Sasural Simar Ka 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 4th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
As all are enjoying away the food, and jhumki sits hungrily. pari comments that she would have kept the fast if she hadnt been pregnant. As her husband keeps asking for more, pari asks him to control. Jhumki, un able to bear the sight of them eating, says that she is going to the room to rest. As she goes, simar goes after her. Jhumki tells simar that she should get food upstairs right away, as she’s very hungry. surprising her. Mausiji too leaves the dining table, saying that she cant see roli so sad, and hence she too would keep the fast, for roli’s company and for the family’s well being. Simar thinks that mausiji is keeping this fast for jhumki, whereas she herself doesnt want to keep it. Jhumki too tries to tell mausiji not to bother so much, as its her that the priest, but mausiji is adamant. Jhumki thanks her and leaves. Mausiji asks them all to have their brekfast.

In her room, khushi is very upset as she cant remember the place where simar and prem had gone. Suddenly, she thinks that whatever the place be, it was near to delhi, and if she searches for such places, then there might be some help. she wonders where to find such areas, when her eyes go on the diary, and finds a delhi map, and thinks that her problem is solved. She goes through the Delhi map, and cribs about the small fonts. She finally finds it, Laxmanpur, and remembers it that naina had told the name of this place, and they would have find the fake roli hgere only. she calls up viru, waiting patienyl for her call, and tells him the name. viru is very happy, and says that noone can send them out of the house anymore, and decides to go there straightaway to end their game. Khushi too thinks the same, and decides that after that, she would send the fake roli and everyone out of the house.

Prem calls the lawyers who tells him that the property papers are ready, and prem says that once they are ready, he would like to go through them, before presenting them to the family. Mausiji overhears him and asks him what was he talking about. Prem tells her everything, saying that he wants everything in mataji’s name. Mausiji asks whats the urgency, as roli is with them only forever. prem says that she’s right, but even roli wants that she hand over the entire property to mataji, once she comes back. Khushi overhears this.

Jhumki is impatiently waiting for simar to get food for her. Suddenly she finds food laid on her table, and sees the dishes delightedly. But as she goes near it, she sees that she just had a mirage like experience confusing, decorative trays, to be food. Jhumki starts taunting and cursing the family for eating away, while keeping her hungry. she goes in the doorway but doesnt find simar there. she wonders if simar hasd herself started eating. She thinks that she cant bear food anymore. as she turns around, she finds simar, and is excited but is dejected when she finds simar empty handed, and asks why didnt she get food. Simar says that she felt, that after talking to mausiji she might be keeping the fast. But jhumki says that she wont do any such thing for the family, as she cant live without food. While jhumki goes on a rant, simar remembers her moments with roli, and thinks that both are vastly different, as she always liked giving food to people, while jhumki is concerned for herself. simar asks her to quieten up, as she would get food for her. jhumki rudely asks her to hurry.

Later, simar is very worried thinking, if anyone saw her taking food, then there would be a big issue. Khushi sees simar, with the food, in the lobby, and wonders where is she going, as the fake roli is fasting. Jhumki gets very angry at first looking at the protion, but then thinks that she would manage today, and instructs simar to keep track the next time, about her appetite. Khushi finds jhumki eating away, while simar watches, and is shocked that this is the way the fast is being kept. She makes a video of the same thinking that the whole family shall see this special fast of their dearest roli. She tells her that they can eat all that they want, while she watches this video with the rest of the family. while simar is very scared, khushi says that roli indeed eats with a huge appetite. She goes on to ask her name, but then taunts her sayiong that today, her tru identity along with her true name would come out in front of the family. She turns to simar, and asks her to agree that this isnt roli, but some lookalike, as if this had been roli, then she would never have broken the fast kept for her family.

Khushi runs out screaming for the family, saying that she has a news that would send them all into shock. They all are distraught yet again, and ask whats the new drama that she has come up with now. Simar and jhumki come down tensed. Khushi tells them that she would show them today who’s doing the drama. She says that the veil of trust on their faces would come down today, as they know the truth. Jhumki tries to confront her saying that she has tried her level best to prove her truthfulness, and how long would she continue to torture them. Simar too asks khushi to leve her sister alone. khushi laughs out, that she would show how is she the real sister. She says that she would show them everything. Khushi shows them the video on the mobile, and while khushi is victorious, all are surprised to see their roli eating away. She shows it to sid too, and to simar too, saying that she’s recently recorded it. All are very upset seeing this, while khushi has a hearty laugh. The screen freezes on Simar’s tensed face.

Precap: While khushi tells everyone that this cant be their oli, as she never undermined the traditions and rituals of the puja, jhumki tries to come up with a logic, but in vain, as mausiji stops her saying that this cant be their roli. Karuna too reprimands roli, saying that she didnt do this right, and also tells simar that they cant believe that she too was involved in this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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