Sasural Simar Ka 4th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 4th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The man says these women have done. They try to get champba eliver the child. Leela brings dai maa. Champba is screaming with pain. Dai says she needs to o to hospital. A lday says hospital is outside th city and we are not allowed to go. simar says I ned to talk to vikrant. simar says vikrant ask them to take champba to hospital. the man says stop this drama you are responsible for all this. Roli says you shoved her. simar says we can fight later we have to save her life. Simar says please vikrant do something. SArpanj calls daksha baa and says how is she? She says champba is not fine. she needs a doctor. she need to go to hospital. SArpanj says no one will go outside the city when their husbands are here. We can’t be careless.

simar says you are letting her die for this evl. How ca you d this > how can you kil her and her child. SArpanj says stop it. he says daksha do what you want and save her. Daksha syas I am not a doctor. Dai says the kid has moved in the womb. roli says please take her to hospital she will die. simar says please vikrant I beg you let them go please vikrant You ar a father. Vikrant throws a sticks towards simar and says stop this drama and go back to your works. Campa is screaming with.

sid and prem are with ther stuff. prem says I don’t know whats in the forst but I cant sit here like cowards.i will find vikrant at any cost. Sid says yeah we will face whatever happens. Prem says that ravan should be killed now. muuni comes and she is crying. Leela says don’t cry your mom will be fine.

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Champia is screaming. Daksha and rest of the women are trying to save her. daksha comes out. Roli aks how is she now/ simar syas please don’t be quite. Is she okay? Dakha says she is dead and so is her kid. everyone is dazed. Roli and siamr are in tears. the man says you killed my wife how will munni lie now. You killed her. roli picks a stick and starts hitting him. she says you killed her and now doung this drama. simar says stop it roli. Simar controls her. roli is crying. the man says sarpanj they killed my wife and now she is hitting me. Give her authority to us and we show her worth. simar says a woman died and you still care about your chauvinisms. simar says you still have time. She says you have to stand against them this can happen to you as well. SArpanj says roli hits champa’s husband and she will be punished accordingly. A guy comes and gives the same chit to sarpanj that daksha gave to prem. He says I never expected this. He says daksha bvaa this is found outsideforest and you are the only one who knows wrintg here. its written sjmar and rli are here. Thursday. Why you did this? Roli and daksha have the same punishment death. he says I trusted you and thought you can do naythign for us why you did this? Daksha says I knw what happens to women ehre. they all have one fate. They cant say a word in front of their husbands. you treat them like animals. You gave mje their responsibility for your business. They work and you men enjoy on their money. They thinks its their fate but no its not. Roli and simar have opened our eyes. From bow we wll fight for our rights. Daksh syas now we know that we have to fight for ourself.

Precap-vkrant says I wont ask you to change your decision. Just play a game kill everyone you want but after my wedding Leela over hears them. sarpanj stops her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It is boring

  2. I hate vikrant because he doing everything bad work with rolo and simar

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