Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The competition team was at their place, the lights get off. Mata ji tells Siddhart and Prem to see the panels. The team tells Uma and Pari that they can’t shoot without electricity. Simar assures them the light will be here soon. Simar tells Roli to call Siddhart. He tells her that the panels had fallen down, they are re-fixing them. He tells her to look after the team. Roli tells others that panel had fallen, it will take time. Simar prays to Gods for help. Prem and Siddhart adjust the panel and hopes that the clouds give way to sun. The team member says that that shooting is cancelled and orders the team to pack up as they are waiting for an hour now. Simar asks them to wait for some time more. Mata ji also prays to God to keep the sel respect of Bharadwaj family.
Juwala devi reaches their home with the goons. She and the lights get on at the same time. She is astonished to see it, and orders her man to get to know how they did it. Roli says when the God is with them, who is anyone to stop their light. Mausi ji says illiterates can never understand what you are talking about. Simar tells them they are making solar energy. Roli says they must now understand that the sun is not under their control atleast. Simar says to Juwala that they are not going to accept the defeat; they will have to accept it. Mausi ji announces that there has been shooting going on so they should now leave. Juwala goes out; press comes there and asks how she liked the idea of solar energy. Her man says that Juwala devi wants light for the whole country. Simar says that it has been possible today only because of Juwala. Juwala also appreciates the family in front of press. Juwala gets into the car and thinks these people are really intelligent, it has now more important to get this house and she will break these people for it.
The shooting is going on. Uma and Pari appreciate Simar and Pari. Roli and Maa ji goes to ask Jhanvi why she was standing alone. She thinks about Bhagti taking care of Anurag while she was busy in the competition. The host calls the participants. He announces it is the second round of Bahu no. 1, the competition was about singing Bhajan. The claps of people will decide the winner. Maa ji is worried that Jhanvi doesnot know any Bhajan, Simar tells her to relax.
Juwala announces that as soon as the Bahu no 1 play ends at Bharadwaj house, Juwala’s play shall begin. Her men had already been instructed. Everyone was preparing for Bhajan, Simar and Maa ji goes to relax her. Simar makes her relax and recall her any Bhajan. The team member says they can’t help Jhanvi. Bhagti thinks her defeat is written today.
The competition begins; Uma comes first, followed by Bhagti, and then comes Pari and Sweety. Jhanvi’s name is announced. Bhagti tells her mother in law that she won’t be able to sing half of bhajan, she says it is different to talk about traditions and be traditional. Simar prays for her.

PRECAP: Pari and Uma finds out that all the street hawkers and shop keepers had boycotted them. Prem announces there is no water in the taps.

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