Sasural Simar Ka 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem and Rajveer continue their game. Prem says you have cheated with me. Rajveer says i was invovled in the game, i understand its not easy to accept defeat but you have to, for all your life. This house, business, maani and your simar they are all mine. He laughs. He says you know a gamer never does this, this is why you lost everything even your wife. I am not as merciless as you think. Go and bring your family in, they can live here if they want to. You have only time till tomorrow evening to spend tie with simar. She will be mine after that. Prem grabs his neck and says i wont leave you alive. Mausi ji plays his video when prem said he is ready to bet on simar and played the game. Prem is dazed, mausi ji and rajveer laugh. Mausi ji says nothing will change the truth. The game you

have played i will recorded it, everything is in your hands. i can play it in front of whole world. Rajveer says if you want we can make it viral through social media. or we can get it played it on TV. Mausi ji says dont be hasty rajveer, prem wont let us ruin their dignity. Right prem? If you want us not to tell the world about the bet, send her to rajveer and end this story. Rajver says dont make that face we have not forced you. what has happened has happened. you have to keep it in the walls now. You just have to.. you have convince simar that she has to give herself to me. dont be mad, this will stay between us. We wont let anyone know that prem has lost his wife in the bet. Mausi ji says rajveer don’t say that, prem i will handle everything sit here my son. Mausi ji says you need two hands to clap.

Simar and everyone is waiting for prem. Pari says lets go in the house maybe mausi ji has changed her mind. Khushi says yes lets go. Mata ji starts coughing. rajhinder says dont worry mata ji. do you trust us? Rajhinder goes in prem is standing there with mausi ji and rajveer. He doesn’t look at simar. simar wonders what is wrong with him? Mausi ji says are you curious what prem did that got you in the house again? Prem are you telling your family or should i? Sujata says what did you do prem that they allowed us to come in the house again? masui ji says prem looks upset i will tell you all. Prem says i.. I have asked maui ji and rajaveer for somedays so we can arrange another place. Rajveer says he is right i have given him some days. Rajhinder says mata ji and sujata please go to your rooms and rest, i have to go tomorrow for something important. Simar goes to prem and says prem ji.. he says you should go i am coming in a while. mausi ji says let s gpo rajveer. rajveer says i hope you will stop the truth coming in front of the world, you have to send simar to me tomorrow night, you have few hours left. prem recalls what rajveer said, he sits there in tears.

precap-prem says how can i bet on simar? simar comes and touches his shoulder.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. o god,very stupid prem,,,

  2. i think yesterday the one card falls down rajveer took that.. so in that time he changes the card which simar is there.. is it correct guys… he gave dokha to prem so he lose simar… omg he changed the card…

  3. when rosim and presid and family comes to know that rajveer cheated him.. he changes the cards… wants rosim comes to know about this news …. actual rb will lose game but he changes card he won prem lose.. i want rosim will see the video asap… bechara prem he lose..

  4. How stupid is

  5. Hate prem!!! Stupid!! Now he will have to suffer for what he did….simar will slap him n dats his punishment!!

  6. wat is this there is no connection btwn yesterday’s recap and todays episode in the update plz give the correct update

  7. I think rb knows tat Sid regained his memory because at first he want aryan for all his work but nw whenever sid comes rb says aryan u be out ….y?????

    1. may be or may not be.. some chances there that only kushi will tel the truth to him… he knows or not abt sid regained we dont know…. but how u cn say that…???

  8. when did the card fall?

    1. in yesterday’s episode

  9. just hope that rajkumari wont come in between rosid… we dont want seperate them again… plz end rb track… why new entry came in rosim life.. why she cal sid to palace for what reason??

  10. bakwaas… plz stop this track…

  11. Its really not fair guyzz i hate dis track..

  12. S, i dnt know yaar may be u r rite i jst have doubt because for last two episode rb is avoiding Sid for all works tats y

  13. wat u and s said correct…may rb and mj comes to know about sid regained memory thats y he avoiding sid when he wants to talk with prem…. may be he dont know about sid memory back… we dont know exact.. he send sid to jaipur for reason its his important work

  14. frnds help me that how to saw today episode in dailymotion, desitashan, apne tv and desi tv forum also not working and and ssk forum also not working did you know guys why its not working

  15. Try to watch it in youtube Sa

  16. as per the relation rajveer is simar’s younger father in law but they r shows these worst scenes wat is gng on tis serial i request the director pls change the curnt rajveer track…

  17. another entry shahbaaz badi to enter in sasural simar ka.. i didnt get article in india forum if any one get it plz post about his entry. in ssk….

  18. sid and roli fet romantic in palace.
    it was earlier heard that sayantani ghosh will enter in ssk as playing role of 90 year old lady namedrajkumari rajeshwari.
    it is now heard that in upcoming episodes rajkumari will call sid for a sword fight to test his fighting abilities.
    sid will not want to hurt rajkumari but will himself get injured in the sword fight. the rajkumari will ask sid to put up at the palace she will be concerned for him after his enjury.
    later, sid will help roli to secretely enter the palace and roli will apply medicine for siddanth.the two of them will also share some cute and romantic moments together and viewers will get to see their sizzling romance.

  19. i think kushi told mj and rajveer about sid regained his memory what do you think guys..?

  20. Yeah i thnk so

  21. first they were used ramanya in ssk now mahabharatham ah idiot listen this is 21st century

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