Sasural Simar Ka 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The host says lets have a huge round of applause for Roli ji. Roli comes n the stage. He says these are the two teams we have for grand finale. Just the way sanjeev Kapoor came between us on semi-finals. The guest today will bring tears in your eyes, but they will be tears of joy. I won’t call him with ease. Lets guest who is gonna come between us. Kets take a break and guess who is coming.

Roli says to bhagti why you gave my name. How you even thought that I will be with you against jahnvi and simar. Bahgti says I had no one else so I gave your ane,. Bua ji syas I heard that bharadwaj house is always helpful, won’t you help her. Mata ji says she told me how she got ill at the last moment so she had to give your name. Mata ji says you should help her out. Mata ji wishes all of them good luck.

Scene 2
The show has started. The host says whole nation is fan of his sense of humor. Let welcome. Uma says Kalpi sharma. Kalpil comes on stage singing the song ‘baharoon phhol barsao’. He says let welcome me. Pari says I am such a good fan of yours. He entertains people with his humor. Host says you brought the spring her. Kapil says you didn’t tell me I should have sent my wife here too. SHe sould have been first from down the list. Kalpi says there are so many ladies here so I won’t talk about them lets talk about the husband. What can I say. I have eaten the sweet of wedding basically its like chewing gum. Its tasteless after sometime. Before wedding everyone is a cool dude and after wedding he will be in shopping malls. His wife changes clothes over and over again. He knows that pain won’t change the model of the car. Host asks how should bahu no 1 be like / He says they don’t exsit. TV serials are perfect they have perfect ladies who knows all the make up. Even their blood will come from the perfect place. According to me a perfect bahu is one who keeps whole family happy. Host says you will handle the stage and I will be with the audience. Kapil says you are leaving in me four ladies alone. Host says I have been doing this for so many days.

Scene 3
kapil asks I would like to know who has come with the teams. Simar introduces her family with him and so does Jhanvi. He sasy lets ask whom are they clapping for ? Kapil asks mata ji. She says my wishes are with my three daughters.
Kapil’s servant came and says I will tell you all how bhe was before wedding amd after that. Kalpi says you talk like wonman why didn’t you participate in the competition. He leaves in anger. Kapil says this man annoys me so much.
He says to reach the cup of this finale you have to do so many things like shopping cooking etc. He says the host will tell in detail about the rounds. The host says there will be 6 rounds. In the first round both teams have to cook a dish they have to make a pulao.
The round starts . They have limited time. Bhagti says to jhanvi I make such a good pulao. Just do as I direct you. Kapil says both teams are working without any quarrels. Bahgti says lets boil the water. Only few minutes are left. Kapil says I will ask the audience what will you do if guests come to your house. Bahgti and roli says there is no salt here. Kapil’s servant come there with it Kapil says here we have it. He gives them 3 bowls they have to choose which one of them is salt.
Kapil says let me see who is the most genius. Simar mixes it in water. Wher bhatgtoi and roli are arguing which of them is salt. Bahgti says this is the one. She mixes it in the dish. Time is over. Kapil goes and tastes bhagti’s pulao. He eats it and says there is no salt. Bahgti says I can’t make a mistake. Bahgti tastes it herself. She says this is corn flour. kapil goes and tastes Jahnvi;s pulao. He says this is so tasty and there is salt too. Everyone claps for them. Roli says to bhagti we won’t win until we don’t trust each other. kapil says one point goes to jahnvi and simar;s team.

Precap- kapil says I will place the packet in the middle and both of the sisters will go for it. The one who gets it first will win. Roli takes it..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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