Sasural Simar Ka 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simar is calling Prem. He picks up after a while and asks why she called. Simar says I know you didn’t send divorce papers.. I know you are upset but that cant be more than our rishta. Our rishta is with heart, how can piece of paper separate us? She cries… I can’t live without you. I will do whatever you say, just meet me once. Trust me, your simar will die, but will never betray you. I never did anything wrong with you, my family. She reqeusts him to meet her for the sake of their relationship, moments they spent together. Prem gets emotional. He hangs without saying anything. Simar turns and finds Vikrant standing there. He says in his mind, I am sure Prem will come to meet you. He leaves.

It’s 2 hours. Vikrant thinks Prem should have come by now. Doorbell rings. He smiles. Simar opens the door and it’s Pari with a lawyer. Vikrant and Simar are shocked. Pari tells Simar not to keep any hope, Prem won’t come as she told him no. She heard him talking to her and thought to come herself instead making Prem get more hurt. She tells Simar to stop her drama. She wants to save her relationship after 2 years? Prem will keep crying until she’s done enjoying outside world and everything will be alright like before? She tells Simar, take this as destiny or payback for what you have done, but now my sister have taken your place in Bharadwaj house. Simar says, but bhabhi… Pari says, enough. Because of you family has already suffered a lot and now you want to take away my sister’s happiness? The lawyer tells Simar, Prem has signed the papers already and she doesn’t have any reason for not signing. Simar looks at the papers with shock. Pari tells her to sign the papers and end the matter here so they all can be happy in their lives. Simar looks shocked. Pari tells her not to waste time by thinking, nothing can change their decision. If you don’t sign, then case will go in court and hence, embarrassment to Bharadwaj family. Only you will be responsible. Vikrant interrupts, but Simar stops him. She tells Pari, you’re elder, that’s why I was quiet, but now it’s question of my husband. I won’t stay quiet anymore. Divorce papers? No strength of this world can separate us. We married in front of fire. By not coming here, Prem ji proved that he can’t see me in problems, he still worries for me and that is why he didn’t come with papers himself. He sent you. Simar is crying, but is happy. He maintained my trust by not coming. Had he come here, then that would have affected my faith. But now I know, it’s you who want to break our relationship, not Prem ji.

Simar continues… I know you’re doing all this for your sister’s happiness, but one should fight for own rights using right way and I know I am right. I never played with any of my relationship, I never did anything wrong. i just forgot that a woman always has to go through tough time. If Sita Ji wasn’t able to save from it, then what am I? I am ready for this test. When Savitri can go to Yamraj, then I just have to go till court. I, Simar Prem Bharadwaj, won’t let our relationship end that easily. I won’t step back no matter if I have to go to court. It will be proved in court that all accuses on me are false. I am still as truthful as I was before. Pari walks. Simar stops her and returns divorce papers. She says, we will meet in court now. Pari stares at her, takes divorce papers, and leaves with her lawyer. Simar says, Mataji, maa, forgive your Simar. i know we will get humiliated by going to court, but I have no choice. I am sure my family will understand that.

Surbhi is waiting for Pari. Her mum wonders what Simar would have decided. Pari comes in and tells her not to have any hopes from her, she won’t leave Prem easily. Surbhi asks what happened. Pari tells her to be quiet and says, she challenged me, now I will show her. This fight is between me and her. Matter that was to end under the roof, now will take place in front of everyone. Surbhi is shocked. She says, I am worried for Prem. He’s already upset and if this goes in court, it will affect him badly. Pari asks, and what about you? are you made of stone? it’s time to think from brain, not heart. Simar lived her life leaving all of us in problems and now seeing your happiness, she wants to destroy it? Surbhi says, my happiness is in Prem’s happiness. Pari says, and Prem’s happiness will be you, not Simar. If you get emotional and even think about giving your place to Simar, and then she won’t miss the chance. She’s just waiting for a chance to return in this house and Prem’s life and show her right. She will win everyone and you will leave emptied handed. No one will look at you. Do you want pain of lifetime? Her mum tells Surbhi, your pain won’t let me live. We are doing everything for your good. Surbhi agrees. Pari says, Simar has no clue to what extent I can go to save my sister’s relationship. She threatened me of court. Now such drama will take place in the same court that her and prem relationship won’t be able to save not only in this life, but also next 7 lives.

Precap: Someone rings the doorbell late night. Vikrant goes to check. Goons enter and attack on him. Simar is shocked.

Update Credit to: Priya

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