Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mausi ji says i played this plan with my son. Rajveer says to simar and prem, you people are stuck in my game like a fly in web. This is the revenge for my mom. Th day she told me about maya, i have been keeping an eye on you all. And i took Maya’s naag maani from her and made sid my servant. You people are famous for doing good with people and forgetting it. but you also forget what harm you cause to others. My mom had to pay for my sin as well. she pretended to be a wife when she is a widow.

Mausi ji says i thought my husband, he died in an accident but rajveer told me that it was not an accident, he committed are responsible for it. You removed sindur from my forehead. That day i decided that when i seek my revenge i will remove sindur that day. Just like my sindur i will remove the name of bhaadwaj family from planet. Your family will face the consequences of what you did.I will make you all my slaves like sid. And the way you took my sindur from me, i will take sindur from every daughter in law of yours. Mata ji says stop it and slaps her. Mausi ji is about to slap he back but she stops. She says i cant hit you you are my elder. I will answer this slap.

Rajveer says just because of your people, my mom had to face this. You have to face these consequences. but don’t worry I will let you live in your house but it will be worse. he leaves.

Sujata says can’t believe that Mausi ji is doing this to all. pari says to maya you are responsible for all this. you got nothing. Roli says she is not responsible,she should get a chance to repent. Why are you taunting at her. Uma says now you will favor this maya roli. She can’t even feel our pain. What will happen to all of us now. And you are living life of a widow, you are so near you husband still you have stay away from him. This is all because of maya. Pari says don’t know if prem and simar will be able to save our house, but if they fail. everything will be over. Mata ji says stop it. enough. what have you all started. You are not trying to find the solution we have to think as a unit. stop fighting and think how will we fight from them. I am sure we will find a way. Simar goes to temple and sits there in distress, she says why always we have to pay. A little girl comes and says God is always with you. Simar sees prem walking on the road, she runs after him. Simar says you can’t give up like this. Prem says i can’t go home, what will i tell the kids that i ruined their future. What will mataji think when she gets to know that mausi ji did all this. simarb says we will find a way, its not you fault, we will get bac what is ours. you can’t shatter like this. We are each others strength, me and whole family is with you. Everything will be okay with time. Lets go home.

Rajveer says on call i will celebrate in bharadwaj house, get everythign ready. Mausi ji comes to him. Rajveer says maa? Mausi ji says from today i will live my real life, i forgot that i am a widow. Tell me one thing, why you never told me about death of your dad. rajveer says if i told you, you wont have trusted me. I wanted to tell you the truth. I thought i am in jail and where will you go after leaving bharadwaj house. we will ruin their lives now. Mausi ji says i sahll seek revenge for death of my husband. rajveer says lets go to bharadwaj house, we own it. we own every single person there. We will live their lives now.

Precap-lawyer says to prem, that you have been deceived with planning and it is not easy to prove them wrong in court.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aj itne der seq?

  2. I’m first.

  3. anantha lekshmi

    shame , shame puppy shame . WHAT A WORST SERIAL ?

    1. Why do you say so?

  4. Today the update is 1 hr late. Should have been treated at 8 pm.

  5. Oh ho! Please update this completely. And quickly.

  6. uma and pari are always like dis only… its bad… hw dey get der property.. want sid to nrml he is notgood in aryans look.. want sid back and rosid scences plz..

  7. Pari & uma shut up ….dnt u people hv sense whole family in prblm u both also creating many prblm too.juz stop ur non sense speech ….try to mingle with ur family ..

  8. Hy guys..jst now I started to watch tis serial…does simar have child??pls reply

  9. Simar has a daughter named anjali through surrogacy and also she adopted sanjana, vikrant’s daughter.

  10. Pari is so stupid. First she spoiled the entire plan by exposing roli and now is refusing to support them.

  11. Pari nd uma are selfish

  12. Good episode…….
    But these two women’s (pari and uma) are too much!!!!! Still we have watch how whole gets out of this situation and SSK get back to normal life…. Fingers crossed .

  13. bw family will get their property back??

    1. hi u r my p akka na..? forgot me??

  14. Yes Simar has one child called anjali n she treats another girl called Sanjay like her daughter to if u watch all the epis thn u will find out why

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