Sasural Simar Ka 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Sunnaina says simar forgive me. I don’t wanna go back. I couldn’t see vikran in trouble. She tells her I was ready to go but vikran’s cry stopped me. May be the injustice that happened to me weakened him. My steps stopped. I know everything that happened to you. prem gave your place to surbhi. they threw you out of your own house. Only surbhi has right on your daughter. I feel bad for you. You lost everything because of me. but everything happens fro a reason. When vikran found you at the accident place and took you with him as sunnaina there was a reason behind that. We were not meant to be together by here. Maybe God has merged out fates. I will get my family and my momets back. And you will have an accommodation too this way. Simar says what are you saying sunnaina. Simar says karthik and baa have got their punishment. I gave you right to come in my body as your last wish. Don’t misuse it. Go from here. what you want will never happen. Sunnaina says I promise I won’t misuse your body and vikran promised you that he will never touch you.
simar says I can’t live without prem ji and my family. Sunnaina sys I am not going to listen to you simar. I have decided simar. I may look selfish but I have to stay with my family. I want my lost life back. Sunnaina sits on a couch and says this will be secret between us. Don’t drag a third person or you know what a ghost can do.

your prem ji came here and I came in your body and said so much that he would have started hating you. he will never come in my way. siamr says why you did that? I helped you with everything. I can’t live without prem ji. Siamr is crying.

Scene 2
At bharadwaj house. surbhi is making the dinner. pari comes and says you ahev done so much for this family. but what have you got ? You were giving life for prem. You should never be someone’s dependent. You have to get your right and tell everyone that this is surbhis’ sasural now. Surbhi says everyone has broken all the relationships with siamr. Pari says I have been seeing for years that they are so generous in forgiving. Well simar hs done so much fro this family. I would have thought about her if the matter wasn’t related to you. You have to get simar out of prem’e heart and mind.

Scene 3
Roli comes downstairs and wonders why did simar say all that ? She see surbhi giving order to frame some photographs. She gives Anjali’s documents to a lawyer and says name Anjali’s mom surbhi bharadwaj. roli comes and says surbho what is all this ? What are you trying to don ? Surbhi says I am trying to get whats mine. Roli says simar has gone tomorrow and you are removing her pictures as well. pari says you will nag because she has got your sister’s place and your keys. This all are the consequences of what you and simar did. Surbhi tried to give happiness to this family. roli says please don’t say anything against didi. You have not idea what sacrifice she has done for us.
mata ji comes there and says e have argued on this already. I won’t let anyone to spoil the happiness of this house. I have talked to pandit ji he will give us the time. I want prem and surbhi to get married officially. Mata ji asks surbhi is the food ready ? Surbhi says yes. roli says no this can’t happen. Surbhi is right at her place. But simar didi coudln;t be dragged out of this family like this.

Scene 4
Simar is sleeping with anajli. Sunnaina comes there and sits on the bed. She says vikran is here. Sunnaina says simar wake up. Simar stands up sunnaina goes inside her body.

roli comes there. Simar says it will be better that you go from here. roli says how can I go when I know that you have been treated unfairly. it was all because of. if vikran had no misunderstanding about sunnaina’s death you won’t have suffered all this. Sunnaina says what happened to you when they were throwing me out. roli says please didi come with me we will ask prem to pardon you. I will make you and jeju one. simar says you won’t do that. Simar says why should I go in that house ? they insulted me. Why should I go there ? Don’t I have self respect. Roli says what are you saying? Simar says what happened to you when they were throwing me out. Today you know your mistake. Now I won’t bow. If prem wants any relationship with me he has to come here and apologize.

Precap-Roli says to vikran we doubt sunnaina is not gone. I mean she has not got the peace. She is here between us. virkan says yeah I guess you are right. How will we figure out that simar has sunnaina’s soul. Roli says there is a way.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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