Sasural Simar Ka 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
A night, Siamr and Prem are in room. Simar is making Anjali sleep. She turns on the light. Prem holds her hand. Simar says what are you doing ? Pre, says I am so lucky to have a wife like you. You are so important part of this famil. Siamr syas nothing will happen to us we will stay like this forever. Prem says yes you are right till you are here nothing is gonna happen.

Scene 2
Next morning juwala is in her room. She calls birju. He is trying to convince the party minister who is so angry. Juwala says go and burn these papers take them away. Birju what will I burn. Partvhead office called and asked for your resignation. Juwala says this is happening because of those sisters. They thought they will beat me. I won’t leave them at any cost. Now death will face them.

Scene 3
Mausi ji says that juwala must be so angry she must have said why I messed with bharadwajs. Rajhinder says how about bahu no/ 1′s finale. simar gets a call from jhanvi. Jhanvi says bhagti wanna win this competition at any cost. I need your help. Jhanvi tells the whole story to simar. Simar says I will help you for sure. Bhagti is over hearing her. ROli asks simar why is she so worried ? Simar tells that organizers called and said they need a partner. The name of partner will be announced last day. She should have good terms with the partner. Simar syas jhanvi gave my name, Roli says when you will be with her she will be successful. Simar ask mata ji. Mata ji says there is no need to ask. Like we won against juwala this is so important for us as well. Mausi ji says just imagine sanjeev Kapoor came in semi final who is gonna come in finale.

Bhagti tells bua ji that its not easy to defeat simar. Where will I find a partner who can beat her. Bua ji says I am here don’t worry. She tells her the plan.
Uma and pari are deciding sari for simar. Uma says I want you to look good. Mausi is calling someone and tells them about the show.
She says simar you haven’t decide a sari In half hour. have called so many people and have asked them to watch the show. Pari says simar will finalize which one she will wear. Mausi ji takes out 4 sari and show s them to simar. Prem is behind the door. He says no to the first sari, Prem says no to all the three. Roli sees Prem laughing. Uma gives the last one. Prem nods to it. Siamr says yes. Roli says this is not only favorite sari of you uma bhabhi. Jeeju you don’t need to hide you can come here. Everyone laughs. Prem comes in. Mausi ji says I thought we are making the choice but it was you.

Scene 4
The finale has started. Mausi ji says bhagti will win for sure. He partner is siamr. I ahev my sympathies for bhagti. She won’t win. The show starts and the host comes and welcomes everyone. He says we are in the grand finale of bahu no. 1.
After so much competition we got our finalists. Please welcome mrs. Jhanvi arora. Jhanvi comes on the stage and bhagti follows. Host says tell says tell me how you feel ? do you think you will win this ? Jahnvi says I can’t tell who is gonna win but I will do my best. He asks bhagti what your hearts says ? Bahgti says I have all the trust in my love and hard work. Roli says when intentions are wrong nothing helps out bhagti. Host says two more people will join the participants as their partners. Lets welcome the partner of Jahnvi its simar bharadwaj and the partner of Bhagti is Mrs. ROli. Everyone is shocked including roli. Bhagti gave her name with asking her. host says where is mrs Roli ? Bahgti says look at Jahnvi she is so dazed. The same power simar came with to beat me will beat her sister. Mata ji asks roli to go. Roli says but I never game my name. Jahnvi says bhagti did this deliberately. Mata ji says go roli to go. We don’t say not. Bhagti says I did what I had to. Beat me now. Roli comes on the stage. Host says these are the teams we have.

Precap-Host says whole nation is the fan of his sense of humor. Lets welcome Kapi sharma. Kalpi sharma comes while singing bahro phool barsoa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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