Sasural Simar Ka 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says bring sanju and Anjali to us if you want him to be safe, and arrange our way out. All the women start hittng woods on the ground.

sarpanj says I cant take any risk. Vikrant is in danger. Ask your wife to come out. a man says come out stop this drama. another says kamla open the gate or I will hit you. she says I will hit you too. Daksha says you cant scare us. Vikrant says you still have time leave me. They start hitting the gate. sarpanj says I am counting till ten open the door or we will break it. All women gather near the gate and start throwing their bangles on the men.

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sarpanj says they will run but you have to stay here with your husbands. Daksha says keep you threats to yourself. Simar and roli wont run from here we will sned them with all the protocol. Your countdown has started.

Sid says there are two ways from here. prem checks in the map. He says this is the right way according to the map. Leela comes out and says that’s the wrong path. It will take you back to jungle. Vikrant says you cant do anything to me simar. I wont let you go. If you try to go away you will never be able to see Anjali. you have seen the bombs there and I can blast them whenever you want. siamr says look at these women they have the control of this village now. this is the sign of your end. I will go there anywhere. roli says I saw the code. What do you think only you have brain? I will deactivate the bomb and take sanju and Anjali from there. vikrant laughs. He says I am just wondering how will take the new password from me. I changed the password afterwards. Go and try if you want. He laughs. He says I am tellin g you agai ana again simar be mine. that’s the only you. they will all be punished. He says sarpanj ji I am here. if they dont change their decision come in and punish them all so they never go against us. He says you know tha password sarpanj ji. Go and enter wrong password it will blast. He says they will have to release me. Sarpanj says in heart the two girls will die?

prem says why isn’t leela back? Leela comes and tells them everything. prem says sid we have to go to them. sid says you are right they need us. He says is virkant;s car in the village? Leela says yes. He says arrange some clothes of villagers for us. Prem says no one will know that you are helping us. He gives hus ring to her.

Roli says maybe he is lying. simar says we cant take risk. its about sanju and Anjali’s life. daksha sas why are you thinking about sanju? simar says that’s the difference between him and us. He left sanju in that bomb for his power. she is like Anjali for me. daksha says a mom is a mom in the end. roli says what if we get sanju and Anjali out of there. Simar says how. roli says this is possible. Vikrant told that sarpanj know the code if we force sarpanj? daksha says he will never be. he can kill anyone for his word. Roli says he will be. Vikrant says ooks like you don’t love Anjali simar. I will ask sarpanj to enter the wrong password and he will only listen to me. roli says lets see whom will he listen. look what we can do. They all join hands in hands. Simar goes in front of vikrant. She takes a wood. daksha says hit him he ahs killed champa and her son. He should be punished. Simar thinks about screaming champa and sits him on the end. He screams with pain.

Precap-prem jumps in the factory. everyone is shocked to see him. simar goes and hugs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Stupid drama yaaar !! Stop this nonsense! Why are these writers dragging the story soooooo much

  2. Right neha dragging the episode too much with the same dialogues ..

  3. same dialoges….same ravan rama sita…..costumes….please put an end to this boring track

  4. Bakhwas story. Stopped watching long back, even reading…

  5. They are dragging the story to much because may be they have no story now. but this is too much.

  6. they are doing too much injustice with vikranth character they shown he even put bomb to his daughter it self why the writter made vikranth ,sanju and surbi character why they gave so much injustice that characters
    if they want do the story with prem,simar,sid, rolli and bhradhwaj family do not create other characters don,t spoil the character like this

    1. Vikrant became as “Ravan” for loving Simar but Prem became as “Ram” eventhough he injusticed to Surbhi after married her.Who suppose to be “RAM” Vikrant or Prem ???

      Surbhi’s life ? Why her mother did not question Prem for being injustice her daughters life ?

      Simar why now attacking Vikrant ? She suppose to do at the very beginning stage so that Surbhi’s life not ruined.

  7. You are correct T.Parvathi

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