Sasural Simar Ka 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sunnaina throttles roli. simar says don’t do anything to her. Sunnaina leaves roli and says simar this is your fate now. She says roli you will end this drama now. Go to vikran and sid and say them you were worng. Sunnaina isn’t here. Let siamr live here.
Sanju says mama. Aditi goes in simar’s body again. Roli turns and is shocked. SAnuu comes and hugs her. Sunnaina in simar’s body says are you sleepy? I will come with you. sanju says are you going again mama ? She says no mama will never leave. Go wear your night dress I am coming in a moment. Vikran and Sid come it. Sid says I think we should leave. Roli says no. I mean we will leave didi here. There is no problem with her living in this house. if didi lives in guest house she will feel alone. She needs to be with sanju. I think she should stay here. Sid says I guess you are right. Roli hugs simar. Sunnaina says take care of your family only and leave your simar didi up to me. she will be fine as long as you keep your mouth closed. don’t come here again. Roli leaves. Sunnaina says in heart I will live all those moments with you vikran that were taken from us.

Scene 2
Surbhi says to prem I know you are uncomfortable. but we have to do this or our happiness. if we live together family will be satisfied that you have accepted me. Can I expect this from you? prem says you have given two years to me and my family. That was the time when I was not ready for this relationship. Simar’s bitter memories have clinched me. you have to wait a little more. I promise I will make everything okay.

Sid says to roli thank God sunnaina is back. We have to give simar and prem some space. Then we will come with a plan that will bring them closer. Roli says its not easy. Sid says what you mean? Roli says how can I tell you. sunnaina comes there an says I asked you to keep this in your mind only. You will endanger sid’s life by telling him. I am waiting for you downstairs come and talk to me. roli says I was thinking you are right we have to find a way out. I am going o check Anjali. She goes downstairs.

Sunnaina says you were putting sid’s life in danger by telling him. If I can break the rule of nature and stay here then I can do anything. no one can stop me. If you are planning to beat me you can’t. Neither you nor God can beat me. Roli says there is nothing greater than God’s power. Sunnaina laughs and says really? Then why didn’t she save your sister? keep one thing in mind I can do anything to you people. I am giving you last warning if you try to do anything with me, I will do to simar what you can’t even imagine. No one can save simar from me not even your God. A flower floats in air and hits sunnaina. she falls on the floor. Sunnaina’s hand is burnt where the hit her. Sunnaina is gone. Roli says what was that? Sid comes there. roli is shocked. he asks why are you so worried? You went to meet Anjali why are you here? roli says I was going to see Anjali but I came here to bolt this window. sid says I will shut it, go.

Scene 3
Vikran wonders why roli denied what she said before meeting simar in the room what did simar say to her. Vikran goes and knocks simar’s door. no one opens. he opens the door himself and goes in. Simar is sleeping. vikran tries to wake her up. Sunanina comes there too. Simar opens her eyes. she tries to get up. Vikran says I wanted to ask something. sunnaianaa I at the doorstep.

Precap-roli says sunanina is not a good soul. her powers will be lost soon. sunanina says roli shouldn’t know about my weaknesses.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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