Satrangi Sasural 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Police station
Priyanka and harpreet rush to narmada, while she is apalled. they assure her that they are trying to get her out on bail. Narmada breaks down saying that she didnt know that she would have to see this day due to her son. she didnt know that arushi could stoop down to such levels. She says that her fault is just that she was angry as she had been hurt and betrayed by them, and how much she hates lies, and this is how they sought revenge. narmada is apalled as she says that for the first time she feels, she didnt have a child, as she wont ever be able to forgive him. outside, nilima says that neither vihaan nor arushi’s phone shall get through. geeta says that neither vihaan would do this, nor arushi would be allowed to do something by vihaan. Nilima doesnt believe this, and says that maybe vihaan is taking revenge from narmada for slapping him, and then try and blame arushi. priyanka asks them to focus on narmada, and wonders where’s the lawyer. the lawyer says that they tried everything, but got late, as the court closed today, and tomorrow is holiday for holi, and whatever happens shall happen day after tomorrow, hence narmada would have to spend two days in jail. They are outraged.

Later, in the night, narmada is apalled to see jail food served to her, thrown in a plate. She is apalled. She is unable to stop crying. other jail inmates observe this, and ask if she came for dowry, as she came for theft. she says that she is less of a culprit than narmada, as she stole straightaway, and not like her, who tortures for dowry. Narmada is distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Buaji and prahlad come to vihaan, sitting sadly. they try to be extra sweet and try and get him indulged in the Holika celebrations. They forcefully take him away, while arushi and dadaji are tensed. Arushi leaves with vihaan. dadaji says that as far as he knows, definitely something is cooking between bua and prahlad, as they wont do anything without motive.

The next morning, while all play holi, arushi is tensed for vihaan’s sadness. vihaan comments that this is the first holi without his mothers. Arushi asks how is this without them, as they shall play with them. he says that they dont even want to see her face, leave alone playing holi, and he doesnt want to disrupt their holi. prahlad comes in trying to get vihaan to play holi, despite arushi’s avoidance and vihaan’s reluctance. She is disturbed to see vihaan at discomfort. He then comes and joins her, wishing that if everything was alright, Holi would have been perfect. she too comples. Dadaji comes and finds them sad and is disturbed. he takes arushi aside, and says that this being thre first holi, and even though his mothers are angry, she should take their blessings. She is tensed for vihaan, and he says that she can first meet them, and then take vihaan along. She silently complies to this plan.

Scene 3:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Arushi comes to harpreet’s house wishing her a happy holi, while she is shocked to see arushi. But harpreet, furious and enraged, slaps her tight across her face, shocking her, and throwing away the plate of colours. other mothers join too. harpreet asks how dare she do this, as she hurt them terribly. nilima too taunts them, of her revenge that she didnt get a place in this house, and asks if she is happy now, after having sent to narmada in jail, and says that she would be punished by the lord. arushi is shocked and boggled, and asks whats the matter. priyanka asks her to pretend somewhere else, and asks how could she do this, after she called them mothers. They humiliate and vent out their anger for her, while she asks them to clarify and tell everything. geeta tells that she filed a complaint against narmada for dowry. Arushi is shocked. She vehemently says that she didnt file any report, and asks her to clarify and believe her atleast, as there’s a misunderstanding. Nilima says that naramda is in jail without a bail, due to her. She vehemently continues to insist that she didnt complain, but they slam the door on her face. arushi stands confused.

Scene 4:
Location: Arushi’s residence
Vihaan is tensed as to what would be the mothers’ reaction to arushi. just then, she walks in and prahlad is tensed too. She straightaway asks prahlad if he did this. he pretends to be oblivious and asks what he did. she asks him not to pretend, and explain clearly what were his selfish motives this time. He blurts out that he didnt do anything regarding the FIR and that lata Buaji did this. Arushi is apalled. all are tensed and boggled including vihaan. Arushi narrates to vihaan what they did. dadaji and kasturi are shocked, while buaji is tensed what shall happen now. Arushi finds buaji listening to all this. Buaji says that to do something good, bad needs to be done, and if she did police report, she didnt know the police would arrest narmada. she tries to point out that she did this for her benefit only. Arushi asks her be quiet and lie to someone who doesnt know her. she says that a woman like her is only capable of ruining things, and asks how could she do something like this to her husband’s mother. Arushi storms inside. vihaan is distraught, and rushes out bare feet. Buaji starts commenting, and arushi comes back with her suitcase, and asks her to go home rightaway. Buaji turns to dadaji to seek refuge, and he too rebukes her badly, and asks her to get lost, as one snake is enough in the house. Buaji says that she wont go anywhere. Buaji says that this is her brother’s house too. But prahlad takes arushi’s side, to save his skin. Arushi rushes out to seek vihaan. buaji begs that she wont ever do this again, and prahlad pretends to curtly warn her, to never repeat this again. dadaji and kasturi are shocked.

Scene 5:
Location: Police Station
Vihaan and arushi are shocked and apalled, and unconsolably in tears, as they eye narmada trying to sleep, with the cover of the saree, her head resting against the jail walls. As she calls out, narmada is startled and looks at them with hatred, and then turns her eyes away. Vihaan asks the guard to give them come blanket as she is lying on the floor, as she is feeling cold. The guard says that such women who demand dowry should be treated like this only. Arushi vehemently protests, and the guard asks them to do whatever they have to, tomorrow. They rush out to speak to someone. Outside, vihaan talks to the lawyer on the phone, and asks him to prioritise this first thing, tomorrow, and get her out, as its a false allegation. vihaan turns to arushi and says that for him, his mother is in jail, and what worse could possibly be. She says that he wasnt at fault. he says that whosoever be faulty, his mother is suffering and he shall not go anywhere till his mother gets bail. inside, narmada is in uncontrollable tears. outside, arushi tries to support vihaan, who breaks into tears too, while she assures him everything would be fine. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Narmada, in front of the other mothers, and arushi tells vihaan, that he proved today, that her upbringing and her mannerisms were utterly wrong. she says that its good that she got punished, and now one by one, he should punish every one of his mothers. Vihaan addresses her as mother. Narmada stoically and lifelessly says that his mother died day before yesterday and he became a little too late in coming. All are shocked, while vihaan and arushi are apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. These mothers are disgusting.

  2. this serial is becoming lyk d rest of the saa-bahu serials….dey were already dragging d serial befor vihaan-aarushi’s marriage n now dey r portraying d mothers as people hu dont understand deir son at all, mothers hu dont remember how vihu took care of dem all dis while he never said a ‘no’ to anythn dey said. C’mon maan d director and scrpipt writer should hav enough brains to know that viewers are not idiots and that no mom is ever like this to their ‘laadla beta’…! do they think v r stupid? and to think tat they are playing wid a mothers emotions in such a negative way? disgusting!

  3. Arushi’s aunt and her father two of a kind.Isaw her act in the show with Zoya and Asad .She was the mother in law of Asad.s sister.This character is wicked and a good trickster.She is all about money.Anyway if the mothers had sat down and listen to what Arushi and Vihaan had to say in the first place then the mother would not have been in this mess.Now they are at the jail explaining and still ,she has so much hate in her she does not want to hear.What is lacking between them is communication which is a major part of this relationship with the mothers.They have taken their decisions and they are standing by it even though it is not right.How long these two will ask for forgiveness.—-How many times they will apologize ?Forgiveness does not change the past but it enlarges the future.

  4. you know what is so stupid about all these serials they do not give one another a chance to talk they all jump to conclusions very quickly now a mother as all knows has a special bond with their child so how on earth instead of talking to you child you namala just jumped to the assumption that your child Vihaan and his wife did such a horrible thing and got you thrown in jail for the sake of dowry come on namala you are blinded by so much anger because Vihaan married arushi and left with her because you wanted him to leave her and choose you seven mothers that you jumped to the conclusion that they this if so as a mother you are at fault because you really do not know what is true love for a child whom you conceived and carry for nine months so writers there you go again with your shitty scripts I feel you writers need to bring in a professional to help you because it clearly shows that it is amateurs writing these scripts sorry but that’s the truth

  5. For God’s sake , can some one explain what happened to all the men in that house ? First it’s Saas Bina sasural serial, now here it’s only saas sasural. Gosh !!!

  6. If they are showing these much hated relationship and stretching too far. Than they will apologize to extremely and reunited.
    If they are a big educated family running business how come not thinking to listen to their son and come to conclusion. This is dum.
    Story writers need to think and put a model behavior for the audience not a hate and cunning relationship in hard time.

  7. What is wrong if the mothers are angry. They are hundred percent right because their son vivan has married a girl (however good qualities she has ) she is the daughter of a lousy father and sister of a worthless guy and the family is culture less. In a marriage money or status Co doesn’t matter, but culture matters. All problems in vivan’s life which effects the mothers is either because of bua or the father or the brother which is ultimately arushi ‘s family. So viva n’s decision to marry this girl itself is a very wrong decision. The success of a marriage does not always depend only in the partners but the respective families also. Otherwise arushi and her mother should have the guts to live separately away from the father and brother. After knowing all the misdeads of the family arushi is staying or adjusting with them it is obvious that she has to loose her husband

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