Sasural Simar Ka 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 6th June 2013 Written Update

It starts in Jhumki’s village. Veeru stops on a dhaba and calls Khushi to tell her that he reached Jhumki’s village. Khushi asks him to start finding Jhumki’s news and update her. While he’s talking, a guy clashes with Veeru and his phone drops. He gets mad but let them go. Behind Veeru is Jhumki’s poster on a truck. The guy leaves with the truckand Veeru fails to notice the poster. He picks up his phone and it doesn’t work anymore.

Here in Bhardwaj’s house, Jhumki is looking in the mirror and asks herself why she went to mausiji and why she is having feelings for these people. She ignores and says it was just part of her job. Beside Bantu, she doesn’t care about anyone.

Simar comes and smiles. She then tells Jhumki that she will have to learn how to sign like Roli. She gives her paper. Jhumki is looking at them for the first time in her life. She asks Simar if she is making her fun and refuses to learn. Simar explains her that without Roli’s sign, they won’t be able to make property on mataji’s name and they will lose against Khushi and Veeru. Jhumki agrees to learn. Simar explains her from scratch like how you write between two lines. She teaches her how to write Roli first. Jhumki feels she can’t do it, but Simar says you can. While teaching, Simar remembers her childhood, and just like Jhumki, Roli was also not interested in studying and instead she wanted to play. In preset Simar says, Roli, I said learn first. Simar then excuses herself from there.

Veeru is showing Roli’s photo to everyone and asks them if they saw her. After hundred of people, one guy finally feels as if he seen her, but he can’t remember exactly where. Veeru feels that the guy is drunk and is playing with him, and therefore, he leaves from there. After he leaves, the guy remembers she’s Jhumki, but before he tells that to Veeru, Veeru has already left.

Jhumki comes to the room and finds a gift, gold chain, there. She wonders who put there and whether it is for her. There is a note, but she doesn’t know how to read except her name as she just learned it from Simar. She gets excited and says, I am acting since so many days, and I finally got something. I am Roli right now so it’s for me. She then sees a rose and picks it up. She sees another rose at a distance. She feels someone is challenging her as she sees more and more roses. She follows them and ends up on a terrace which is very well decorated. She loves it and soon Sid comes there. Jhumki says to herself, I never thought that with rose, you get thorns too. Her mood is spoiled.

Sid asks her how she liked his surprise and then offers her to be friends again. Jhumki doesn’t respond and Sid is disappointed.

No precap..

Update Credit to: Aadi

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