Sasural Simar Ka 7th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mausi ji says I killed daksha and leela. She says I killed them because the reaction of medicine was getting low on you. Simar says what they did to you? they were not even part of us. Mausi ji says they saw me buying medicine. Leela came here to tell you all this and I killed her beforehand. Mata ji slaps her hard. Mata ji says what you did? Everyone is bewildered. Mata ji says inspector arrest her. Mausi ji takes the knife, she says the wounds wont heal I will ill you. Everyone stop her. The knife falls down. Everyone is in a shock. cops arrest mausi ji. inspector says simar you are safe now. but we will need you in investigations. They take mausi ji with her. Everyone is in tears.

Mata ji goes to her room without saying anything. She recalls all what mausi ji said. Simar and roli come to her room. Simar says mata ji please be strong. Mata ji says I cant believe she can do this. She wanted to destroy us, I never knew it. roli says please control yourself. Mata ji says I supported truth. Mausi’s son had no right to ruin that girl’s life. They expected me to lie and save him. She says I feel pain for what happened. I brought her here so she can feel better. roli says we will try to council her. Don’t cry please. Mata ji says roli you risked your like for you sister, you proved you can do anything for her. Everyone should have a sister like you.

Roli is in her room. Sid sees her and says in heart I know you are hurt. I have to do something. He says someone is sad here? roli is sad here. You are sad and you don’t understand that you make me sad when you are sad. There are magics in this house and your hands do it. You solve all the problems. You exposed mausi ji. You deserve a gift. he gives her a gift. Sid says I wanted to give it to you long ago but didn’t get a chance. Roli opens it, its her photo with sid with her new face. Roli hugs him. He replaces the photo with the old one. Sid holds her.

Sattu is outside and talking to someone. He sees a woman in his car’s mirror. He says who was there? He finds a woman and says stop. Simar comes in balcony and says who was she? sattu says she went on the back side of house. Simar goes and tells prem about it. Simar says sattu tried to stop her but she didn’t stop. Prem says don’t be scared lets see who is it. sattu looks everywhere. He says she came this way where can she go. Everyone comes in lounge. Mata ji says sid go and see outside. Simar says this is sattu’s voice. he saw a woman outside, she didn’t stop when he tried. They hear satty screaming.

Scene 2
Mausi ji in jail. A woman comes to her. She is the same woman with green eyes. she says you fulfilled your promise. you did as I said. Now you will stay here. And yes if you tell this secret to anyone you know what can I do to you. mausi ji says I tried to kill my sister, she gave me love. Whole family hates me. I became bad in everyone’s eyes. She is crying. Mausi ji looks up but she is gone. Mausi ji says where can she go?

Precap-mata ji says please God you have to do something, find us a way. Simar opens the door, its old roli.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. yippeee avika going to come back

  2. avika is very busy in making movies in telugu and kannada….super avika ur doing movie in kannada na u will rock dear…nama kannada dhali movie maduthiruvudike

  3. thanks for avika back . we want avika and sid jodi

  4. So sanakhan will be the culprit? I

  5. Yaaayyy roli is back!! But gosh who is the freaking culprit??? Poor mausi ji 🙁

  6. And roli looks sooo prettyyy in her new avatar as shruti verma 😀

  7. I think that the lady with the green eyes is Sara khan,because after sawing today’s episode the lady’s hair were like Sara and the sari that she was wearing too

  8. It’s so confusing

  9. I dnt thnk so that old roli is back…. I thnk sara is only roli.and before wen roli was kdnaped by janvi ya veeru .. A duplicate of roli came…simar brought her… May be c is dat duplicate roli….

  10. the old duplicate roli was jhumki

  11. kajal patnaik

    when leela enter the house she saw sara khan and was supriese and sara khan is a nagin

  12. kajal patnaik

    leel know the secret which she wants to tell simar but she cant tell her and the new avika gor is our roli

  13. I don think sara khan is the culprit.. she is anxious abt the problems even when nobody is around….and her behavior seems to be genuine.i think she is hypnotised to behave like avika…

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