Sasural Simar Ka 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

scene 1
Roli recalls mata ji giving keys to surbhi. she says I know no one wants to talk to siamr here but they are upset without her. I have bring didi back here no matter what I requires. I will get her the spot she had back. sid says I am with you in his fight. Roli says thank you. after all that jiju said to him yesterday she must have been broken. I have to go to her. I want to meet her. sid says yeah lets go. I think we should call prem there too. roli says he will be so angry with us if he finds out that we went to meet her. We have to make family happy. Sid says prem said all that in anger and that doesn’t mean that his love is over. we have to bring them in front of each other. they will sort everything out. roli says okay you should bring him. Sid says yeah lets go.

Prem is sitting alone. he recalls simar going alone in the rain. Surbhi comes to him dresses in a sari. Prem is quite. Surbhi says prem ji I am making breakfast for you. what will you like ? he says nothing. Subhi says I know its not easy for you. but as a wife its my responsibility to share all your problems. prem says thanks you surbhi. Bu I am fine. She says no you are not and I have the right to ask you, if you are upset no one will be happy in the house. you can try to be happy for your family. Prem smiles, surbhi says thanks. he says in heart I think you are right.

Scene 2
Simar is sitting, Anjali comes with breakfast for her. she says your favorite tea. You are not my mom I know my mom has gone to God. you’re simar aunty. simar says come in. you can call me mama. you are my pretty doll. I can never see you sad. She gives her biscuits. Vikran is looking at them from outside. he says in heart she is in pain yet she brought smile on sanju’s face.
Door bell rings. Vikran opens the door. roli and sid are there. sid says we are here to thank you. You gave accommodation to simar. he says I had to help her. she is in this condition because of me. Come in please. Roli says can I go in ? vikran says yeah sure. she goes in. Vikran aks sid have you talked to prem ? Sid says I think I should call prem here we can’t bring simar back to house after all that happened yesterday.

there at bharadwaj house, surbhi serves everyone. Achna whispers to pai my daughter has handled the whole family. prem says mata ji I am late I have to go. Surbhi gives him his vault. Surbhi says you forgot it in the room. he says thanks take care of Anjali.
prem gets a call from sid. Sid says I know you are bugged please listen to me once its important. I have to meet you its important. prem says where ? sid says at vikran’s place. You will get all your answers you will know what you did was right or wrong. prem disconnects the call.

sujata says God has given strength to prem to recover from that shock. mata ji says yeah after all that prem is normal.

Roli says in heart didi is smiling for sanju. Roli says didi, simar is not listening she is playing with sanju. roli sits wit her and says I feel god to see you smiling. I know this all is just for sanju but still. Simar says is everything okay at the house ? roli says how can it be. Everything will be okay today. Jeju threw you out of the house and I was helpless please forgive me didi. the storm is over. its time to make everything normal. We have called jeju here. sid comes in and says simar prem is here. Roli says to simar there will no one be there between you and jeju. You will be able to make everything clear.

Vikran says to prem I am sorry everything is my mistake. I am the reason of distance between you and siamr. there is no mistake of simar in this. Prem says I don’t want your clarifications. Sid says sometimes you are in trouble and you can’t get out of them. listen to her once and after that we will accept what you decide. Roli and simar come out. Roli says didi tell him everything happened to you. why you had to leave and pretend that you are dead. Simar is quite. sid says speak up simar its time to tell him truth. Prem says she is not interested in saying anything. if sid hadn’t asked to me come I would never have come. Simar says yeah don’t come here again.

precap-simar says maa, papa, mausi ji no one tried to stop what happened to me. Everyone is shocked what she is saying.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What does simar saying? Is sunaina become a bad ghost?

  2. i think suninana trying to keep simar for her daughters future.but this is not fair.even simar has heart,feeling and love.dont do this yaar ghoshji.she helped u a lot.and dont ever forget that.thank for update.

  3. OMG whats happening?

  4. Oh!! No what happening yar??? It’s not fair suninanan!!! Ur soul will be in hell soon if u rewards wrong to simar

  5. sunnaina u got ur justice right. then y don’t u leave simar?

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