Sasural Simar Ka 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Surbhi comes and says to Roli and sid Anjali Is up and she is not well. Subhi comes there and says she is crying and calling her mom. Karthi feels like someone is there. He says who is that ? he goes out with his ward boys. He asks his men to go and look for the person who was there.

prem says to Anjali mama is sleeping. You should sleep with her. Roli and sid come there. sid says why are you crying ? Anjali says I wanna go to mama. She starts weeping. Everyone comes there. Ranjhinder asks why is she crying? Roli says mama is coming. Mata ji asks roli to call sunnaina and ask her to come. Roli wonders should I call her or not. Mata ji says call her please look Anjali is not well. Roli calls but her phone is not reachable. Roli says in heart I hope she is okay.

simar is hidden she says karthi’s men are everywhere. Where should I go. She is in parking lot. Two men are looing for her. Karthik comes and says I want that person at any cost. He directs them too look on one side while he goes the other. Simar is hidden behind cars. She says where should in go. Kartikc comes to the car behind which simar is hidden simar goes beneath it. he says where can that person go. He must be somewhere.

Mata ji asks roli what happened ? Roli says her phone is not reachable. Sujata asks roli to call vikran. Roli says in heart he will doubt if I call him. Sujata says you have his number call him. Roli is about to call vikran. vikran comes in the room and asks is everything okay ? sujata says thank God you are here. Where is sunnaina ? He says isn’t she home ? Sid says she told us that you have asked her to come. He says let me call and ask her. he calls simar but her number is out of reach. Vikran wonders where can she go. Roli wonders where is didi ? She followed vikran but he is here not didi. Anjali says papa bring mama. prem says I will tell you a story and by time story ends mama will come. Vikran says I am going out to look for her. Mausi ji says that girl just looks like simar but she isn’t like simar. She is so careless. Mata ji says her own daughter is here too but she left her. Who goes out this late ? Roli says she is not our simar and we can’t stop her. Roli says in heart didi is in some trouble I have to ask vikran.

Roli goes to vikran’s room. Vikran says did you find where is she ? Roli says tell me where is she ? He says how would I know I left before her. Roli says she went to follow you and tell me where is she ? He says why would she follow me ? will you tell me whats going on ? Roli says stop pretneding to be innocent. I will do anything to save didi. I will cross all the limits to save y didi. he says what are you saying ? Will you tell me whats going on ? Sod comes there. he asks roli is everything okay ? Roli says I just came to request him to call sunniana. he says trust me I am trying to contact her. Sid says please roli handle Anjali she is not well. Roli leaves.

Simar is scared Karthik bows down to look beneath the car. He hears some noise so her stops. He says I think that person his hidden on the side. he asks his men to come and look there. Simar comes out and tries to call roli. her phone is not switching on. She says I have to tell roli or sunnaina that I am here. She wonders what to do. Simar I trying to make a call but her phone is not working. She says what should I do. She says I should dial roli’s number. Its vikran who receives the phone. He says are okay simar where are you ? She says what should I do. He says roli is accusing me that I am responsible about your missing. She says my life is endangered vikran. He sayd don’t worry tell me where are you ? I am coming there. Simar says I am at navjevan hospital. The phone disconnects. Simar turns back karthik is standing there.

Precap-He says you are threatening me righ here in front of me in my hospital. So you figured that there is someone else involved in this all with me. Come one. The other person comes simar is shocked to see .

Update Credit to: Atiba

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