Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
fake roli recalls when she overheard simar and prem talking about the key. She says you have fear in throat still you wont stop spying. finally you know that you sister in here. this key is not working? its fake. when you can find about my secret, you could find about the place of roli. i have concealed that key. what will you do now? beg for her life? or do as i say? simar says don’t talk rubbish, you can kill us if you wanted to. fake roli says then tell me what to do? simar says open this door i wanna meet roli. fake roli says you are threatening me? simar says it has your benefit. fake roli says the only benefit for me is be sid’s wife. Simar says you can have part in his life. fake roli says that easy? simar says but i will talk about entire deal in front of my sister. fake roli opens the door.

Simar goes in and hugs roli. she says are you okay? roli says yes didi. fake roli comes in, roli gets scared, simar says don’t be scared. i am with you. fake roli says you don’t have to worry till your brave sister is here, until she has my trunk. what were you saying didi? simar says we can’t fight with you but a truth is that we wont give up either. we will fight till out last breath. fake roli says you like to play with death? simar says this all isn’t a game for you, you say you don’t want to kill anyone. you have to kill them because they get to know your truth.

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Siamr says okay no who knows your truth wont come in your way, you say that sid has life of your husband, you cosnider him your husband. but truth is that he is roli’s husband, their relationship is eternal and you can test it. FAke roli says how? Simar says i challenge your for 15 days on behalf of my sister. in these 15 days you will have to win sid by his heard, if you succeed my sister will leave from your life and i will give you place of roli. but if you lose, you will leave will, leave with your trunk from here.

Simar says you wont play with lives of any of us. this will be the fight of faith.
Simar says i believe that their relation is eternal and no one can apart them. do you accept my challenge? Fake roli says yes i accept it. why don’t you ask your sister? you are risking her marriage? roli says she i accept this. We have trust in our relationship.

roli says you got him by hypnotize and my relation with his is of love. let see if a wife’s trust wins or a snake’s hypnotize. fake roli is about to place her hand on the idol. simar says before you vow, think twice, if you break your vow you wont be safe as well. fake roli says we pray him more than you human. he is our everything, i can never vow on him and break it later. I vow on shiv ji that i wont kill anyone in 15 days and will get sid anyway. roli place her hand on shiv idol and says i also vow that i will get my sid back. simar says in heart this is the courage i wanted to see in eyes of my sister. fake roli says you will lose in front of my power. roli says th power i have is of truth, love of my family and the power of sid’s relationship with me, your black powers wont get you anything, you can’t change the fate. no matter how hard you try you will lose in the end. simar says i trust you. fake roli smirks and says lets see where will trust can go in front of this snake. simar says roli you should go from here. i will try to get you back here by tomorrow, you have to be here in this house to win this. fake roli says she is right, you have to be here. I can’t kill someone because i have vowed. lets end this challenge right here.

Precap-fake roli says if i take you in the family right now, sid will send you to jail. fake roli takes her in the house. Rajhinder says call police sid.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. like thngs hppn in real life?? r like just granny tales??

  2. Granny tales ovio

  3. Wat type of agreement is this .gentleman agreement??????????????

  4. stupid track…illogical…end this
    roli husband is sooo stupid
    bakwass drama

  5. As per the ongoing track, the show is revolving around fake Roli (Sara Khan) who is a naagin. Simar (Dipika Samson), Prem (Dheeraj Dhoopar), Aman (Alan Kapoor) and Shruti (Avika Gor) are taking all the efforts to throw this nagin out of Bharawaj house that has come with evil plan to take Siddhant along with her.

    As per our source, “Fake Roli will give some medicine to Siddhant (Manish Raisinghan) and make him unconscious. Shruti will play Nagin been and fake Roli will start dancing on the nagin tunes and Simar will bring the entire family to show fake Roli’s real identity and will tell them her evil plans. This will come as a shocker to entire Bharadwaj family. Simar will also tell the family to behave normal with fake Roli and pretend as if they are not aware about her real identity. Now the entire Bharawaj house will together fight against this Nagin. However, Siddhant is still unaware about fake Roli as he has been hypnotized by her.”

    Will Bharawaj family be able to get rid of this evil lady?

  6. all the best roli
    jai mata di

  7. Why is the atalanka, i van done This serial soap of mojo

  8. Tired of this nagin..

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