Sasural Simar Ka 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 4th September 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:-

The episode starts with simar, prem, janvi , mataji, rajendra and sid coming to the bus stop. Then mataji, rajendra, sid, prem, and simar put their hands on each other’s and make groups of two people and go to search roli. Prem and janvi are searching roli but unable to find her. Sid shouts for roli but unable to find her. Rajendra and mataji ask some man and he tells that the laboratory is here only and it’s on walking distance of 5 mins. Then rajendra informs sid and prem. Simar comes to a place and asks a man about the lab. He tells her that it’s inside. On the other hand roli is shouting to open the door and then falls unconscious. Then simar sees that lab and enters it. After finding all rooms she shouts for roli on the upper floor and roli hears her

voice and calls her. Then simar find her and sees that the poisonous toxic gas is left open where roli is the locked room. Then she closes that knob and talks that cylinder which is kept on the stand and pushes the door with that to break it and finally breaks the door after praying to matarani for giving her energy. Then she takes roli out from there. On the road all are gathered and both sid and prem try roli and simar’s phone but its not reachable then sid says that maybe it can be that simar has reached the lab thats why both of their phones are not reachable. Then simar gets roli out from there and takes her downstairs and asks her not to close her eyes and then gives roli water and puts water on her face. Then prem and others are walking on the road and janvi says that they are just walking but not getting the lab. Then prem says that they have to as simar and roli’s phone is not reachable and they have to walk until they don’t get the lab. Then simar tells roli that they should leave from here and roli insists her that they had come in the lab to take the reports so they will take the reporst and go aas she feels that the reports are kept in the lab only and someone is trying to destroy it.

Scene 2:-

Then simar and roli go to some room and there is a man following them and in that room roli find torn pieces of papers and then roli says to simar to check in the dustbin while simar is checking that man is about to enter the room with a knife to kill roli but roli sees him him and tells simar. He then runsaway from there and roli and simar also leave from that room with the torn pieces of paper. When they come out they find no one outside and go downstairs. Thta man is following them but they are unaware of it.

Scene 3:-

Then simar makes roli sit down and that time only sid and prem enter. Then simar tells to prem and sid that thank god that they came. Then roli says to sid and prem that someone is there and they go to check. Then simar tells to mataji that there is someone who is harming roli and thats why she was stuck in this place for so much of time. Then mataji aks what had happened but then sid and prem come and say that maybe that man ranaway. Then they are leaving and roli is about to fall but sid holds her on time. Then prem says that his house is near this lab so they should take roli there and go as she is not felling well. Then mataji agrees and everyone get emotional seeing his this gesture. Then rajendra says that he will call shailendra and tell him to get sujata to prem’s house. Then the door bell rings and dadi open the door and questions as to why is mataji and her family here. Then janvi says that roli is not feeling well so they got her here and then she also says that roli and simar have some information also. Then she says what and the screen freezes on dadi’s face.

Precap : – Prem says to simar that they shall join the pieces of paper and check as to what is there in the report that roli and simar have risked their lives for this. Then prem reads the reports and says that it doesn’t match and it means that the skeleton is not shakti papa’s. Dadi and mataji are shocked whereas roli and simar are happy…

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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