Sasural Simar Ka 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector comes with the electricity officer to arrest Khushi who accuses him of bribing him. Mata ji asks inspector for an apology on Khushi’s part and asks him to leave her for the first time. Khushi says she just went to talk to her. Inspector says that Mata ji has a big name in the city so he is leaving her; it should not happen next time. Mata ji thanks him. The officer gives them the pending bill worth lacs of rupees due to which their connection was disconnected. Mata ji asks in shock that this can’t be their bill. The officer says these are from the department and there can’t be any mistake in this bill. The officer suggests them to sell this home, so that they don’t have to pay such big amount of money, he warns them that Juwala devi is a dangerous woman, she is a difficult lady and leaves.
Roli stops the officer and tells him to inform Juwala Devi that all her tactics are strengthening them even more against her and they are not going to leave the house at any cost. He leaves. Khushi asks for an apology from Mata ji. She says that it is the traditions of Bharadwaj family that distinguishes it from the other. Bribing is not a practice of our family. Simar thinks that they will have to do something else about this electricity.
Bhabi and Pari are worried due to electricity as they blow fans. Pari says she has forgotten the cool air of air condition. Bhabi tells her to be quiet as the children have just fallen asleep. She gets a call and tells Pari that the Bahu no 1 competiotions organizers called to inform that the next episode will be shot in Bharadwaj house. They both go downstairs to tell the others.
Par tells Mata ji about the competition. Roli get Juwala Devi’s call. Prem asks him to put it on speaker. Juwala Devi says that there is still time, they should leave the house. Roli says they wont back up and get defeated. Simar tells Pari not to get worried, they will do something. Simar tells them that they can produce electricity drom solar energy, she instructs them the mechanism. Pari asks is it so easy, simar says it is not easy but if they are successful in activating it. Bhabi says it can take time, Roli says if they work together, they can do it. Simar says the laptops battery is low. Roli suggests to note it on paper, but the laptop goes off. They gets worried but Simar says she had read the method and recalls the items required. Roli says they can recharge the laptop at Varma aunty’s house. Simar tells Roli to note the ingredients, she forgets one item. Prem tells the forgotten ingredient. He tells them Physics was his favourite subject. He says nothing is difficult when they are together. Siddhant tells Prem to go and do this lady’s favourite thing i.e shopping. They say now no one can prevent them from winning the competition.
Jhanvi finds a paper in the room from Anurag. It said she should eat something before sleeping. She thinks how much he cares about her. Bua ji comes and complains that they had a badluck in getting a daughter in law, one’s daughter in law should take care of the house hold and family, but she never cares about anything. Jhanvi asks if she wants anything? She says after getting her, what can she ask for. What Anurag saw in you?
They all work to make the solar panels work. Prem suggests dividing the work to save time. Juwala is worried there while they worked here. Mausi ji gets snacks for all.
In the morning the panel was ready, they fixes it. They start it in prayers. Juwala thinks she should go to see Bharadwaj family. The panel works and the electricity starts working. Mausi ji appreciates all her children. They all celebrate. Simar thanks Mata Rani.

PRECAP: Juwala comes to Bharadwaj house and sees the electricity working. Simar says they will never get defeated. Juwala says she will break them soon

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