Sasural Simar Ka 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 9th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Bua ji says I don’t accept this wedding. Mata ji says we did all you said. Sujata says still you think there are some short comings then tell us. Bua ji says you have lied to us. Your daughter is pregnant and you were making a life time bond by hiding it. Forgive us but keep this lie and your daughter to your self.
Khushi goes to her room and says feels accomplished. She says what I did to bhardwajs. No matter how you keep an eye on me.
Bua ji says now i got why you wanted that registered marriage instead of the traditional one. That sonography report was Jhanvi. Shanti and anurag try to calm her down. Anurag says they never lied to us. Me and mom knows everything. bua says what did you say shanti that its the girl of my type. Anurag says there is no mistake of Jahnvi in all this. She just wanted to start a new life. Bau says you never interrupted me before its her magic that’s speaking. Bua ji says to jhanvi you did so wrong to us. Jhanvi is crying. Sujata says will you listen to us. Bua says we don’t wanna listen anything. Roli says before pointing a finger you should know the reality. Simar says we know that relationships are based on truth. Shanti aunty wanted to tell it all late to you. Anurag stepped forward first not jhanvi. We just accepted Anurag’s proposal.
Khushi says it makes me so happy. Bau ji leaves in anger. Anurag tries to stop her. Bhagti says we should be proud of him bua ji. She says I fell ashamed at his choice. Simar says i apologize but you should listen to truth. Simar says you have your relatives here as well. It will cause both of us shame. Anurag and jahnvi are legally husband and wife and no one can change that.

Scene 2
Roli says I wonder who told her. Mata ji says she had to know someday. Mausi ji says legally she is the part of them now. Anurag has to take her with him. Mata ji says we are maintaining a relationship not implementing law. We have to make sure that she lives there happily. Anurag comes in along with shanti and bhagti. He says I will take her with me even if bua ji don’t agree. Mata ji says this will hurt our self respect and her feelings. Until she doesn’t accept jhanvi she won’t go anywhere. Bau ji comes in and says jhanvi will go with us. What the purpose of aurguments when the wedding is already done. Everyone smiles.

Scene 3
Its the bidai time. She is in tears, everyone is crying as well. Sujata says thats your house now. You ahev love everyone there. You have to be a good daughter in law. Sujata hugs her. Anurag says i promise I will make her happy always. Roli says never forget us whenever you are in trouble. Anurag and shanti auny are with you. Soon bua ji will accept you as well. SHanti says she is my daughter now she will always be happy there. Mata ji hugs jhanvi. Simar says she will win all the hearts there.

Scene 4
jahnvi and Anurag are about to enter the house. Bhagti says welcome home jhanvi. Shanti asks Bua ji to do the arthi. She says no I won’t do any ritual.
Shanti asks why ? You accepted her. bua ji says I had to I couldn’t be a joke in front of my relatives. Whatever you say you won’t make me agree that she is our daughter in law now.

Precap- Roli sees khushi talking to verma aunty. Khushi says to her that its all so boring now. How about arranging a kitty party.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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