Sasural Simar Ka 6th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Indra starts her pooja. Sujata says its better that sid took mata ji to temple. Its better than seeing this.Indra stands up, she says where are sid, nirmala and sid. Sujata says you will bring roli and prem today and tomorrow uma will be home as well from hospital so sid had taken mata ji to temple and simar is not well. she is resting in mata ji’s room. indra says simar is not well? I will see her. Sujata says she is asleep. Indra says i wont disturb her maybe i can help her. Pari says what will happen now, simar is not in room. Jhanvi says we will be caught today.
Indra enters the room and comes near bed. She takes off the sheet, simar is sleeping there. Simar says you here? Indra says you are not well? Simar says just feeling a bit low so i came here to rest. Indra says you shouldn’t be ill in this procedure. Are you making fool? Simar says you hate it when someone doubts you and you doubt others all the time. Indra says you better rest, your problems will end in sometime. Indra says why are you resting here. You can go to your room, you will feel better there. Come i will take you there. Simar stands up, she says in heart i was here because it was easy to go out from here. Sujata says indra is taking simar to her room, how will simar go out. Amar says don’t worry.

Indra and simar to her room. Simar sleeps and indra leaves. Simar opens closet and khushi comes out. she says wow what an idea to fool indra. Simar says she did exactly like we thought. so had this back up plan. Amar took khushi to simar’s room and asked her to hide in closet.
Indra says go to temple all of you. I don’t want any disturbance during pooja. I wil have to use my magical powers. They all go to temple. Simar says to khushi lay here as me, until i am back. Khushi says i am a good actor you know. Simar clambers out.
Sujata and everyone prays. Lights turn on and off. Amar says please help siamr God.

simar reaches the village. She sees a board, its not allowed to enter this house. Animals can come here as well. Simar enters the gate. Simar sees an old mansion there. She enters the house, indra opens her eyes. Winds start to blow. Simar hears clapping and laughs and noise of ankles. Her head hurts. Indra says calls simar. Everyone is dazed. Simar says what is happening. I wont go back. Indra stands up and says call simar. Sujata says why you wanna call her? Indra says i don’t have much time call her. Amar says she is not well and asleep. Indra says i have to take a decision and only simar can take. Jhanvi says you can tell us. Indra says you have plenty of questions. This pooja can save one of them, prem or roli. Everyone is shocked. Sujata says but you said.. Indra says its not easy to break mohini’s magic. indra says both are close to simar she has to take the decision. i dont have much time. I am going to simar myself. She goes upstairs.

Precap-Simar sees a painting of herself and indra together. She is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. oh god update fast atiba

  2. Atiba…… y didn’t u give 5oct update of Ashok samrat

  3. its already being 8:30 and u still didn’t update complete episode

  4. Pls update Ashok samrat fast

  5. Intresting..waitin fr roli return

  6. Interesting story,super simar and her family members acting so so gud,

  7. So simar gets caught.i think i saw some where tat prem returns.and also he insults not clear on that.but i dont think roli will return .y is it tat always they delay in showing roli

  8. Wat rolli Will not come college

  9. Simar is padmavati indravati’s sister
    She will take revenge

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