Sasural Simar Ka 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 6th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Sid sits back in the car and soniya says him thanks.
There janvi and mausi ji are hiding together and simar and roli are on the drive way. Suddenly a car is coming towards them. Roli is dazed she says this is soniya obroye and siddhanth ji what should we do now. They also hide behind a bush. But soniya sees something there behind the plants. Sid asks whats wrongs ? She says i felt like there was someone here. Sid says let me see. He checks behind the plants simar and roli sit sown so he can’t see them. Mausi ji and janvi are so worried. He says to soniya that there was no one here. Roli says thank god we are safe. Simar says that we should know how long they will be here. Roli says let me call siddhanth ji, i will try to know from him.
Soniya says to sid that i like your idea a lot. Sid says yes transparency is so important it makes your case strong.
Roli calls Sid and asks when will he be coming home ? He says that they have a meeting with a lawyer it will take 2 to 3 hours. Roli tells this to simar.

Scene 2
Uma gives tea to pari. Sujata asks how was your first day at the shop ? Pari says it was good but there was a lot of work. Shalu listens this and remembers how she treated the workers. Prem pats at hi back. Shalu says i need your help prem. You know pari knows nothing about business. Prem says we just need to give her a little time he will be all right.

Scene 3
Sid along with soniya leave the house. Janvi and simar enter their. Roli tells her that i wanna meet soniya madam ? Butler says she didn’t tell me anythin g about your arrival ? Roli says she didn’t know herself. Actually the coffee was due so i thought to give her surprise. I thought i should bring my sister along too. butler says sorry you just missed her you have to come some other day now.Roli says i should call sid ji. She pretends to call him in front of butler. She says to the butler that he asked me to wait here. Butler says okay ma’am no probe you can come in. He says what should i bring for you tea ? Coffee? Simar says coffee. roli says and sandwiches too. Roli calls mausi ji she says that open the door don’t let her ring the door bell. Simar says that i will handle the butler you should go on the door.
Meghna along with shaureya and Attul arrive their. mausi ji welcomes them and says that what is the purpose of bringing this all. You know i am on diet. Meghna says that he is my only brother i should make his special moments more special. Mausi ji is on the door with the guest, roli open the door. Meghna says what a timing. Simar is looking fro the main switch board of the house. Roli welcome them in. simar hides from the butler who is going towards the hall. She thinks how to stop him now.
Roli is worried why the light is still not turned off. Simar gets to the switch the butler goes to see what has happened to the light. Meghna says that we should not spoil our mood just because of this light. Meghna says i have a solution we can do the ritual in candles. Mausi ji says no it has never been like this in obroye house its a bad day. Roka should not be done on this day. Meghna says that who believes in all this good or bad things. roli says that tina has been like my mom since childhood. shouldn’t we plan this roka some other day ? Meghna says that would be waste of time. Mausi ji says then why shouldn’t go to marriage directly. Meghna says okay lets wait for five more minutes.

precap- Simar is trying to stop the butler but he goes into the hall and is really dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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