Sasural Simar Ka 5th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 5th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 5th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
sid says everyone is working well. Roli says yeah everything pis perfect. Shanti and bua are there.Sujata asks where is anurag ? Bua ji says he has gone to pick up someone from station he will be coming shortly. Jhanvi has come. She meets Shanti and Bua. Roli says here is the one Jhanvi is waiting for ? Mausi ji says the wait is over. Everyone is teasing her. Anurag has come. He meets everyone. Bua ji asks where is she ?
Anurag says she has gone to buy a gift. Bua ji says she hasn’t changed. A girl comes in and neither will I. Its someone with a flower bouquet, she has hidden her face. SHe comes to Jhanvi and says congratulations. Jhanvi says thank you. She meets bua, her name is bhagti. She says I had to prepare to meet special people. Its the wedding of my best friend. Anurag introduces her to jhanvi. Bhagti says we even thought that we’d get married if we don’t find anyone but then anurag found you and I am so happy for you both. Shanti introduces her to everyone. Bhagti says your choice is so good Anurag. Tell me jhanvi how did you meet anurag ? Simar says bhagto we should start the rituals. Bua ji says where is your daughter in law. Sankalp says she is not well she is resting in her room/ Bua ji says yeah she should rest.

scene 2
Khushi is in her room she says I have to get out of this room. Its suffocating.
The rituals have started. Bhagto says you can’t stop looking at her. Shanti says to sujata don ‘t worry I tell the truth to everyone. Bua ji asks which truth ? Shanti says sujata was praising you she said you are still so beautiful. The dance starts. Sid and Roli along with simar and Prem dance on the floor. Everyone is enjoying it. Mausi ji joins them as well. A post man comes from the hospital. He says I wanna give this sonography report to jhanvi. Verma aunty says I will hand it over to her. Mrs Verma gives it to jhanvi in front of everyone. Bhagti asks is everything okay ? Why yoi went through sonography ? Simar says this is Khushi’s report actually she was in the same hospital maybe they wrote wrong name. Pari says bua ji come here i will put mehndi on your hands. She is successful in diverting her mind. Pari by mistake puts some mehndi on on her dress. Bua ji is so angry she says you ahve ruined my suit.
Bua ji goes upstairs and is murmuring in anger. Khushi comes and says bua ji.. Bua ji asks how are you ? Khushi says bit weak but I don’t feel good. Bua ji says you have to take care of yourself. Khushi says this is the right time I have to go downstairs. Karuna says let me place this repirt in my room. Mata ji says this is not right bua ji should know the truth. Roli says everything will be okay. Roli sees khsuho coming downstairs. Roli says why you came here ? Bua ji says why she can’t come downstairs. She says yeah I know she is not well but she can dance. Simar says actually she was weak so we asked her to stay in the room. Khushi says okay if you don’t want me to be here then i will go back in my room. Bua ji says I aksed her to be here. Everyone is quite. Bua ji says lets start the arora dance. Come on anurga and bhagto you ahve to dance. Bhagti is a bit hasitant. Anurag says I will be bugged if you don’t dance. Bhgati dances and everyone enjoys it. Shanti joins her as well. Bhagti says everyone has danced except for the bride and groom. Anurag says no bhagti. Bhagti says come on jhanvi. Shanti says how will she dance. Bua ji says why can’t she. Let her dance.

Precap- sujata asks where is bhagti. Bhagti says here you are. The turmeric in her hand slips off. Mrs verma says this isn’t a good sign.

Update Credit to: atiba

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