Sasural Simar Ka 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says I have killed daksha baa. Everyone is dazed. Simar is sobbing. Mata ji says prem what is it? prem tells her everything. Simar goes upstairs. Mata ji says what will happen now? Prem says we have to conceal it. Mata ji says how can we do this. I trust simar but we have to tell cops. Prem says if inspector gets to know simar will be in trouble. Rajhinder says he will have to agree when we tell him everything. Roli goes to simar. Roli hugs her. she says didi don’t worry its not your fault. Its that woman’s who used you and took daksha’s life. And leela how would she be? Don’t worry please. roli says I will find that woman in 24 hours, I vow.

Simar is crying in her room at night. Prem comes with milk for her. She swipes her tears and makes her drink it. Sid comes to roli and tries to comfort her. roli says I am waiting for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will eradicate all these problems. sid says yeah we will know tomorrow she is. its the festival tomorrow and we will retrieve our happiness.

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Scene 2
All the neighbors welcome mata and family in the festival. Sujata starts the pooja. Mata ji says in heart please burn all the problems on our house and take care of leela. Bring her back to us.

Roli is in the house. She comes says now I have to wait for that woman to come. Everyone is dancing and enjoying in the festival. The bharadwaj’s upset. Roli waits for the woman. simar goes on a side and recalls daksha’s corpse. Prem comes to her. He says what happened? Everything will be fine. simar says I am worried for roli. prem says don’t worry. The plan roli sid and aman have made is going to work. Everything will be fine. Neighbors ask them to join the dance. A girl comes and takes simar with her. Simar sees that her whole family is upset. Roli is in the house. She sees someone coming in and hides behind the pillar. Roli texts sid, she has come. Simar calls inspector and says I am simar bharadwaj I wanna tell you something about daksha’s murder you were right I have killed her. Roli looks out but no one is there. Roli says where has she gone? Aman and sid clamber in kitchen. They peep out. Roli comes in lounge and looks for her. Roli cant see anyone. Aman says sid phone. he texts sid and roli she is in house lets find her separately. sid asks roli that he is going upstairs. Roli turns back and the woman is there. Roli is scared. She tries to stab roli. roli says please leave me. She says sid aman come here. Lights turn on and roli is shocked.

Precap-inspector says arrest her. mata says you are the woman who sent simar to jail. sujata says I cant believe this. Mata ji says look in their eyes they all have one question, why?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. it is mausiji.roli has hypnotize her pari and simar

  2. what happened to jhanvi and her husband and her in laws? Why she is stAYING here?

  3. aneesa Iqbal

    I know why did they split up

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