Sasural Simar Ka 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 7th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Simar is screaming she says to butler i was looking for you and got hit by a table. He says let me get the first aid box.
There mausi ji says that i have talked to electrician. It will take time. Roli says that i am so sorry Meghna ji you have to sit in dark. Meghna says that you should have some patience.
Butler gives simar the spray. he asks Simar to rest and he will get back after turning on the main switch. He goes and turns it on. Simar says bring me some ice i will feel better. He says i am getting you ice and roli madam both. When butler goes to the hall he sees just roli there. Singhaniya are gone. Roli says to butler where were you ? I was sitting alone here in dark, di went to see you too. Simar is not walking rightly. Butler tells roli that she had a brusie there on her foot.
Mausi ji sees off meghna on the main gate. She says i am sorry about all that meghna ji but i believe that all good things should happen at good time. Meghna says i understand. I will let you know about the date of wedding.
Butler gives ice to roli and simar. simar says i wanna go home. Roli says don’t tell anything to soniya madam. She will feel sorry. Butler says but you called her yourself. Roli says i called Sid ji actually. Butler says okay i understand madam iwon’t tell her about anything.
Roli and simar get out. Mausi ji says we are the real player of danger. Lets go now before someone comes. Janvi says i was so worried about you all.

Scene 2
Pari tells achna that i have the hold of the shop now. Achna says now you just have to make it through. Take me with you now. pari says mata ji will ask us both to sit home for arrav.
Uma comes and says pari don’t worry i will take care of raghav. She says just enter my special sweets in your menu. Pari says that i am planning to place some international sweets in the menu these sweets of your won’t work out with them. Achna says the menu will be made for the betterment of the shop. Uma leaves. Achna says we don’t want our shop to be closed.
Uma goes out in sadness. chachi ji asks her whats wrong? She says that me and pari were so good friends now i want her to place my sweets in her menu so she said me no.Chachi says some times i feel like mata ji made a mistake by allowing pari to go to the shop.

Scene 3
Soniya comes in the house along with siddhanth in anger. She says who made that fake call and sent us there to the lawyers house. Sid says that this must the plan by media
so they can capture your face. She says that’s why i don’t like these juornalists. You should go back home now.

Scene 4
everyone is on table. Mausi ji says that we went for window shopping. Sujata says diwali is about ton come and we have started no arrangements. Pari says i won’t be able to provide my hand in the household this diwali. Actually i want to open our shop on this diwali. Prem says but diwali is so near how will all the work be done? Pari says you should not be worried about that. I will do all the arrangements to s make the show ready by diwali. Everyone is startled listening to this.
Roli gets a call from meghna she gets confused and disconnects the call.
She gets back to her room and calls her. meghan says that wedding will be done after one day of diwali. Roli says wow that is such a good news.
They are all so happy that they are so near to the accomplishment of their plan now.

Precap- Sid sees a photo of real soniya being printed in the news paper. He asks roli to get him his lunch box he has to go. Roli asks why are you going so early today ? Sid shows her the news paper and tells her that media printed soniya madam’s photo. Roli and simar are so worried about this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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