to hug him, whenever he makes a mistake, and they are helpless. geeta says that they arent helpless, but bonded by a relation, that should get him to enter. vihaan asks them to scold as much as they want, as he deserves it. harpreet too stands beside geeta, supporting his entry back in the house. Mini angrily and curtly tells vihaan that he left on his own and whether he shall be allowed inside or not, shall be their descision. But geeta says that noone shall stop him, and take any descision. She says that mistakes done by juniors are forgiven by seniors. harpreet says that keeping anger aside, they have to admit that they cant live without him, and maybe he realised a little late, but he did, and that they should move on, leaving the past behind, as they have done so in the past. geeta says that they are again enlightened their son’s return. She asks vihaan to get inside, fearlessly. She says that if anyone stops him today, they shall have to face her and harpreet. they both determinedly face and confront the other ladies. he picks up the picture and the broken glass pieces, and comes to narmada who turns away, and then he walks past with geeta and harpreet, while all other ladies dont respond too. the screen freezes on the ladies’ angry faces.

Precap: In the kitchen, harpreet tells narmada that she is unable to see the horrible atmosphere in the house, and how vihaan is always tensed and distraught. she says that they shall have to find a permanent solution to this now, as its becoming unbearable. narmada asks what should be the solution. harpreet says that vihaan’s happiness is in arushi, and for the sake of vihaan and this house’s happiness, they should call back arushi. narmada is stunned.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. frustrating episode…. finaly after a stupid drama one of them turned,that’s nice.

  2. I think these seven mothers is acting out their frustration because they do not have a man in their lives and now vihann is happily married they cannot stand to see that he is so loved by a woman his wife arushi they thought that they alone could have showered him with love and so the tables turn for them as they cannot see him so loved by someone else now mothers stop your nonsense and jealousy and take back your son and his wife and be glad that there is sooooooooooooo much love in the family

  3. This episode Was very sad and touching? Some of these mothers especially his own mother is heartless.They have no blood running through their veins.They are just cold hearted.How can a woman carry the pains of an only child and then disown him in a minute not knowing what is truth and what is a lie.I admire Arushi.She loves her husband and does not want to see him hurt there she is willing to bear that pain of love to see Rehaan happy.This was very good and had a good example for all young women who are watching this episode.Arushi appreciated what she and Rashaan had together and this is the key to living with happiness.This episode was alright for me.

    1. I am sorry about this error with the name .It is VIHAAN and not REHAAN I wanted to write.

  4. Parents always forgive their children no matter what the problems are these manless wenches are heartless

  5. It is weird to find own mother disown the only son..what a ridiculous wonder they r alone..i noticed granny has been missing for quite awhile..this serial is another lousy from zee..yet i think among all harpreet has the soft heart..

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