Sasural Simar Ka 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 8th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
A man is looking at the pictures of soniya obroye. He thinks that these moments come very seldom in a reporter’s life. Sorry soniya ji i have to brea the promise.
Next morning sid sees the photo of soniya obroye in the news paper he is really angry at the reporter who broke his promise. He thinks ths Soniya ji must be tensed i should go to see her.
Roli and simar are standing out side discussing that we ahve hide the real face of soniya from meghna. Sid comes and says roli that pack my lunch i have to go to office. Roli asks but why so early ? sid shows her the paper and tells her that last night a journalist caught her photo. He promised that he won’t print it. But he did. She is not just my boss but prem’s good friend too thats why i nedd to go to her after this all.
When he leaves roli and simar are lloking at each other in tension. Roli says what will happen if meghna gets to see it ? The news will spread like a wild fire. What can we do now ?

Scene 2
Meghna is calling someone for the arrangements of the wedding. She is so happy. She has contacted the best wedding planner of the country. She tells her that its sahureya’s wedding with Soniya obroye. Her butler brings her the tea along with news paper.
There simar and roli shows the paper to mausi ji. Mausi ji says we are failed now. Simar says there is still one way that we have. Mausi ji yes all i can see is that go meghna and says that we were just joking. Simar says no, this is morning time we can change our fear from turning into reality ? Mausi ji says i get your point. We have time. roli says but what will we do? Mausi ji says i have the plan lets go now. They go down stairs and see everyone there enjoying tea. mata ji asks sujata how is the arrangements of diwali ? mausi ji says that pari and uma will take care of the food. Pari says i don’t have time for the shop. Simar says that we should go for the shopping otherwise there will be a lot of people in the shop. Pari gets a call from a worker. She shout at him that there can be no holiday for any worker i want the shop to be ready by tomorrow. Pari says that i am leaving for the shop. The worker then calls prem and says that we can’t do this anymore. We are leaving the work, Prem says don’t worry i will meet you all there. He tells shalu and says that we will manage this.

Scene 3
Soniya is really angry at the journalist who has printed her photo. She shows it to sid. She is bit crying. She says i can’t fight this anymore. I am already facing so much problems. Sid says i am responsible for all this. Soniya says that this is not your fault at all. i will sue them i will punish them. Sid says pleaes calm down your not mere my boss but my brother’s friend too. I will solve this problem. I am going to the office of this news agency.

Scene 4
Meghna seems really happy she is calling all her relatives and people in her circle, inviting them on the dinner. she is about to take the news paper when her butler tells her that soniya and her secretary have come to meet you. Meghna is really happy. She goes down. Meghna comes and hugs Roli and says what a pleasant surprise. Tina says that we came to talk about the wedding. Meghna says that we have talked to best wedding palnner of the city. That it should be classy. The butler somes with the news paper and tea. Meghna says that have i talked wight soniya ? She says yes. Tina says i will give tea to everyone. She takes the newspaper but shaureya gets it form her hand and says i have to check the business news. Shuareya is reading the business part of the news paper. Roli and mausi ji are so scared. The butler serves the tea. Shaureya places the paper on table. Meghna leaves and says i will arrange the breakfast you guys enjoy tea. Tina says shaureya ji won’t you show ma’am your house ? Shaureya says sure. Roli goes with him.
mausi ji says to meghna that its better that they’ve time to spend together.
shaureya is showing roli his room and says this will be our room after wedding. He says you didn’t tell me you like this room or not? Even you didn’t tell me whether you like me or not? Shaureya touches her. She throws his hand away and says i am bit conservative in somethings. He says i respect you thought.
Mausi ji intentionally throws tea on her dress. She cleans it with the newspaper. Meghna says i was asking for the tissues. She says it was emergency tissue. Mausi ji places the news paper in her pocket. Roli and shaureya come downward. Roli says that meghna ji we have to go. Meghna says that breakfast is ready you should stay. Mausi ji says some other time.
Meghna says i was thinking to do wedding at your place.

Precap – shaureya sees the real picture of soniya and shows it to meghna. They are both out of their minds. Shaureya says that i want details of this girl and her secretary.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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