Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says Rajveer, he says go solve the riddle and save you family. Because in next 12 hours i will be cruel with your family that you wont ever imagine. Simar says he is going to harm us? what does he want to do? She looks at prem who is sleeping. She says i should tell him when he gets up and rest of the family. Maya knocks at her door, she says didi i saw sid talking to Rajveer outside the house, he was sitting in rajveer’s feet. I know his game now. it was all his plan to confuse us. are you getting what i am saying. he did this so we think that sid is okay. Simar says i can’t believe that sid can do that to us. Maya says is in under his control. He does what rajveer asks him to do. I have an enemy to this family always but now i want to repent and help you in this fight. do you trust me? Maya says yes i do. because your eyes are not lying.

Scene 2
Simar tells whole family about rajveer’s call. Roli says we are all together now, we don’t have to worry. Sid says she is right, he can’t harm us anymore. May says we can’t overlook his powers, why did he run from there when he had maani? I think there is some game behind this. Sid says he must be scared. Maya says the one who has maani is never scared. When i had it i was not scared of anything. simar says you are right, its his game. As much as i know, he must be keeping an eye on us. Prem says i have to go to office, we have sign some documents. sid says i will come with you. simar says please stop him mata ji. We can call the clients here and get the documents signed here. Mata ji says she is right, you should call them here. We don;t know what rajveer is upto. We kow what he can do. No one will go out for next 12 hours. Sid goes upstairs.

Roli says what are you saying didi? simar says this is reality roli, you have to accept it. sid is still rajveer’s slave. Maya says we are scared rajveer will use him, that is why we didn’t let him go out. Simar says sid is here to execute his plan. We want you to keep an eye on sid. Roli says don’t worry let me go to my room, i wont let him come out. I don’t know if i am wrong or right, i don’t want him to do something that makes whole family suffer.

Sid calls rajveer and says prem can’t go out he called those people here. Rajveer says that doesn’t matter, let it be. Sid says what if they doubt that i am with you? Rajveer says your responsibility will end today. but keep one thing in mind. Roli is coming towards the room. I am sure you wont disappont me. Sid says everything is going according to the plan. dont worry. He looks back, roli is standing on the door.

amar says i and calendar will do duty outside the house neither will we let anyone go out, nor anyone come in. Simar says i will check the food and stuff that comes to the house. Maya looks at the clock and says i am sure, he wants to kill this family. he has chits in a bowl and he decides whom he wants to kill.she tells them about the prem chit. Maya says its better that mata ji didn’t allow prem to go out.

Prem welcomes the clients, he introduces them to rajhinder and mata ji. Prem says they export sweets they got our name from Hongkong. Prem says you have handled the business so well even without sid. mata ji says yes i am proud of him. Client says he has already made you famous, we got his reference from 5 companies. we want him to join our business. They give him the agreement papers.

Sid has roped roli, he says your girls spy in your own room. i live in this room as well and i don’t want any disturbance when i work. Don’t stare at me, i am not allowed to kill anyone, otherwise i would have killed you. you can never win from rajveer.
Sid says the businessmen downstairs for deal are not businessmen they are rajveer’s people. When rajhinder mata ji and prem sign those papers, all the property and business will be on the name of Rajveer and your family will be on road. Roli is shocked.
Mata ji says i think he will opt to kill any of us. Simar says he will do that through sid and roli wont let him come out of the house unless the danger is over. Mata ji asks simar to get something sweet. amar says don’t you think prem should read the contract once. Prem signs the paper. Client says you should have read it before signing them. We need sign of two witness on it before the deal is done. Rajhinder says i can be the first witness. Roli is roped in her room. Mata ji signs the paper as well.

Precap-rajveer calls sid and says 2 hours are still left and we will play the real game now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What does mani mean?

    1. mani has so many powers.they can save any one lifes and control any simple they can do what ever they want the person will become more powerful with that mani…which icchadhari nagin… nag’s will have that…they will do pooja to get that…now that mani is with RV…so he is powerful and he is controlling Sid..Mind…

  2. $$ pragna $$

    again they started new drama.Is ssk going of air or not???

  3. $$ pragna $$

    again total bw family lost their property???

  4. Mani mean naag mani which maya had with her

  5. Todays episode was not so good amd not so bad .
    aditya maani means the diamond stone which a snake has on its forehead (in English it’s called CRISTAL. )

  6. is going off air
    last day is on june 15 2015

    1. from where you get dis news???

  7. Still its nice watching ssk….somewhat nice drama

  8. Am really waiting for the suspense which is going to reveal tomorrow.

    Uff….. am too excited. 🙂

  9. Todays episode was not so good and not so bad .
    aditya maani means the diamond stone which a snake has on its forehead (in English it’s called CRISTAL. )

  10. Tomorrow perhaps it will be revealed that he is none other than mausiji’s son. And then again the entire bw family will unite to get back their property. Uf! So many times their property is lost. Don’t the writers have any other idea to continue the soap opera?

  11. When will this show end???????

  12. grt ssk going off air???will they continue tis same story till then??????

  13. ashu sara said 15 june

  14. yes they will continue d same story till dn
    june 15 2015 is d last day

    1. frm where you get dis news?

  15. Hi sara
    From wer u got this information

  16. Hey Sara how u know????

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