Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem starts his car, the road is blocked. he drives very fats to reach the office. His car breaks he gets out and starts running, A car comes from back prem stop it for lift. He says to driver its really important for me. Driver says ask the man behind, when the window opens, its rajveer. He comes out and says only few minutes are left, after that you will have to love on road. prem grasps his collar and runs again. Rajveer laughs.

Maya says to sid today i will save this family i stand with them. you were protecting your family from me and now i am protecting that family from you. Dont force me to use my powers.
Sid is about to stab her but she holds his arm. She twists his arm and grasps him she says simar please go from here and help prem. Simar says but.. Maya says i wont let anything happen to anyone. Simar runs out.

Prem comes to court and sees the man who came as client. pre says where are our property papers. the man says who are you? prem says i know your reality i wont leave you, he is about to punch one, rajveer withholds prem. Simar is looking for a car for lift.

Maya says don’t worry, help roli. pari takes roli to the sofa. Uma gives her water.Sid shoves maya and she falls down.
Prem comes to office and sees officer stamping the papers. he says these are bahardwaj house’s papers that is sold to rajveer now.

sid points knife at everyone, he is about to stab maya. Mausi ji stops him and says you dare to kill someone? Keep that dagger in. Go and stand there. sid does as she asks him to do. amar wonders how is he listening to mausi ji. Mausi ji gets maya up and says you are weak, you dont have the maani now so i came to save you. She shoves maya, mata ji says what are you doing choti? Mausiji says don’t worry jiji. dont be scared i will keep you all alive. because you will all die in episodes.

Prem comes outside the office, simar aks what happened? prem says we lost simar. he hugs her. Rajveer says can we laugh freely now? he says you must be thinking why am i doing this to you when you dont know me, lets tell you the secret. he throws the hat away. He says my name is not rai bahadr, my name is only rajveer, you mausi’s son rajveer. Simar and prem are shocked.

Mausi ji says now your property is of my son. My son rajveer. everyone is shocked. Masui ji says if you forgot let me tell you why i did this. You ruined my life. Rajveer says because of your mata i i spent 7 years in jail. i loved a girl and she dumped me, i killed that girl. Your mata ji was the witness and she said truth to the cops. And now people have to pay for truth.

Mausi ji says you have to pay for your mistake. you family will shatter in front of your eyes and you wont be able to do anything. I am so happy to see you like this.

Precap-simar is crying in temple a littel girl comes and says we should trust the God, God is always with his people. Rajveer says mausiji they will want death but we wont give them.Masui ji says they have to pay for death of my husband.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. They will FIGHT back. Just like rosim stood and fought with sunaina. And like everytime, they’ll win.

  2. Jai mata di!

  3. Today people were really energetic in commenting and i wanted to score the century hit.:-) That’s why i’m still awake. Goodnight everyone.

  4. Yes true before maha blamed everything on manoranjan it said rajveer poured acid on the girl not kill her wierd ….. Yes if manoranjan new she was a widow why did she apply vermillion n wear colourful sarees want rosid bak together soon hate prem a lot is is happening cos of him if he read the papers he would Hav new matjis favourites r simar n prem so she will not say Nowt to them she downer even like rosid that much ??????????

  5. Prem is a useless, rude and unhelpful husband. We know that. And now it’s proved that he’s a useless person also. And yeah. Bad father also coz he scolds anjali and sanju.

  6. this topic should end getting bored

  7. if mausiji is bad to bw family den y did she help dem in many problems??? khushi, veeru, singhaania n all…… plz end dis bakwas…. else show everythng good.. dis family dont even live happily atleast fr 1/2 day…

  8. Ya i agree……if mausiji wanted to take revenge means she would have done it earlier…..why she waited till date….nd in an earlier episode during….the problems due to kushi and veeru….tat time it was shown that kushi will hurt mausiji because of not able to bear child…..did the writers forget this….how come they can make such twists which are not practical….

  9. upcoming episode all bw boysand uma pari are one side .. and premar mataji roli papa jahnavi on other side.. mj split bw family … characterization some what changes simar roli and roli simar ki tarah jassos karthe hai and nw jo juch karna hai sirf prem ko hi karna hai and… premar roli vl do and get property and sid back… we want sid in normal state soon…. sid not ookng good in aryan role… want rosid scence and sid bck to nrml state…

  10. Yogavarshini

    We want to see rosid scenes back. …………..plzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Yogavarshini

    We want manish as sid not as aryan

  12. Pls stop this hell

  13. Pls stop this hell……..

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