Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 9th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mata ji complains her neighbors that they didn’t come to their help when her family needed them. She says all of theirs Mata ji is alone today, only to get their house the water, electricity has not only be disconnected but the children have no food to eat now. Simar says that they won’t be safe to surrender in front of those people, our cowardice give courage to people like Juwala. Prem asks how such rented goon are heavy on them, why are they afraid of them. They ask are they really alone to face them. They say if they get united, no one can deter them anyway.
The goons say that these people will fight against you and help you? Mausi ji shouts against them. They all come forward together; Mata ji shreds all the posters of Juwala. The goon attacks Mata ji with a knife. Everyone there confronts him. Mrs. Varma asks who will they kill, they all are family. The men get afraid. They throw oranges on them as they run away. Mata ji says that we can face any problem if we stand together.
Mrs. Varma says they should inform press about Juwala. Simar says they have no proof against her but she says she has. It was made by mistake when she was deterring her by gun. Roli says that now no one can save Juwala. Simar says it is time to bring the truth in front. Prem says it is not that easy as all the govt officials are with them. Roli suggest they can take help of public and will play it on TV. Khushi thinks these people have gone mad, they will all be killed. But Mrs. Varma also supports them.
Roli calls the reporters on phone. Khushi over hears the conversation and thinks she must stop them anyway. She goes inside and says that they should give the video to media, this way they will be safe. Simar says they aren’t afraid of Juwala. They need to confront camera if they want to bring the reality to people.
Khushi comes to her room and thinks Roli Simar is doing so wrong. She thinks they will be killed themselves and will also let her killed. She thinks what she should do so that Juwala spares her. She calls her man, he disconnects. She calls again, he gets the call. She tells her that she has been working for Juwala till now. He says it was there mistake to believe in her, she tells him that there campaign is in danger. He gives the phone to Juwala, she tells her that Mrs. Varma has her video. Juwala disconnects her phone, throws her away and is worried for Bharadwaj family.
They were in the hall thinking Mrs. Varma is just bringing the video. Uma says they want to talk to her. Umma says they can’t go to competition because of such tensions. Mata ji says that it is good you both thought about it like this but it is not right to be afraid of problems. They should now take the responsibility. Simar and Roli supports Mata ji.
Khushi is in the room worried thinking what shall she do so that Juwala also doesn’t scolds her and Bharadwaj house is also not left. She gets a call, it is from Birju. He says there is a good news for you, you have been forgiven. She thanks him, but he says she will have to do a work for her. she says she is ready to give any test for Juwala. He says she wants that video of Mrs. Varma’s mobile. She is worried how she will do it. He says that if she cant do it, she will be punished before the family. Khushi stammers and says she will definitely bring that video recording. Khushi thinks Simar caught her red handed while stealing the papers; she will have to be very careful about video this time.

PRECAP: On television, Simar and Roli tell the truth to press. People watch them.

Update Credit to: sona

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