Sasural Simar Ka 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simar is with the key, she says now i will get my roli out of her detention. she says goes towards the door and says i shouldn’t tell the truth to the family. roli will have to pay for it, she will play a new game and prove me wrong. maybe sid will get me arrested. I can’t say anything without proof.

fake roli and sid come home. fake roli is quite drunk, sid says she drank the wrong drink. simar says take her to room. Uma says you all are here. i was about to call you, what happened to roli? Sid says nothing. He takes her towards the sofa. simar says she drank the wrong drink there. Uma says sid you should have taken care. He says i was with prem when this happened. simar says in heart this is the right time she is drunk and i will take my roli out of there. Fake roli comes and holds simar’s hand she says i wanna come with you didi. simar says go with sid i am coming. Sid says please lets come with her simar. simar comes with them.

Jatin says o amar and prem you have to give this back to her and i will ask her to pardon you. Prem says what about you? when she is done with you she will kill you in first place/ He says i am her special man. AMar says you know why she kills people? calendar says because people get to know her reality. now you will know her reality and you wont even get back to her. They open the trunk. jatin is shocked,he says snake? amar says yes you think she is human? she is a snake and this was her husband. prem says we are all alive because we ave this trunk. now you know enough to be dead. calendar says now i am releasing you, you can go. jatin stands up. He says in heart madam said that trunk is important but it has a snake? is she really a snake? he leaves, amar says relax prem we have weaken her a little.he wont meet her again. we have to take care of this trunk.

Fake roli says didi give me my stuff back. sujata says i think we should leave them alone, you should rest. they leave. Fake roli says to simar you have my weakness and i have yours. now tell me when to exchange. i can’t stay away from my trunk, then.. sid comes in. She says didi go and rest. sid says she is right simar you need rest, i am with her. Fake roli says didi focus on what i said. sid says what? Fake roli says she doesn’t care about herself at all. Simar leaves.

Prem asks siamr is roli out of that room? simar say i will take her out at night when everyone sleeps. Prem says you will do it alone me and amar are going somewhere at night. we will come back by morning. siamr says please take care. Prem says that is the ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. simar hugs him. Prem says take care.He leaves. simar says till when will we keep fighting with this trunk. we have to find a way that will make her lose, what can it be? she says yes, why didn’t i think about it before? I have to get roli out of that room before doing this.

Late at night, simar sneaks downstairs. She says everyone is asleep this is the right time to get roli out of there. She goes towards the red door room. Se says no matter what happens i will release roli today. please help me God. She goes to the door. she puts in the key but the door doesn’t open simar says why is it not opening, she hears someone coming. Simar is scared. She says this is her voice. i wont leave without roli. she drops the key. simar is about to pick it up, fake roli is standing in front of her.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. humilating….

  2. Oh god this is to much

  3. when this track will end???.we cnt see this nagin with sid.we want rosid together.but now its going to another track. 15 days challenge between roli and nagin.i think it will not end on 7th march

    1. nagin role is more than avika .i think avika was busy of her exams.and also she she was doing telugu and kannada movies

  4. Y naagin always getting control over simar?
    Please allow simar to tske control n defeat naagin

    Getting bored of this track somwwhere.please finish it off insted of dragging

  5. Episode – 1119 mar3

    Roli comes home drunk with Sid and meets Simar. Roli casually questions Simar about the ‘sandook’. simar tells Prem that she will get Shruti out of the ‘lal darwaaza’ at night.

    Episode – 1120 mar4

    Shruti and Roli give each other 15 days to win over Siddhant. Prem and Amar visit Acharya Sadanand for advice on getting rid of a ‘naagin’. Roli announces to the family that Shruti is Jhumki.

    Episode – 1121 mar5

    Amar proves to the family that Shruti is telling them the truth. Verma meets Amar and Calendar and apologises to them. Roli tries to seduce Siddhant and feed him milk that has been tampered with.

    Episode – 1122 mar6

    Roli grabs Simar and starts choking her. Simar reminds her of the promise she made to her of not
    harming anyone for the next 15 days. Siddhant gets mad when he sees Shruti asleep next to him.

    Episode – 1123 mar7

    Siddhant finds everyone drugged in their rooms. He sees evidence of voodoo and black magic.
    Shruti tells Roli that she will continue to plot against her.

  6. How do you know soumya ji all these upcoming episodes

  7. such a irritating plot…..i have never seen this type of long stretching story……

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