Sasural Simar Ka 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 5th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Jhumki is speechless as the other family members are in shock looking at the video. Khushi asks them to wake up now, and accept that this isnt their roli. While khushi tells everyone that this cant be their roli, as she never undermined the traditions and rituals of the puja, and she confronts jhumki, if she did this, and ate after keeping mausiji hungry, sid stops her saying that he wont listen to anything about roli. khushi asks if this is roli, then why is she listening to all this silently, and why isnt she justifying, and jhumki tries to come up with a logic, but in vain, as mausiji stops her saying that this cant be their roli, as it would have bothered her that her mausiji is hungry, and atleast she would have told the reason for breaking her fast. she says that roli went on eating and breaking her fast, without informing anyone, and that she has broken everyone’s trust. As mausiji turns arounbd, simar comes and says that she is the real culprit, and she had told roli to eat, as she wasnt well, and she couldnt see roli like this, and she forced roli to eat, otherwise roli wasnt ready to eat. Mausiji says that they all are extremely worried about roli, and she should have informed atleast one of them, that she wont be able to do this fast, then they would have fed her with htheir own hands. Saying so, she leaves, despite simar trying to stop her. all are upset . Karuna too reprimands roli, saying that she didnt do this right, and they never expected this from her, and asks why did she do it and also tells simar that they cant believe that she too was involved in this, as she never bothered to think that what would hapen, when they find out.

Roli stops karuna saying that they shouldnt blame simar as she was hungry and she ate. Simar stops roli from saying anything more, and asks her to go to the room. She leaves. Pari tells uma that they too feel that this isnt their roli, and khushi is right, in thinking that its her lookalike. She says that roli never talked like this with the elders, in anger. prem justifies, saying that what she has done is wrong, but they shouldnt forget about her memory loss, and she is adapting to this house, and if she makes a mistake, then they should try and forgive her. Khushi asks them not to believe him as he too is involved in this. Uma says that they can bother about roli and her identity later on, right now they should think about mausiji, who is very upset because of roli. Karuna says that its futile now, as she hasnt eaten anything since morning, and she is very sad at roli’s behaviour, and hence noone can cheer her mood, now except for roli.

Khushi, in her room, thinks that the Bharadwaj family is very easy to fool, as they are believers of anything that she says, and it would work to her advantage in the future. She compliments herself on this victory, and waits for the time when the whole house would be in her name, and thinks that day isnt far away, and for that she would have to throw the veil off this fake roli’s face.

in her room, Jhumki is very angry and frustrated at the family, but simar tries to tell her that this is the way of expressing love and concern, and whatever may it be, they have deceited them, and mausiji is extremely upset that she was fooled like this. she asks jhumki to try and be in mausiji’s shoes and feel what she must have felt, as for them she is their roli, and by that right, they were scolding her and that she should try and see the love behind this anger. Jhumki says that she’s getting very frustrated by all this, and her mind has stopped working, and asks to be left alone for some time. Simar leaves, while jhumki is irritated.

While mausiji is tensed in the room, and remembers her moments with roli, jhumki comes in, seeing who mausiji wipes her tears. Jhumki comes to her and switching on the light, she apologizes for hurting her so bad, and says that it wasnt intentional, as she was hungry due to weakness and nausea. she says that sxhe wanted to tell her this, but didnt want to hurt her feelings. she says that she is feeling very bad about all this, and she didnt want to deceit her. She asks for forgiveness, saying that her mother used to say, and mausiji is alarmed at this, and she rectifies it saying that her mother in vrindavan. she clutches on to mausiji’s feet, saying that she wont leave till mausiji forgives her. Mausiji lights up with some idea, in her brain.

Khushi, seeing mausiji absent from the dining tabel, is very happy thinking that maybe the fast by mausiji makes the fake roli accept her crime or not, but the questions of the family members would ultimately result in simar and prem spilling the truth. Simar and prem are very tensed at the dining table, while others eat in silence. But she is very shocked when she finds roli and mausiji coming down together, smilingly. they come and announce that they would eat together. all are happy at this. Mausiji too says that a mother always forgives her children, and she too did the same, as oli managed to cheer her up. Jhumki apologizes to everyone, and presents the same clarification again. She asks an apology from karuna too, who asks her not to bother and invites her to dinner. As mausiji sits, roli lays out the plate for her, while mausiji commen st that roli defeated her in matters of hunger and appetite. all smile. Seeing mausiji lovingly feed roli, simar wishes that this should have been true, and this indeed was her roli, and prem asks her to gather hope that everything would be alright. khushi thinks that this roli is far ahead than the real one too, and now she would have to do something that wont give this roli a chance to recover, and must search a way to reveal this girl’s true identity. The screen freezes on khushi’s tensed face.

Precap: Sid tells jhumki, that sid and roli are best friends, and thats what their relation was, and it would be best to start it all over again. Sid asks her if she would like to be his friend, and presenting his fist to her, for her to knock on it too. But when she is hesitant, sid is surprised.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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