Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prem and amar are in a colony. all the houses are locked there. prem says why no one is here. amar says i am shocked as well. my pal gave me this place. prem says how will we know where chacha ji lives? They asks a passer by about the man they want to meet. He tells them.

Fake roli says you are still culprit in front of bharadwaj family. you did this to maata ji and satu. If i take you to family right now, the same sid will send you jail in the first place. and if simar tries to bail you out its gonna take 15 days. She takes roli out. Simar says you can’t take her out, this is wrong. Fake roli says i am not killing anyone, i am just playing my game. SHe takes roli out.

Prem says there is no door in this house, a man says come in. They go in and see a man praying. His assistant says sparkle this water on yourself. chacha says tell me what that snake did to you? prem is shocked. he says how you know about her? he says i can feel her shadow around you, tell me whats the problem.

Fake roli takes out roli and calls whole family. Everyone is shocked to see shurti, sid says what is she doing here? Roli recalls when he got to know reality in temple. sid says roli what is she doing here? sujata says what is she here for? rajhinder says she will be punished my police, call cops sid. fake roli says sid..rajhinder says call cops sid. fake roli says stop, she is jhmki not shurti and she is innocent.
fake roli says i am shocked, i wanted to tell cops reality. jatin and sushma got to knpw about my face. they planned this all. they wanted to keep her as roli here. They used vash and removed her memory. they started livign with her as daughter. truth is that jatin and sushma dont have any kids. she says they killed leela and daksha, sid says how you know all this? fake roli says jhumki told me. karuna says how can we trust her> fake roli says we should trust her.

Roli says without proof i can’t prove that i am innocent, i am glad that you trusted me. i will give any test you want me to. because i dont want any accuse from this family, i will tell you all the truth i know.If this is truth that i am jhumki then another truth is that simar was never mad. everyone is dazed. roli says she was forced to pretend, you know who did this? verma and his wife. Everyone is shocked. Sushma says everyone is after us now. we will have to spend whole life in jail, jatin says lets run from here. roli says i have a proof that will prove my innocence, but you have to promise me that you will let me stay in this house if i pass the test. Pari says why you wanna live? sujata says why should we allow you to live here? roli says because my life is in danger from roli. Sujata says what you mean? jhumki says i look like roli, verma and his wife wana kill me. sid says what proof do you have? She says my proof is amar. Sid says amar? roli says yes he is alive and his accident was caused by verma and his life. maybe GOd saved him so we can end this story. If he wasn’t alive simar would have been in jail karuna says why should we trust amar? Roli says he is innocent.

Chacha ji says she is very clever and dangerous. prem says you must have a way? He says i understand. He was trapped as well. you are safe with the trunk but she will not leave you. if you try to burn it she will kill you all. amar says will she leave if we give it back to her? He says yes she will seek revenge. its not easy to be safe from her. amar gets a call from froli, he says roli? roli says i am jhmuki i am calling from bharadwaj house, come here and tell them that i am jhumki. sid takes the phone and says sid come here,tell them about everything. fake roli says i a while we will get to know who is lying and who is not.

fake roli says to simar it was all okay since you didn’t talk about amar, now you are responsible for whatever happens, now amar will come here and will be confused in sid’s question. i played this game right. i think that i will win this 15 days challenge i on day along with your loss. sid asks where is prem? he says prem should know that his friend is alove. sid calls prem and says jhumki came home. simar says the story sid didn’t let amar tell, sid will tell himself. amar will say what he should. roli says your countdown has started, my power is way more than your demons,, i will make that place in house which is mine because this is my sasural and sid is mine.

Precap-sid says to amar i am happy to see you alive. you suffered because of us, amar says dont blame yourself, real culprit is..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh again repeating the same dragging story with different sequence. The storyline could be much better the writer has to think out of box .

  2. Aft a struggle roli had got a victory.will the story writers of sasural allow roli to win the nagin?????????????????

  3. Yeh kaun sa naya drama hain do any of you know guyzz???????????

  4. hmmmmmmmm same draggginggggg . ………..

  5. Faltugiri hai sirf drag karte hai. December se chalu hai. Writer ki story bakwas hai. Nonsense story and writer

  6. loosing intrst yaar

  7. if these many writers r included in writing 1 story, obvsly story will b lyk dis nly…

  8. Writer is struggling for next story line till the timw he will drag this naagin story…ufff

  9. So dragging and boring when will the fake roli get vanished and sid know the truth

  10. Please end of this story

  11. what is going on? please end show.or make happy epi

  12. don’t tell negative about this story i will just angry. i know this story is boring about a same situation, but i like roli and siddhant be reunited.

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