Sasural Simar Ka 8th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 8th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 8th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Sid is surprised to see his roli flinching like that. He retreats his own hand, and throws both the fork and knife away, and asks her to eat as she feels comfortable. He too does the same, to help roli get over her discomfort. she too excitedly starts eating with her hand. As she does so, Sid watches her lovingly, and they have dinner together. He asks how the dinner was, and she nods in agreement. Sid says that after talking and eating, lets do something that his roli likes the best, remembering her enthusiasm for dance, while jhumki wonders what he wants. He extends his hand but when she doesnt take it, he retreats it, and breaks into a song. Sid tries to get romantic, with jhumki, singing the song, while jhumki is tensed how to react.

Sid again extends his hand out to her, as she begins to go. Jhumki comes close to him, slowly, and is almsot about to give in her hand in his, when simar comes in and sees her and calls out to her. She takes her hand back. Simar comes to her saying that she has been searching her for long, and tells sid that roli isnt well and the doctor has advised rest. she begins to take her, but sid says that after a along time, they were talking together, and they have started their new relationship, and if they could talk just a little more, an d then he would send her to their room. simar says that she understands, but he too knows that roli has been through a huge trauma, and she isnt well completely, and she should take rest as much as possible, as advised by the doctor. Jhumki too agrees saying that she too is tired and is feeling slightly dizzy. Sid asks to call the doctor, but jhumki says that she would feel better if she sleeps. Simar apologizes to sid and asks him to rest too. As simar and jhumki leave, sid is hurt.

In their room, Simar reprimands jhumki, saying that she doesnt even know how deep sid and roli’s relation was. She tells her that had sid touched her today, he would have known that this isnt his roli. Simar requests jhumki, with folded hands to stay away from sid. Jhumki says that she too wanst too excited, and tells her what had actually happened. She clarifies that had she gone, so as sid doesnt doubt her. Simar says whatever it be, she has to stay away from sid. Jhumki says that she doesnt understand what she wants, one time she asks her to be away from sid, and then asks her to be friendly with all the family, so that the doubts dont arise.

In his room, prem comes in the room, and finds simar’s keys, and thinks that he would give the keys to simar or else she would be bothered in the morning. He finds jhumki’s room empty, and wonders where they went. He starts searching around for the. He finds sid in the hallway, and comes upto him, and asks him if everything is alright. Sid turns around and hugs him. Sid says that he has now the full faith, that roli would recognise sid soon. He tells him, what happened today. prem is tensed. Sid asks him not to think, as for the first time, he saw that roli was happy in his presence, Jhumki says that she’s saying all this, as for the first time, simar has casted a doubt on her character. Simar sits beside her, and says that she isnt doubting her, but she asks her not to forget that she’s here for a special task, and once this is done, then Jhgumki would have to go, and they have decided that after she’s gone, they would tell sid the entire truth. She says that sid might be angry or never be abl;e to forgive them, but she asks jhumki to think, if sid starts his relationship with her, then he would be all the more hurt, when he knows the truth. She tells jhumki that she feels very bad seeind sid like this, and that she blames herself for toying with his feelings. She says that she knows sid, and after he knows thne truth, he would bloame himself for the moments spend with her. Jhumki says that she doesnt want to get in the family drama, and is only concerned with the money. Simar is surprised to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Laxmanpur
Viru is very upset that he still hasnt been able to find the identity of the fake roli, after much effort. He overhears the people, talking about jhumki and her nautanki. Viru thinks that he has toiled in the day, and decides to go to the nautanki. He gets to the venue, where people are in huge numbers, and thinks that all these are illiterate people and that he should go for drinks instead. But viru again overhears people, complimenting jhumki on her nautanki. Viru decides to give the play a shot. Just then, the lights go off, and he is unable to see the posters. As he turns around, after the lights come back on, he still doestn see the posters, as people come in the way. As he goes inside, viru too waits for him, amidst people calling out her name, for her to begin her act. But she doesnt appear. Viru gets a call from khushi, who says that he has to do something soon, as all her plans are failing, and she is unsure whether they would be able to get hold of the house. viru asks her to calm down and be alert, for any mistake by that girl. She says that she’s doing the same, and then hears Jhum ki’s name in the background, and the narrator announcing Jhumki’s arrival. She asks him where is he. He tells her. Khushi reprimands him for fooling arounhd, when he should be working. viru says that he was doing this only for the whole day. She asks him to go and search for the fake roli instead. viru reprimands her for not talking to her like that, and that he knows what he has to do, and let him do it. He cancels the call. viru thinks god knows where did prem and simar get this girl from. He decides that he would have to act fast.

Scene 3:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Sid says that now he has the full faith, that he would get back with his roli soon and maybe her memory doesnt come back, but the love thats lost along with that memory would definitely come back with his efforts of love. The screen freezes on Jhumki’s and Sid’s face.

Precap: Standing beside the hoarding of posters, biru thinsk that he would see the nautanki anyway, and asks an old man sitting beside, the posters, showing him roli’s photographs, if he has ever seen this girl. The man is surprised but says that he doesnt know her. Viru gets angry at him and throws him away, throwing all the posters too. As viru looks at them, and is shocked, the old man tries to hide jhumki’s posters.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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